Top 10 Affordable Motorola Phone Cases for Great Protection

There’s a dizzying variety of Motorola phone cases on the market, ranging from top brands like Spigen and SaharaCase.

Motorola has become well-known in past years for producing excellent quality phones at a lower price than the iPhone or Galaxy. However, that doesn’t mean you should let that Moto run bare!

We’ve collected a few interesting case choices for your phone, take a look below to find several excellent options that won’t break the bank! You’re sure to find something that’s just right for you.

Protect Your Motorola Phone for Less

SaharaCase Protection Series Case

Available for a wide range of Motorola’s E- and G-Series phones, SaharaCase offers dozens of case options engineered to protect your Motorola. SaharaCase pulls design inspiration from the wilds of the Sahara Desert, and the Protection Series is no exception, being modeled after natural desert crystal formations.

HOOMIL Leather Flip Wallet Case

Although this case is made of synthetic leather, it still packs a punch in terms of value and quality. In addition to offering a fair amount of protection for your Moto G7 or G7 Plus, it also has extra slots for holding credit cards, ID, etc. What’s more, the front flap can fold backward to create a kickstand! The HOOMIL Leather Flip Wallet Case is appealing to anyone looking for big value in a small package.

Toast Wood Cover

Although a bit pricier than other options, we think Toast’s unique take on phone protection is worth the few extra bucks. Constructed of your choice of wood and refined to a beautiful finish, these cases have the look and feel of something even more expensive. Toast doesn’t make cases in the traditional sense, but rather something more like a wood skin, with several separate pieces that adhere to the device. If you’re looking for something one-of-a-kind, these cases are worth a look.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Spigen has a few different lines designed for Motorola, but we like the Rugged Armor collection best, as it strikes a good balance between industrial-looking bulk and sleek thinness. The textured matte finish and carbon fiber details make this model stand out in a large sea of black cases. While this Spigen option doesn’t pack in as many protective features, it’s similar to SaharaCase’s Protective Series for Motorola.

Lovpec Power Case

This case from lesser-known Lovpec is an excellent option for those seeking protection, grip, and style for their Moto G7. In addition, it sports a well-designed kickstand that pulls triple duty. Not only can it prop up your phone, but it also works as a finger hold and a magnet for car dashboard holders. Like SaharaCase’s signature Protection Kits, it also comes bundled with a screen protector, although Lovpce’s offering is plastic. Discerning buyers will be drawn to the more durable tempered glass option from SaharaCase.

SaharaCase Crystal Series Clear Case

If you prefer the matte metal finish of your Motorola E6, G7, or others, there are numerous clear Motorola phone cases available. We think, however, the very best is the Crystal Series from SaharaCase. Constructed from premium, anti-yellowing, and anti-scratch materials, SaharaCase’s engineer-designed Crystal Series Case is a thin case that will let your Moto shine through.

Slinco Flexible Case

We like this offering from Slinco for its extremely stylish looks and thin package. Perfect for a minimalist, understated aesthetic, this case is perfect for the office and transitions well to the weekend. Plus, its thin construction makes it pocket-friendly.

Let’s Get Shopping!

We hope this list has given you a bit of inspiration when it comes to shopping for Motorola phone cases. After shopping around, return to the very best at SaharaCase and wonder why you ever left! We’ve got a huge range of options catered to every taste and budget. Check us out today!

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