5 Types of Phone Cases: Choosing the Best One

Shopping for a new phone shouldn’t be the most daunting part of your day, but these days there is such a massive variety of options available and it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

From the chunkiest plastic cases to the truly unique and odd, there are truly so many types of phone cases. But the question remains: Which one is best?

If you’re asking, “What phone case should I get?” then we’ve certainly got you covered. Read on to find the details of some of the most popular types of cases out there.

5 Factors to Consider When Asking What Phone Case You Should Get

Drop Protection

The primary goal most phone case shoppers have is to protect their expensive phones. Although it’s probably the most common material in use, plastic phone cases remain the best choice when it comes to protective value.

From hard, rigid plastics to rubberized varieties, plastic’s bang for the buck is unbeatable. The best-designed plastic cases employ multiple types of plastic to take advantage of each’s special attributes. If you’re wondering how to choose a phone case, you can’t go wrong with plastic.

The Best Type of Phone Case for Drop Protection: Plastic Case

Good Looks

Although any material can be made to look stunningly fantastic in the hands of a talented designer, no material is quite the same as natural wood. Although it’s easier to find genuine wood phone case options for the more popular phones out there, choices can still be had for other devices as well.

Popular woods include walnut (for a rich, sophisticated color), bamboo (for a lighter tone and more uniform grain), and many others. However, wood is more easily cracked or split during an impact and doesn’t handle minor scratches or nicks as well as plastic.

The Best Type of Phone Case for Good Looks: Wood Case


One thing plastic is sometimes derided for also happens to be a strong asset in some cases. Did you know Legos may survive in the ocean for 1,300 years? It’s well-known that plastic doesn’t break down well, but it also means that plastic cases are extremely hard-wearing. There are even some types of plastics that don’t yellow or fade over time.

We’re all well-aware that our phones are germ magnets, but plastic phone cases are easy to sanitize. It’s no wonder that so many cases continue to be made out of plastic and why it continues to be the material of choice for many case makers.

The Best Type of Phone Case for Longevity: Plastic Cases


If you’re the type who likes to stand out in a crowd, you’re probably looking for that same quality in a phone case. You may not even have heard of fabric cases, but they have recently gained in popularity because of their charm, texture, and downright freshness.

As with wood cases, it can be invigorating to wrap your modern technology in something natural and simple like fabric. We’re partial to plaid and checked patterns in materials like flannel or canvas, but there’s a whole world of options out there.

The fabric, however, is subject to wear and tear. Fabric is also not the best long-term solution, as it will attract dirt and grime over time and is not easy to clean thoroughly.

The Best Type of Phone Case for Uniqueness: Fabric Case


The most efficient-minded among us don’t just want their phone case for protection—they want it to fulfill multiple functions. They might gravitate to the kickstand or folio case.

Kickstand cases come in many styles, but they all have some sort of mechanism to prop a phone up on a table for viewing. The best kickstand cases have a mechanism that doubles as a handhold and works in both portrait and landscape modes.

Folio cases use a folding flap to cover the phone when not in use. What’s more, some folio cases have a cover that doubles as a kickstand, adding even more value!

The Best Type of Phone Case for Practicality: Kickstand or Folio Cases

Choose the Best Type of Phone Case for You!

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