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Article: Do I Need a Screen Protector For My Kindle?

Do I Need a Screen Protector For My Kindle? | Sahara Case LLC
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Do I Need a Screen Protector For My Kindle?

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is a terrific toss-around tablet. Ideal for the kids during long car rides, to pop in a go-bag, or even to give as gifts, Amazon has hit a sweet spot of usability and extreme affordability with their Fire range.

However, that doesn’t mean the Fire is perfect. Like any tablet, the large glass screen is particularly vulnerable.

What’s a Fire-user to do? Slap a screen protector on that tablet!

Not all protectors are created equally. Here are a few reasons why SaharaCase ZeroDamage Tempered Glass is the protector of choice for the most discerning among us.

3 Reasons Why a Screen Protector for Kindle Fire Is a Good Idea

Reason 1: Scratch protection

Being the flexible, portable powerhouse that it is, the Kindle Fire may take more of a beating than other tablets. With many Kindle models very affordably priced, we tend to knock them around a bit more than we would a more expensive device.

A Kindle screen protector doesn’t increase the weight of the tablet at all but will lend a fantastic amount of shielding to the screen. Outfitted with a ZeroDamage Screen Protector, jangling keys won’t pose any danger to a Kindle’s screen as it bounces in your bag.

Added benefits of our ZeroDamage Kindle Fire Screen Protector include laser-cut, precision-engineered beveled edges, a crystal clear finish. Additionally, the screen protector has an oleophobic screen coating that glides the same way as the original Fire’s.

It’s a no-nonsense, no-brainer choice for maximizing the life of your favorite workhorse.

Reason 2: Drop defense

A Kindle screen protector lends everyday protection by shielding the screen against scratches and dings. Even more, the right protector also has a second job: absorbing the impact from a bad fall.

Tablets, especially in the hands of kiddos or the especially clumsy, have a tendency to shatter their fragile screens when dropped. This is an area where cheap plastic protectors won’t do much good, as they’re not structured for that kind of shock.

Tempered glass protectors, like ZeroDamage Glass, are excellent shock absorbers. Bear in mind that the protector itself may shatter in the process. Just remember: it did its job well. The protector absorbed the impact that otherwise would have gone straight to the Fire’s screen.

So, pour one out for your ZeroDamage Glass in that situation, because it’s the top of the line when it comes to screen protection.

Reason 3: Privacy rekindled

In addition to the standard crystal-clear Kindle Fire screen protector, we also offer specialized Privacy Glass.

This is a uniquely-engineered protector that only offers views to the screen from a straight-on perspective. Angled views, like those from an overly nosy fellow plane passenger, will be completely blacked out.

You don’t need to be doing anything particularly illicit on your Kindle Fire to want a little privacy. With its versatile processing power and flexible interface, the Fire is a great tool for all types of work, media, and browsing.

So, go ahead—fire up eBay and put in another bid on that Precious Moments statuette you’ve had your eye on; nobody else will ever know.

Reason 4: Peace of mind

Whether your Kindle Fire is your tablet daily driver or spends most of its days tucked into a bag, you want to know your property is protected and is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Pulling out a tablet with *gasp* a scratched screen for a work presentation would be embarrassing, at best. There’s not a kiddo out there who wants to watch an episode of Paw Patrol through screen cracks.

Get Fired Up Over Screen Protection

The SaharaCase ZeroDamage Kindle Fire Screen Protector does exactly what it sounds like: it ensures your Kindle Fire stays safe and sound, taking no damage, whether in-use or stowed away. Complete with precision engineering, beveled edges, and a premium oleophobic coating, ZeroDamage is the protector of choice for worry-free Fire Protection. Although it does feature precision cutouts, ZeroDamage cuts no corners in keeping your Amazon Fire’s screen scratch and crack-free. Check out our full line of Kindle Fire screen protectors at our online shop.

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