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Article: The 6 Best Glass Screen Protector Brands You Should Care About

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The 6 Best Glass Screen Protector Brands You Should Care About

Pull up Google or Amazon’s listings for screen protectors, and what do you find? Thousands –– literally thousands –– of models, styles, and brands of screen protectors for even the most obscure of phones and devices. How do you know where to even begin looking for the best screen protector? 

Having some familiarity with the wide range of protector makers out there is helpful, as at least it gives you a starting place. Some brands have cultivated an excellent and well-deserved reputation, but doing the research to find all that out can be time-consuming. After all, all you want to do is to get a screen protector on that phone and get back to living your life! So how do you find the best screen protector?

Luckily, we’ve done the hard part for you. You don’t need to have the knowledge of phone repair engineers (although we do) to know that a screen protector’s main job is protecting the screen. We’ve skimmed the cream from the crop and named the six best screen protector brands out there.

Most of these brands produce both film and tempered glass screen protectors. From Armor Edge to Zagg to SaharaCase ZeroDamage and everything in between, we’ve got the valuable info you need when seeking out the best screen protector for your device. So let’s get started.

Here are just a few of the things we look for in a top-tier screen protector brand:

  • Quality. That means tempered glass screen protectors. The low price of plastic protectors is attractive, but overall we don’t think they’re worth the tradeoff in looks, durability, or shatter protection that glass screen protectors offer. Bundled extras like installation kits are also a welcome addition.
  • Selection. Apple and Samsung dominate the smartphone world. Therefore you’ll see plenty of screen protectors out there for those devices. The best protector brands, however, cater to a wider range of devices, including phones, tablets, watches, and other gadgets from a variety of makers.
  • Customer Support. In this day and age, consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to device protection. What are brands doing to gain and retain customers? Loyalty programs, extended warranties, and other benefits are all well and good, but we think nothing goes further than personal, friendly customer service that solves issues quickly and fairly.
  • Affordability. While you never want to cheap out on a screen protector, the best screen protector brands will have their products priced affordably. Customers should be able to buy high-quality products from the best screen protector brands without breaking the bank. Protect your investment, but remember, a higher price doesn’t always equal higher quality.

6 Best Screen Protector Brands

So, without further ado, here are the top six screen protector brands we think you should care about and consider for shielding your device from the elements.


Belkin is a well-known player in not only the screen protector market but a huge variety of tech accessories, including power banks, chargers, and cables. Belkin crafts high-quality, moderately priced screen protectors made of tempered glass. 

They also claim their high-end InvisiGlass™ line is even 40% stronger than standard tempered glass. Belkin, like many brands, only offers screen protectors for the most popular Apple and Samsung products, leaving anyone holding a device of a different maker high and dry.



You wouldn’t always think of a store’s private label brand as being a top contender in the screen protector realm, but Best Buy’s Insignia brand hits a sweet spot of value and quality. Available at BestBuy locations and the Best Buy website, Insignia™ screen protectors are well-reviewed and proven in the industry. 

In addition to resisting breakage with a 9H hardness rating, they won’t break the bank either, with most protectors priced below $20. A cleaning cloth and handy installation guide are also included. However, Best Buy seems to cater primarily to those of us with Samsung or Apple devices. Sorry, everyone else. 



Armor Edge is perhaps lesser known in the wider screen protector field, but their products stand on their own for their precision, quality, and affordable pricing. Armor Edge touts an impressive lifetime replacement warranty, which says they’ll replace the protective glass free of charge following any breakage. Now that’s impressive. 

That warranty complements a by-most-accounts stellar customer service record. Armor Edge also gets high points for its comprehensive installation kit, which includes a novel applicator and dust removal sticker for its (sadly) Apple- and Samsung-exclusive screen protectors. 



While the brand hasn’t reached Kleenex levels of prevalence, Otterbox cases and screen protectors are widely available online and in stores. That name recognition comes at a cost, though, and that cost is apparently passed onto customers because Otterbox screen protector prices tend to be consistently higher than other makers’.

Does that higher price indicate better quality or merely a hike to account for the advertising budget? Their Alpha Glass line is well-crafted, but the inclusion of some type of installation aid (like a guide or template) is sorely missed, especially at the premium price point. 

Another positive feature going for Otterbox is their wider (although far from comprehensive) list of supported devices, which includes LG, Microsoft, and others. In addition, some Otterbox lines have unique features, such as an antimicrobial range. In any event, who can resist that adorable otter in the logo?



Zagg is often perceived as the top-quality screen protector maker with a few additional features that really push it over the edge. In addition to supporting a few more devices beyond the standard Apple and Samsung products, Zagg has several unique lines of screen protectors that cater to different needs. 

Their Glass Elite VisionGuard+ line also sports antibacterial technology and a blue-light filter. Nifty! They also offer more standard privacy and anti-glare options. Those extra features come at a higher price, however, with some protectors reaching upwards of $50. A full installation kit is included, which helps take the sting off that sticker shock.



We’ve saved the best for last. SaharaCase ZeroDamage Tempered Glass screen protectors take the cake in terms of a fantastic mix of value, quality, and range of covered devices. We reviewed some videos where SaharaCase goes head to head with Otterbox and ZAGG screen protectors under a pressure test and surprisingly comes out as the winner.

The higher price of well-known brands does not always indicate their durability. SaharaCase provides the best screen protectors at the best prices. In addition to a huge range of Samsung and Apple devices, we’ve got owners of LG, Amazon Kindle, Motorola, Microsoft, Nokia, and a host of other devices covered. Heck, we even make a screen protector for the Nintendo Switch!  

ZeroDamage Glass is precision-engineered for a seamless fit, even on curved devices, with an oh-so-smooth oleophobic coating that feels just like a premium device screen. Between the ZeroDamage No Questions Asked Guarantee (which is just what it sounds like) and a fully-featured installation kit that includes a unique applicator tool, SaharaCase ZeroDamage Glass is truly the best screen protector.



ZeroDamage vs. ZAGG 

Check out how SaharaCase’s ZeroDamage screen protector crushes the competition in this video.

ZeroDamage vs. OtterBox

Again, SaharaCase wins for the best screen protector compared to OtterBox in this video.


At a razor-thin .33mm, the only thing more minuscule than the thinness of SaharaCase’s ZeroDamage Tempered Glass is the amount of time you’ll be spending researching the best screen protector brands out there. We’ve done the work for you! 

Whether it’s time to replace your screen protector or buy one for a brand new device, head on over to our shop to find a ZeroDamage Screen Protector. Chances are we’ll have it. While you’re there, take a look at our Protection Kits, which include a premium, engineer-crafted case along with the ZeroDamage Tempered Glass. As always, thanks for reading. This has been SaharaCase, your eye on everything in the device protection realm, signing off.


Don’t forget to USE CODE: GLASS15 to save 15% on SaharaCase screen protectors! Here are a few of the best screen protectors for different devices from the ZeroDamage Series.

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