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Article: When to Replace a Glass Screen Protector

When to Replace a Glass Screen Protector | Sahara Case LLC

When to Replace a Glass Screen Protector

Tempered glass screen protectors are the preferred method for keeping your phone’s screen scratch- and crack-free.

There are several factors, however, that play into how long that screen protector itself will last. With care, a quality tempered glass screen protector will last indefinitely. Chances are, barring any screen-shielding cracks, your screen protector will outlast the other components in your phone, like the battery.

But hold on—there are a few situations where replacing that tempered glass screen protector with a brand-new one is a good idea. Read on to find out if you should replace your screen protector.

3 Times When You Should Replace a Screen Protector

1. It’s Cracked Like an Egg

It should be no surprise that the top reason screen protectors get replaced is because of a crack (of either the single edge-to-edge fissure or the severe spiderweb impact).

You might think that a broken screen protector is indicative of low quality. But consider this: the screen protector absorbed the impact shock that otherwise would have gone straight for the phone screen.

Your screen protector sacrificed itself for your phone. After an appropriate mourning period (say, ten seconds), carefully remove the broken protector and replace it as soon as possible.

Continuing to use a broken glass screen protector can be dangerous, as the sharp cracks can deal out harsh cuts to your fingers. We recommend gloves and thin tools (like the squeegee provided in our Protection Kits) to prevent injury when removing the protector.

2. It’s Scratched Into Oblivion

Just as a screen protector is designed to absorb crack-inducing impact damage, it also doubles as a shield against more minor everyday scratches. Don’t be fooled, though—those tiny scrapes can add up to a screen that’s downright difficult to see.

Scratches absorb light and refract it, rather than letting it pass through as a smooth surface would. Because scratches on a protector receive light from both sides (the illuminated phone screen as well as the outside world), a screen protector can quickly fill up with scratches to the level that the screen itself becomes difficult to comfortably see.

High-quality protectors, like SaharaCase’s ZeroDamage Glass, have a 9H hardness rating that helps mitigate scratches from common culprits like keys and sand grains. However, if your screen is getting difficult to see because of scratches, it’s best to replace the screen protector. Once again, the protector has done its job.

3. It’s Peeling Like a Sunburn

The third reason you should replace a screen protector is if its adhesive backing is failing, resulting in a sheet of glass peeling up at the corners.

This is no fun because since the protector is no longer making contact with the touch screen, your taps, swipes, and pinches won’t always be recognized. A good screen protector won’t usually start to peel unless maybe it’s been submerged in water (in which case, you’ve got other problems) or wasn’t installed well in the first place.

Even tiny particles like a bit of dust can interfere with a solid adhesive seal, eventually leading to peeling and bubbles under the screen protector. Luckily, our Protection Kits come with everything you need for a pristine, easy installation

Give It Up For Glass Screen Protectors

Tempered glass screen protectors may truly be one of the most unsung heroes in the tech realm. They’re ever-vigilant protectors of your phone. A body-guard ready to take a hit, crunch, punch, or crack at any moment.

Let’s take a moment to remember our fallen screen protectors, then head over to our SaharaCase Screen Protector shop, where you’ll find precision-engineered screen protectors, so your device stays scratch-free for years to come.

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