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Article: Hold the Phone. These are the Best Leather iPhone Cases in 2023

Hold the Phone. These are the Best Leather iPhone Cases in 2023

Hold the Phone. These are the Best Leather iPhone Cases in 2023

Protecting your phone doesn’t have to mean giving up an aesthetically pleasing design! With a leather phone case, you can combine luxury and practicality into one protective covering. But, where exactly does one find the best leather iPhone cases? Right here in this article! Read on to find your next beautifully crafted case and all the top features to look for!

Look For: Featured Functionality

From built-in wallets to secret compartments to scratch-resistant materials — your next case should have all the functions you didn’t know you needed. Consider your last case; maybe it was a beloved partner in crime or a wasted purchase, either way, there’s surely some faction, function, or form that was missing from its design. Ask yourself: do you need easy access to your cash or a way to hide a key or an easy-to-clean case? The following cases can offer all the fresh functions you need! 

Look For: Innovative MagSafe Compatibility

MagSafe is the future! As the next wave in wireless charging, it’s absolutely necessary for many case purchasers to have a MagSafe-compatible case. It means faster charging and a phone that stays protected. Plus, you won’t have to fumble with taking your case on and off over and over again!

Look For: Classic Leather Style

It’s timeless, it’s gorgeous, it’s the quality you're looking for — nothing beats that classic leather style. But it’s easy to get duped by fake leather and simple brown microfiber. Look for products that are made of real leather materials built to last. 

Awe-Inducing Leather iPhone Cases To Grace Your Device

It’s about time to give your phone a little upgrade, don’t you think? We’ve made the search for this luxury upgrade a little easier by compiling a list of the best leather iPhone cases below.

SaharaCase Brown Leather Wallet iPhone 14 Case

This beautiful leather case is sure to be the envy of all! Made for Apple iPhone 14, this stunning brown option boasts premium leather with a strong and durable build. The anti-slip grip material of this case also protects your phone against accidental drop damage. What makes this case so unique? Its built-in wallet feature, of course! Eliminate the need for a separate wallet by storing up to 5 cards in this convenient case.

What Reviewers Have to Say: 

“I love the functionality of this wallet case! It’s perfect for on the go!”

  • Kathleen P.

Buy Now at SaharaCase 

iPhone 14 Leather Case with MagSafe

Enjoy the luxury of this sleek brown leather Apple iPhone 14 case! Offered in various striking colors, this case is designed to fit snugly around your phone, eliminating the extra bulk that many iPhone lovers avoid. Protect your phone from daily scratches with the gentle microfiber lining of this case. Plus, the MagSafe compatibility means seamless wireless charging is a guarantee. Designed using European leather, it’s no surprise that this is one of the best leather iPhone cases around.

What Reviewers Have to Say: 

“Great color! I love Apple’s leather cases better than the silicone ones because I have a good grip holding onto my phone. Unfortunately, they get dirty and ugly really fast which is the normal wear and tear of the leather according to some people.”

  • Orchid

Buy Now at Apple

Bellroy Leather iPhone 14 Case

A hidden compartment in a premium leather phone case? Sign us up! The Bellroy leather iPhone 14 case has a secret section that can hold up to three cards, so you don’t have to carry around that bulky wallet. In addition to its subtle stealth, this case comes in six different colors, so you can find one that fits your aesthetic. The tanned leather of this case is eco-friendly and made of polymer for long-lasting life. Backed by a three-year warranty, this is a must-have case for your phone.

What Reviewers Have to Say: 

“Really nice case. Thank you!”

  • Leszek

Buy Now at Bellroy

Mous iPhone 14 Limitless 5.0 MagSafe-Compatible Leather Case

Stand out in the crowd with Mous’ textured black iPhone 14 Limitless 5.0 leather case. As one of the best leather iPhone cases around, your phone will receive elite protection with the case’s impact-absorbing AiroShock™ technology. Enjoy extra protection with raised edges to protect your phone screen from accidental drops. This case is MagSafe compatible for quick and efficient charging. Don’t miss out on this timeless design made with real leather at Mous. 

What Reviewers Have to Say: 

“I received my Mous case and am seriously impressed by how much protection it offers my phone. It compliments the dimensions of my 14 plus without adding any additional bulk or weight. Would definitely purchase again.”

  • Brian L.

Buy Now at Mous 

Pad & Quill Traveler LeatherSafe iPhone 14 Pro Wallet Case

Sleek and slim, this American Full Grain leather case is the perfect luxury addition to your iPhone. Built to withstand a two-meter drop and protect your front screen, this phone blends beauty with protection in an elegant design. The built-in wallet holds all your important cards and cash while maintaining MagSafe compatibility. Also, since the leather is so unique, no two cases are the same — it’s truly a one-of-a-kind case!

What Reviewers Have to Say: 

“If you’re looking for Artisan-stitch leather, the Pad & Quill Traveler LeatherSafe case is a perfect choice.”

  • igeeksblog

Buy Now at Pad & Quill 

Nomad Modern Leather iPhone 14 Case

Available in a few rustic colors, the Nomad Modern Leather iPhone 14 case is hands down one of the best leather iPhone cases. Made with full grain, sustainably-sourced leather, your case is locally sourced and more than well-protected. This case is designed to withstand a 10-foot drop using internal shock absorption material and microfiber lining. We hope you aren’t dropping your phone from that high, but your phone will be protected just in case!

What Reviewers Have to Say: 

“This is my 4th leather case from Nomad. So much better than the other leather cases on the market. Since the prices have gone up I decided to go with the modern leather instead of the Horween leather for the first time. Time will tell, but so far I can’t tell the difference.”

  • Nomad Reviewer 

Buy Now at Nomad 

Dress Up Your Phone With SaharaCase

And there you have it — the best leather iPhone cases in 2023! When you’re ready to invest in your next leather phone case, head on over to our extensive case collection to find the right one for your phone. While you’re at it, you may want to add in a tempered glass screen protector or two to add an extra layer of safety to your precious phone. Don’t pick between protection or design — enjoy both with SaharaCase!

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