Are Screen Protectors Necessary? Here’s What to Know

First, there’s the excitement: A brand new phone! Free of scratches, fingerprints, tiny dents, the general wear of everyday use. The screen is pristine, not like your old phone. A fall to the sidewalk put a little crack in the corner that always bothered you.

That’s when the uncertainty starts to set in: You want to make sure that doesn’t happen again, but you’re not sure exactly how. You’re probably asking, “Are screen protectors necessary?”

Does my phone need a screen protector?

Phone screens have made significant progress in terms of durability in the last few years. Most phones nowadays sport Corning Gorilla Glass, which is highly scratch resistant but not entirely invincible. Gorilla Glass is also likely to crack from a bad fall.

Even something as tiny and innocuous as a few grains of sand in your pocket or bag can leave a permanent mark. After all, anything harder than the screen will scratch it, and that might include the minerals that make up sand.

Damage from scrapes, dings, and drops are an ever-present threat to our screens. What’s more, many phones have slippery glass or metal backs as well, which can further lead to bad accidents.

A screen protector is an excellent, low-profile way to protect your device’s vulnerable screen. It will act as a shield against key scratches and accidental dings, and in many cases, will absorb the shock from an otherwise fatal fall.

Screen protectors come in several varieties, each with their pros and cons.

  • Tempered glass: This will feel the closest to your actual phone screen will offer the best protection against dust and scratches. SaharaCase’s tempered glass also sports beveled edges and an easy-to-clean, ultra-smooth oleophobic coating.
  • TPU plastic: A step down from tempered glass, plastic screen protectors a more affordable option but offers less protection. Those concerned with maximizing the life of their screen protector should steer clear, as scratch marks will accumulate much more quickly.
  • Anti-glare: Commonly made of tempered glass, anti-glare screens feature an extra coating that makes for easier viewing in direct sunlight by blocking UV rays. Frequent Netflix picnickers (or anyone who often uses their phone outdoors) may want to consider this option.
  • Privacy screen: If you’re a busy traveler, work in a populated office, or just don’t want anyone to know that you’re 31 and watching The Simpsons, a privacy screen is definitely for you. It will ensure that anyone not looking at your phone straight-on will just see you swiping around a black screen.

Benefits of having a screen protector

Protection from daily wear and tear

We all put our phones through a lot, and you’re probably still wondering, “Are screen protectors necessary?”

A high-quality tempered glass screen protector will put your mind at ease that your (increasingly pricey!) phone is protected from those tiny key scratches, sand grain scrapes, and accidental dings.

Whether you keep your phone in your pocket or a bag, getting tossed around all day is bound to result in wear. Protecting the most vulnerable and important element of your phone (the screen, of course) is the easiest way to add extra defenses to your device for a fraction of the price of your phone, too.

Protection from drops and falls

If daily protection isn’t enough to convince you of the benefits of a screen protector, picture your phone taking a tumble from your hand and onto the sidewalk, or perhaps worse, the tiled floor of the bathroom.

At that moment, you probably wish you had sprung the few extra dollars for a screen protector. Premium tempered glass screen protectors are designed to sacrifice themselves for your phone.

They’ll absorb the shock from an impact, sometimes resulting in a crack. But of course, that’s damage that didn’t go directly to the phone screen. Your phone (and your wallet) will thank you.

SaharaCase has your back (and your screen)

If you started out asking, “Are screen protectors necessary?” by now, you surely realize that your phone deserves the best protection. That’s why we at SaharaCase precision engineer our ZeroDamage Tempered Glass screen protectors to the absolute highest standards.

That means laser-cut beveled edges and cutouts, a thin, crystal-clear surface, and an oleophobic screen that’s buttery-smooth, just like your phone screen.

Whether by itself or as part of our signature Protection Kit, we’re confident our ZeroDamage Tempered Glass will become your device’s most trusted companion and will even throw itself into harm’s way, should the need arise. Check out our full line of screen protectors and get that beloved phone the protection it deserves!

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