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Article: Best 10 Girly iPhone Cases for a Feminine Touch

Best 10 Girly iPhone Cases for a Feminine Touch | Sahara Case LLC

Best 10 Girly iPhone Cases for a Feminine Touch

As we’ve always said (starting today), if you want to glow up, you’ve got to show up. We’ve culled the depths of the internet to find the most glittery, sparkliest, marbliest, and girliest phone cases for you or the girly-girl in your life. The iPhone 12 is one of the best-performing and trendiest phones out there with a design that turns heads, so you’ll want a phone case that rivals it in the style game. Check out our list of the 10 best girly iPhone cases.

Cute Girly Phone Cases for the iPhone 12

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our favorite glittery, marbly, and girly iPhone cases available for the iPhone 12.

10. SaharaCase Red Marble Series Case for iPhone 12

As always, our cases offer a stellar combo of designer style and repair engineer-crafted protection that will keep your iPhone 12 safe and sound. Our Marble Series, available in a wide range of vibrant shades, is set apart from the crowd by a scattering of golden highlights that give your iPhone 12 a shimmering uniqueness. Shock-absorbing corners, raised bevels, and an ergonomic, anti-slip grip shape make this a winner of a case all-around. What’s more, our Lens Hood system protects your lens, so you never have to worry about snapping that perfect beach shot.

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9. Platinum Hard-Shell Clear/Glitter Case for iPhone 12

Best Buy’s Platinum brand strikes a healthy balance between value, looks, and quality, and their Clear/Glitter Case for iPhone 12 is no exception. If you’re looking for a girly iPhone case, this little number might fit the bill. A unique, marble-esque speckle pattern in brilliant hues of green, blue, and gold will complement any iPhone color, while the hard-shell construction and raised edges will go a long way in protecting against drops and scratches. A very affordable price makes this an all-around winner of a case.

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8. Speck Presidio Edition Digital Oasis Case for iPhone 12

Not every girly iPhone case has to be adorned with sparkly marble or glittering jewels. If a twinkling Barbie aesthetic isn’t quite your thing, but you’d still like something a little feminine, Speck’s ‘digital oasis’ design may fit the bill. Featuring a vibrantly realized aurora photo and merged with a blocky aesthetic, this design is truly unique. With features like a Microban for extra cleanliness, this case is a sure winner for anyone, girly or not.

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7. Kate Spade Flower Case for iPhone 12

The Kate Spade brand and the word ‘girly’ go together like sugar and spice, so it’s no wonder that this adorable flower-print case from the designer says Girly with a capital “G.” Featuring gradient-colored sketched flowers alongside the classic Kate Spade logo, this case just screams style. The case also boasts six-foot drop protection and a lightweight design that will go everywhere you do with ease.

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6. Burga Emerald Pool Case for iPhone 12

Burga is a lesser-known brand with a lot of panache, which goes double for its Emerald Pool case. Featuring a marble-like design and gold accents that really pop against the emerald hues, this girly iPhone 12 case is as eye-catching as it is protective.

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5. SaharaCase Sparkle Series Case for iPhone 12

If you’re looking for a girly iPhone case that’s perhaps a little less flashy than some of our other picks, search no further than our very own Sparkle Series case, which is, in essence, our well-received basic Clear Series case with a healthy dose of twinkly glitter added. The iPhone 12’s stellar design is still visible but with a bit of a glow-up thanks to the glitter, which catches the light in mesmerizing patterns of illumination. All our signature protective features are here, too, including raised bevels, air-cushioning ridges, and a repair engineer-designed form factor.

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4. Redbubble Gilded Jade and Mint Turtle Case for iPhone 12

We love Redbubble products for their uniqueness and high quality from an almost limitless array of talented artists. This sweet little turtle pattern is absolutely adorable, suitable for pretty much any age or environment. “Just delightful” is just about all we can say. Redbubble’s cases are relatively basic affairs, sporting a flexible TPU construction that’s passably protective, although not as well-engineered as a Speck or SaharaCase. The huge breadth of truly unique artwork is a huge draw to Redbubble, and with good reason. We just can’t get over those turtles!

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3. Coach Patterned Case for iPhone 12

Maybe you’re not toting a luxury Coach purse everywhere you go, but you could certainly manage a Coach iPhone 12 case! This girly-yet-understated design adorns the back of Coach’s case offering with a not insignificant level of charm. And the ‘Coach’ labeling scattered throughout the pattern telegraphs to others that you’re at least carrying something Coach if that’s important to you. Wireless charging compatibility and six-foot drop protection make this case a safe bet for general everyday use.

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2. Otter + Pop Symmetry Series White Marble Case for iPhone 12

Here’s a hot take: Pop Sockets are ultra-useful. Some of us here at SaharaCase are so enamored that we wouldn’t even consider carrying a phone without one anymore. Somewhere along the line, Pop Socket got the hint that they should just build their nifty little stand/grip right into a case. Hence: a partnership with Otterbox. This girly iPhone case offers a very stylish white marble design beneath the real star of the show: the Pop Socket port that’s built right into the case. Featuring Otterbox’s typical excellent build quality alongside swappable Pop Socket tops, this is a true winner of a case for the practical-minded among us.

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1. SaharaCase Blue and Gold Marble Series Case for iPhone 12

We hate to toot our own horn, but with our Blue Marble design for iPhone 12, we’ve really outdone ourselves. With a color scheme that’s equal parts eye-catching and understated, this blue-and-gold affair transitions well from the office to the night out to everything in between. Of course, all our best features make the cut, including air-cushioning ridges, Lens Hood, and so much more to make this one of the very best girly iPhone cases you’ll find anywhere.

Buy now at

Get Your Sparkle On!

When it comes to girly iPhone cases, we’ve done our research (and made a few of our own!) When you’re ready, head on over to our shop to find a whole range of glitter, diamond, and marble patterns for your own device. Remember: when you think SaharaCase, think device protection, no matter your style!




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