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Article: Top 5 iPhone XR Lifeproof Case Alternatives in 2019

Top 5 iPhone XR Lifeproof Case Alternatives in 2019 | Sahara Case LLC
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Top 5 iPhone XR Lifeproof Case Alternatives in 2019

Did you know that cracked screens account for 90% of phone accidents?

Even for the most reckless phone users, there is a sturdy phone case that will protect your smart device from the highest drops.

They are known as Lifeproof cases.

Lifeproof phone cases are a shockproof case that protects your smartphone against a multitude of incidences—hence, Lifeproof.

Nonetheless, Lifeproof cases are usually bulky, expensive, and not very aesthetic. That being said, there are new and great alternatives to the typical Lifeproof case.

Keep reading to learn more about Lifeproof case alternatives that fit your budget.

Check out these low-cost iPhone XR Lifeproof case alternatives!

SaharaCase Classic Protection Kit

The Classic Case is all the rugged protection of SaharaCase in a military-grade design. With a drop rating test of at least 9 feet, the classic series is a rugged iPhone XR Lifeproof case alternative that will not disappoint. The classic provides a robust, sturdy feel without all the bulk of other brands.

SaharaCase dBulk Protection Kit

The dBulk Protection Kit is all the rugged protection in a slim-fit package. Probably the most “pocketable” solution on the market, SaharaCase’s dBulk protection kit provides all the necessary components for an iPhone XR Lifeproof case in a stylish slim design.

SaharaCase Crystal Protection Kit

The Crystal Series Case is all the rugged protection of SaharaCase in a military-grade design. Show off your style without having to sacrifice the sleek look of your phone with the Crystal Series Case.

FXXXLTF Full-Body Protective iPhone XR Waterproof Case

This case (made of soft PC and TPU materials) is a full-body protective cover case for iPhone XR and fits the phone well, precise buttons and ports make it easy to access. This case relies on a dual-sided encapsulation system, which, if not installed correctly, could potentially lead to some seepage.

OUNNE iPhone XR Waterproof Case

The OUNNE case utilizes a TPU-based casing that snaps around your phone. Like the Lifeproof brand, this bulky case relies on correct user installation (without providing proper instructions) to keep your phone safe from the elements.


Designed by veteran phone repair engineers, the SaharaCase line of all-in-one protection solutions are a stylish option intended for people with on-the-go lifestyles. SaharaCase manufactures cases using premium shock absorbing rubberized and hard plastic materials.

The case features a reinforced shock-absorbing bumper, a raised bevel around the screen for increased LCD protection while remaining lightweight and thin. With a built-in professional camera hood design, SaharaCase allows the iPhone XR to take even better pictures and videos, improving contrast and colors, while protecting the lens from scratches.

Even more, SaharaCase brand’s iPhone XR case kits include our ZeroDamage tempered glass screen protector and guards against impact, scratches and the elements while providing a smooth, glass finish without reducing touch performance or screen quality.

Backed by the fact that phone repair professionals design these cases, the case comes in an aesthetic package with step-by-step instructions and comprehensive customer support. Check out SaharaCase’s line of iPhone XR cases and find the one that best fits your phone and your style.

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