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Article: The Best Slim iPhone Cases That Protect Without the Bulk

The Best Slim iPhone Cases That Protect Without the Bulk | Sahara Case LLC

The Best Slim iPhone Cases That Protect Without the Bulk

We at SaharaCase consider the days of bulky, tank-like rubber cases to be long gone. With screens edging up to 7 inches, phones are commonly at a size nowadays where there isn’t much room left for a case if you want a pocketable experience. Recent innovations, such as air-cushioning ridges and new shockproof materials, enable case makers to craft the very best slim iPhone cases out there.

We’ve culled the depths of the market to curate a list of some of our favorite cases out there. We’ve gone well beyond our series of uniquely slim cases to a few of our favorite peers in the case maker world to find their slimmest, most protective offerings.

10 Slim Phone Cases for Sleek Protection

1. SaharaCase Air Shield Boost Series Case

SaharaCase AirShield Boost Series Case
We want to kick off this roundup with a classic clear case with a twist. Our Air Shield Boost Series has been whittled down to the absolute essentials in terms of bulk while retaining protective properties where they’re needed. Air-cushioning ridges and premium materials ensure that your iPhone 12 or another device will be isolated from impact damage and everyday scratches.

Now, for some, that’s reason enough to love our Air Shield Boost Series. However, with one small addition, we’ve taken this case to a new level of functionality — a kickstand built right into the case. Machined from high-quality metal and firmly tucked away when not needed, this kickstand is what puts the “Boost” in “Air Shield Boost.”

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2. Speck Presidio2 Grip Case

Speck Presidio2 Grip Case
Speck is one of our favorite case makers when it comes to employing unique design touches to add both personality and functionality to a case. The Presidio2 is no exception to that philosophy with a slim, airy design complemented by grip-providing raised ridges. This case stands out in a crowded market of simple cases. Speck boasts 13-foot drop protection (an impressive feat!), as well as wireless charging functionality. If you’re rocking an Apple device, this is one of the best slim iPhone cases out there.

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3. Razer Arctech Slim Case

Razer Arctech Slim Case
Razer, a well-known name in the gamer community, has expanded its offering to cases. Much to our delight, the Arctech case eschews the rainbow RGB lighting aesthetic for something much more minimalist. An interesting dot pattern sets it apart, while slim bezels keep things light. We’re partial to the white color, but it is available in black or pink as well. In Razer form, the case features a Thermapen Performance layer and vented channels for cooling if you do heavy gaming on your device.

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4. Peel Super Thin Case

Peel Super Thin Case
Peel is an interesting newcomer to the case world, taking the mindset of slim to the absolute maximum. At just 0.35mm thin, the Peel case is nearly paperthin, so we don’t recommend it for anyone wanting serious drop protection. However, it boasts plenty of everyday scratch resistance. Affordable and trendy, the Peel Super Thin case would be a good choice for anyone who would normally go without any case at all. It offers some degree of protection while preserving the clean lines of the phone. And let’s not forget the huge range of color options it's offered in.

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5. Pela Eco-Friendly Slim Case

Pela Eco-Friendly Slim Case
We’re big fans of Pela here at SaharaCase because they’ve managed to fuse two of our favorite things: eco-friendliness and a stylish, protective case design. That’s why we recommend their range of eco-friendly slim cases that are constructed of 100% biodegradable material. Swap phone cases and watch your old case become one with nature as you toss it into the garden composter. Alternatively, you can send it back to Pela for safe recycling. Cool, right?

Their slim series is twice as thin as their flagship case, but the slightly rubbery feel offers some shock-absorbing benefits. If you’re wondering what an eco case feels like, it’s a silicone-like material similar to softness and grippiness. It bears no molecular resemblance, though, since Pela’s cases are based in flax shive and a plant-based biopolymer. If you’re trying to be a little more green, this is one of the best slim iPhone cases to get you there.

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6. Tech21 EVO CHECK Case

Tech21 EVO CHECK Case
Tech21’s EVO CHECK case is another offering that takes the ubiquitous clear case — often one of the slimmest models available in any maker’s lineup — and gives it just enough personality to set it apart. The EVO CHECK’s unique patterning adds both character and grip in a flexible design that minimizes bulk. The white/rose scheme is airy and bright, while the smokey/black lightens up your typical jet-black coloring.

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7. Coach Slim Leather Case

Coach Slim Leather Case

If you’re looking for a slim, stylish case that deviates from the typical plastic and rubber construction, a leather case might just be up your alley. You don’t have to be a globe-trotting archaeologist to rock a little brown leather, proven by this slim case from Coach.

Available for a range of Apple and Samsung devices, the soft, velvet-like feel of this case is a natural, earthy contrast to the smooth tech of any modern device. It doesn’t add much bulk or weight either, as leather is naturally thin and light. Coach claims 4-feet of drop protection, but we’d be dubious of any reliable protection from leather, apart from everyday scratch resistance. Still, if slim is your main concern, you can’t go wrong with a leather case.

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8. Caseology Vault Case

Caseology Vault Case

Caseology backs up its build quality with a two-year warranty, which goes a long way toward lending the brand’s credibility for top-tier case construction. Their Vault model features a shockproof TPU construction beneath a lightly textured surface that provides both style and grip. The matte finish will age well, resisting fingerprints and the wear that comes with everyday use. The simple design makes this an attractive, safe design for those who want something practical to cover their Samsung S21, iPhone, or other device.

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9. Spigen Hybrid NX Case

Spigen Hybrid NX Case

With their Hybrid NX Case, we think Spigen has found a formula that has successfully fused that all-important case trifecta of slimness, protection, and style. The thin, rigid frame that contains a dual-layer protection is not the absolute thinnest out there, but its smooth curves and finish go a long way to blending the case into the phone. The back’s exposed rubber layer also offers plenty of grip and style, while important elements like the corners and camera bump are well-protected beneath both layers. The dark blue shade is perfect for anyone wanting something a little different than basic black, although black is also available.

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10. SaharaCase Heavy Duty Series Case

SaharaCase Heavy Duty Series Case
With a name like “heavy duty,” you might not think this case our engineers have crafted is particularly slim. However, after years of experience in the case-making game, we’ve honed in on the absolute essentials when it comes to case dimensions and eliminated all redundancies. The result? Our Heavy Duty Series case, which is absolutely efficient in its protective qualities.

Keenly placed and fused hardened plastic and rubber materials, combined with a slimming play-through design, make for a case that’s as svelte as it is durable. Add in a handy ring-form kickstand for extra durability and grip, and you’ve got yourself a case with all the hallmarks of one of the hulking rubber cases of yesterday without the bulk.

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Slimming Down Made Easy

While it may not be so simple to slim down after putting on a few of those quarantine pounds, we hope this list of some of the best slim iPhone cases has made your search for a slender case a little easier. As we’ve learned, an ultra-durable case doesn’t have to be ultra-bulky, so put those days behind you in favor of the sleek, bleeding-edge cases of today! And be sure to check out our shop for our entire range of slim cases that have been designed from the ground up to offer the best protection where it’s needed most.

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