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Article: 10 Trendy Phone Case Styles to Accessorize With

10 Trendy Phone Case Styles to Accessorize With | Sahara Case LLC

10 Trendy Phone Case Styles to Accessorize With

With many top phones flirting with $1,000 price tags (and sometimes well overshooting that figure), many of us try to keep our devices for as long as possible. For those who have an iPhone 12, the best way to update and refresh — and, not to mention, protect — your gadget is to have the right case in which to place it.

We’ve rounded up some of the most eye-catching, dependable, and trendy phone cases out there that won’t break the bank. These tried-and-tested iPhone 12 phone cases enable you to slap a new coat of paint on that smartphone, whether it’s brand-spanking-new or looking a little long in the tooth.

Trendy Phone Cases for the iPhone 12

1. SaharaCase Marble Series

Is there any fancier material out there than marble? The material is beautiful, natural, and very heavy. Our designer-inspired Marble Series has one of those three. While it’s not natural (ours is constructed from premium triple-hardened TPU) or heavy (targeted protection keeps things airy), it is quite stunning. Toting a marble pattern in a lush violet shade and complemented by glittering gold highlights, this trendy phone case will be turning heads and keeping scratches at bay on your iPhone 12 with stylish ease. This design is also available for the Galaxy Note 20 and other devices.

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2. OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox might be the ubiquitous Kleenex of the casing world, but that doesn’t mean they don’t develop some interesting and trendy phone cases.

The Defender Series is a safe bet in many ways. You know you’ll be getting top-tier protection benefits in a package that’s perhaps just a bit thick but svelte enough for daily use. Otterbox has greatly improved their designs over the last few years, evolving a great distance from the bulky hunks of rubber they used to produce. The Defender Series has just enough personality to bring it into a sweet spot between trendy and timeless, with subtle details that will fit most environments.

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3. Tmbr. Chevron Wood Inlay Series

We love a wood case. While admittedly not the most practical, real genuine wood has a feel in the hand that stands apart from plastics. Tmbr. makes a few fantastic-looking phone cases, but we’re partial to this inlaid chevron design that immediately catches the eye.

Beautifully contrasting Reconstituted Black Ash Wood, Padauk, and Cherry Wood play off each other brilliantly in terms of both color and grain, creating a natural tapestry on the back of your device that lends a natural feel to the circuitry beneath. Tmbr. caters to many Apple phones, so you’re sure to find what you need for your iPhone 12, Galaxy Note 20, or any other device.

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4. Spigen Liquid Air Series

Trendy doesn’t have to mean giving up a professional or understated style. That’s why we’ve chosen to highlight Spigen’s Liquid Air Series, which is available for the iPhone 12, Pixel 5, and a cadre of other devices. A thin, light, and practically-designed case, the Liquid Air sports a subtle yet unique geometric pattern on the back which helps set it apart from the legions of jet black cases out there. This trendy phone case also provides a reliable grip.

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5. SaharaCase Leather Series

Like wood, leather is another natural material that is under-utilized when it comes to phone cases. Our vegan leather case is as stylish as it is responsible, sporting a screen cover that doubles as a wallet. Keep all your essential cards and cash (does anyone use that anymore?) in one tidy bundle with our Leather Series case. The trendy phone cases in this series come complete with an integrated kickstand and precision cutouts for a perfect fit for your iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, or another device.

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6. Speck Presidio 2 Grip Series

The Presidio 2 model from Speck is another understated yet unique option for those that want to wrap their phone in something trendy but not too flashy. This is a future-proof option from the ever-dependable Speck brand sports an interesting line pattern on the back that adds extra grip. Standard Speck features like Armor Cloud technology and Microban® antimicrobial protection round out this solid performer.

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7. UAG Metropolis LT Series

While UAG usually puts out cases with that “tactical” design, their Metropolis LT Series is refreshingly minimalist. With various inlay options like a smooth finish PU (SATN), supple Italian leather (LTHR), and high-strength abrasion-resistant fabric, Armortex (FIBR), the Metropolis LT Series effectively highlights itself as a unique case option.

We’re quite partial to the leather or fabric options for their uniqueness. UAG is a dependable brand when it comes to protection, so you should rest easy knowing this trendy phone case will match its good looks with a healthy dose of drop and impact protection.

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8. Mous Infinity Magsafe Series

MagSafe is one of the latest and greatest innovations from Apple, adding accessory functionality to the iPhone 12 and other similar devices. Finding third-party compatibility with MagSafe can be a little tricky. Mous is one of the brands leading the charge with their Infinity Magsafe Series of cases designed to work seamlessly with the standard.

Mous’s design is also wildly thin, making it even more attractive to those that want an unobtrusive device that also works with MagSafe. But, believe it or not, we were initially drawn to this model based on the design alone — the stark black circle (the magnetic ring) doubles as an avant-garde design choice.

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9. Pela Phone Cases

We tried to pick just one of these super-chic and trendy phone cases that smaller brand Pela produces, but we just couldn’t! Instead, we’re featuring their whole lineup of iPhone 12 models, ranging from the Green Summit to the Seashell Salmon River to the Black Eternity.

While each design is unique, they all fall into a natural, earth-friendly, life-loving theme that’s as trendy as it is timeless. The best thing about Pela? Their cases are 100% compostable! That’s right; this is a case you should actually feel good about swapping out on the regular. When you’re done, you can simply toss it into the backyard or garden and watch it become one with the earth once again.

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10. SaharaCase Air Shield Boost Series

Here’s a phone case with the functionality to match. Our Air Shield Boost Series is designed by phone repair engineers to remain thin, light, stylish, and oh-so usable. That covers air-cushioning ridges for protection, a smoke-tone clear design for trend points, and a durable metal kickstand for practicality. That’s the whole package in one trendy case, which is why we’re naming it one of the trendiest cases you can find for your iPhone 12 or another device.

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Be A Trendsetter With SaharaCase

We hope this little list of some of our favorite trendy phone cases has given you some inspiration to venture out and find your own “you” case. We truly think that there’s a case out there for everyone, and there’s no better place to start your search than our shop, where you’ll find a wealth of trendy phone cases, ranging from the sleek and understated to the ultra-wild. We also offer a full 14-day satisfaction guarantee. Happy hunting!

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