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Article: How to Not Drop Your Phone: Tips You Need to Know

How to Not Drop Your Phone: Tips You Need to Know | Sahara Case LLC

How to Not Drop Your Phone: Tips You Need to Know

There are likely only two reasons you’ve found yourself reading this article:
  1. You’ve just dropped your phone, utterly and completely shattering the screen into a spiderweb of despair.
  2. You’ve just dropped your phone and thanked your lucky stars that it made it out all but scott-free.

Now, broken phone or not, you’re looking for a way to hedge your bets against that next inevitable meeting between phone and floor. Not to worry — we’ve collected a few tips for you to ensure that your phone stays off the ground altogether. If your repeated lament is, “I keep dropping my phone,” read on to find out how to cure your habit once and for all.

Common Causes of Phone Drops

With phones having the ever-present status they do in our modern world, our devices are bound to sustain their fair share of accidents. One of the most common causes of a dropped phone (often leading to irreparable damage) is simply the clumsy fumbling of the phone. No matter what you might think, humans just aren’t multitasking creatures. Even walking and texting can prove to be dangerous.

What’s more, today’s phones, particularly un-cased phones, are wildly slippery and unwieldy. They sport expansive displays that are beautiful to look at but eminently droppable — and even more breakable.

Not all phone drops are out-of-hand, however. A phone slipped into a pocket may seem safe but can easily slip out, especially in a seated or lying-down position. And, while tossing a phone into a bag or backpack is convenient, it can also open up a world of hurt to your device from threats both within and outside the bag.

No matter how you’re dropping your phone, we’ve got a few tips to help you in your quest of how to not drop your phone.

How to Prevent Dropping Your Phone

There are many ways to keep your phone secured and protected from the dangers of the outside world. Let’s dive into a few functional alternatives to a broken screen.

Get a Case

Hands down, the best way to prevent accidental phone drops is with a high-quality case. A well-designed case can actually pull double duty: as a damage-preventer, of course, but also as a drop-preventer. What’s that old adage? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? That’s certainly true for phone damage.

A good case provides extra grip that a naked phone doesn’t. You can’t break your phone if you don’t drop it, right? For the best drop prevention, look for a case from a reputable manufacturer that’s crafted from premium plastic or rubber. This provides extra grip as well as a healthy dose of impact protection, in the (hopefully) rare instance of dropping.

We offer our own expansive lineup of cases for a wide variety of devices. They have been designed from the ground up by veteran phone repair engineers who understand how and why devices break. A screen protector, like our own ZeroDamage tempered glass, can also aid in damage protection by shielding the vulnerable screen from scratch and impact damage.

Keep It Tucked Away

Here’s another key adage: you can’t drop your phone if you’re not holding it. True, a phone can fatally slip from a pocket or bag, but the vast majority of drops in our experience come straight out of the hand. The fact is this: if you don’t need your phone, don’t take it out! It’s an easy habit to fall into. Waiting in line for a minute? Pull the phone out. Popped some leftovers into the microwave? Pull the phone out. Going to the bathroom? You know the drill.

Keeping your phone safely tucked away in your bag, purse, or nightstand might seem strange at first, but it can have multiple health effects. You end up on your phone less, which we could all use a little of. And each hour you spend with your phone locked away adds to the lifespan of your device. After all, you can’t break your phone if it’s not around for you to drop it!

Keep It Out of Your Lap

Tell us you’ve been here before: hands at ten and two, squinting down the road, trying to hear the proper navigation directions on your phone when the whole darned thing slips off your thigh onto the floor below. Hopefully, it doesn’t sustain a crack (or get caught under the brake pedal). A lot of us end up putting our phones on our legs for safe-keeping, whether it’s in the car or at the dinner table. Don’t do it! This simple practice will inspire you in how to not drop your phone in the future.

Use a Phone Ring Holder

Although we recommend a ring holder in conjunction with a case, anything that provides extra grip and usability for your phone is a go in our book. A ring holder like the ubiquitous pop socket actually encourages safe phone handling in a variety of ways.

For one, it provides an extra spot for gripping with one hand, which some of the larger devices out today sorely need. Many ring holders also provide an incentive to get your phone out of your hands and onto a tabletop or floor, simply by offering a way to stand your phone up on its side. Perfect for TV, games, movies, and keeping your phone damage-free!

Keep It Out of Little Hands

Handing the phone over to the little tikes for a few minutes of entertainment is tempting for anyone who takes care of kids, but it’s hardly ever a good idea. For one, kids are much more liable to drop that phone. One of the best tips we can give on how to not drop your phone is to keep it safely tucked away out of less secure hands. If you must, we recommend a quality case that will provide extra grip and protection for little hands.

Don’t Drop the Ball (or Your Phone)!

We hope these simple tips have inspired you to get that phone wrapped up in a great case and screen protector bundle. Not only will it provide assurance against breakage on impact, but it will actually prevent further drops by providing plenty of grippy handholds.

Now that you know how to not drop your phone, head on over to our shop for a full range of protection-laden cases for your device in a price range you’ll love.

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