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Article: Privacy Screen Protectors – Keep Prying Eyes in the Dark!

Privacy Screen Protectors – Keep Prying Eyes in the Dark! | Sahara Case LLC

Privacy Screen Protectors – Keep Prying Eyes in the Dark!

Consumer privacy is a word that is often seen in news reports these days. As so many of us use online banking, shopping, and communications, it is essential that we ensure our personal information and data is as secure as can be.

It is a simple fact that 100% security cannot be assured, but companies do as much as they can to ensure their websites are certified as safe as is possible, just as we install anti-virus software on our home computers and other hardware.

We should also protect our passwords, as these are often targeted by hackers. However, there is a pervasive way of getting ones personal information without the need for a digital device. It’s also surprisingly easy.

Consider this: when you put your PIN in the ATM machine to take money out on your card, you always shield the keypad to make sure nobody can see your number. Do you do the same when you key your passcode into your cell phone or tablet? And what about when you have logged in – how do you make sure onlookers are not checking out what you are doing?

This is known in the industry as ‘visual hacking’; basically, somebody stands close to you when you are using, say, your phone to browse, and takes note of all the information you are looking at. You may not think onlookers could find out much, but you would be unpleasantly surprised. If someone gets your passwords, all they need to do is pretend they are you. They could even be looking for your address, as they know you are not home!

But even so, you most likely don’t want others to know what you’re looking at on your phone; it’s your business, not theirs! So, what is the answer? Sahara Case has the solution in our range of ZeroDamage privacy screen protectors for smartphones, tablets and even laptops.

What is a Privacy Screen Protector?

A privacy screen protector is a cover that goes on the screen of your smartphone, tablet or laptop, and that – by way of advanced technology – reduces the angle at which people can see what is happening on your screen. Now, to get useful information, a bystander would have to be looking directly at your screen to see what is on it.

Most privacy screen protectors work using layers of micro-louver technology; this directs the light as required so you can keep your screen private. Others use tempered glass for the protective screen, which also protects your phone display. Sahara Case is a leading name in this technology, and we have a range of privacy screen protectors for iPhone and other makes – Samsung and the popular names included – plus various other devices.

The way they work is quite impressive, and they will keep your viewing private from onlookers. A privacy screen protector is essential if you are browsing using a public unsecured connection since these are favorite places where identity theft and other hacking is most likely to take place.

2-Way and 4-Way

One important factor to consider is whether you need a 2-way or 4-way privacy screen. When we use a smartphone, we tend to use it in the portrait position. However, on an iPad or tablet, you may want to change the orientation to landscape, perhaps to watch a film or to read the text. A 2-way protector will only work in portrait mode, but a 4-way privacy screen protector will also obscure the view for onlookers in landscape mode.

This is why people who buy such a screen for an iPad will opt for a 4-way privacy screen, and at SaharaCase we have privacy screens for just about all iPad models and other tablets. This gives you the highest level of protection, which is very important on tablets with larger screens when used in public environments.

You might also want to consider one of these if you use your device at night in bed, and your partner is disturbed by the light from the screen. A protector of this type limits the light emission from the screen, so you can browse at your leisure while they sleep in peace!

Privacy Protection for All Devices

If you use a laptop – either at work, at home or in a public Wi-Fi hotspot – and access personal or sensitive information, rest assured Sahara Case can also supply laptop privacy screen protectors for most makes and screen sizes of laptop. You may not want the person at the next desk to see the information he or she is not privileged to, or you may want to simply keep private what you are working on.


Things to Remember

There are a couple of things you need to remember when you look at privacy screen protectors. While they are great accessories, they do not provide 100% protection. A clever person who is determined to look at what you are doing will – if you allow them to – find a way to do so, perhaps by standing directly behind you. Whether you have a privacy screen protector fitted or not, you should always be wary of anyone looking over your shoulder.

Also, there is the choice between flexible privacy film screens or the tempered glass privacy screen variety. Read any review, and you will find there are advocates of each as the way to go, but it’s really up to the individual to have a look around and see what everyone is saying.

Your online security is critical, as when you take a moment to think about it, you probably have the entire details of your life in digital form there in one way or another. If you do fit a privacy screen protector – and it is a smart decision – try not to totally relax your guard and assume that nobody can see through it. Keep looking over your shoulder, always shield the keyboard when keying in numbers, and keep it angled how it needs to be for maximum protection.

A privacy screen protector is, quite simply, an affordable way of adding extra security to your browsing, especially in a public place, so have a look at our range at Sahara Case right now for the best models at sensible prices.

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