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Article: Need a Shock Absorbing Phone Case?

Need a Shock Absorbing Phone Case? 5 Factors to Look For | Sahara Case LLC
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Need a Shock Absorbing Phone Case?

Your smartphone is a gadget you carry with you just about everywhere, and one that is essential both for work and play. Small and handled often, it’s also easy to drop. Unfortunately, when it hits the ground at just the right angle, your screen may shatter or the sides of your phone may chip past repair.

Screens crack easily when dropped from anything other than a short distance, so you really do need a shock-absorbing phone case if you want the best protection. So what do you need to look for?

We’ve got the essentials that you should consider when looking for a new phone case.

What Does “Shock Absorbing” Mean?

A shock-absorbing, or shock-proof, case is built to protect your device from higher-level drops. But how exactly does a shock-absorbing phone case work? When a case is advertised as shock-proof, it typically means that it was designed with enhanced material, such as rubber or silicone, meant to withstand and absorb the shock that your phone takes when it is dropped. This means that instead of your phone taking the brunt force of the drop, your case is absorbing it instead.  

What Makes a Great Shock-Absorbing Phone Case?

Good question! The answer may depend upon where and when you use your phone. If you work in an active job — construction or anything outdoors — that requires the use of your phone, then you’ll need the maximum protection for your phone. You’ll want it to be protected against the wear and tear it will endure during your daily routine and more.

If your daily job involves being on the move, and perhaps within crowds where you may get bumped into regularly, you also need a case that will protect your phone 24/7. Let’s have a look at the elements that are needed in a good shock-proof phone case.

Rubber Outer Casing

The very best shock-absorbing phone cases have at least some element of rubber in their construction. You may have thought that plastic would be the best choice, but the problem with plastic is that it is brittle and does not necessarily absorb shock.

A plastic phone case will protect your phone up to a certain height but will not have the absorbent qualities of rubber. Likewise, silicone cases — which are very popular — are a slim and light option but do not offer much absorbency.

However, it is not rubber alone that provides the best performance. Shocks to the phone case may come by being dropped or bumped. Manufacturers have found that the best protection comes in the form of multi-layered construction. An outer layer of rubber, plus a tough, rigid layer, then a silicone liner provides the best level of shock protection. So, you should start by looking at cases that are constructed as such.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Your smartphone will already have a strong glass screen. Perhaps you have one of the many that use Gorilla Glass, the latest incarnation of which is said to provide protection for 15 drops. However, it is highly recommended you find a tough protective phone case with an additional tempered glass screen protector.

These fit on the front of the screen and provide an added layer of protection that means you have double — or more — the protection you had before. The idea of the case is to protect against shock. The glass adds to this by strengthening the shock resistance levels of the screen.

There is a classification of scratch resistance to look out for. When it comes to tempered glass, keep an eye out for “9H.” If you can find a case that comes with a glass fitment of that level, it’s worth putting on your short-list.

Perfect Fit

This is a very important point: there is no such thing as a phone case that fits all types of phones. Each one is designed for a specific model, and there are major differences between them. Take the iPhone 8 and a Samsung Galaxy 9. Both similar phones, but both different sizes, and with controls, lenses, and other apertures in different places.

You need to find a shock-absorbing phone case that is specifically for your model. It needs to fit snugly in the case so when you are carrying it around — or when it gets dropped — the phone does not move.

We can’t stress how important it is to ensure you have a shock-proof case that fits your phone exactly as it should. Make sure you check the specification of the cases you are looking at before you buy.

Must-Have Shock-Absorbing Cases

Ready to find your next shock-resistant phone case? Start your search with one of these stylish and shock-absorbing cases below.  

GRIP Series Non-Slip iPhone 12 & 12 Pro Case

GRIP Series Non-Slip iPhone 12 & 12 Pro Case

This GRIP Series iPhone case features shock-absorbing corners that help to minimize damage to your device. Additionally, this case boasts a non-slip design to reduce the number of accidental drops. There’s no need for that heart-stopping feeling of watching your phone fall to the ground with this ultra-protective device. 

Buy Now at SaharaCase

Full Protection Series Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

Full Protection Series Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

Calling all iPhone 11 users — you won’t want to miss out on this case! Created with not one but two protective layers, this shock-absorbing phone case is ready to handle any damage that comes your phone’s way. The corner-to-corner coverage provides a snug and secure fit on your case, keeping your phone safe. 

Buy Now at SaharaCase

GRIP Series Non-Slip Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G Case

GRIP Series Non-Slip Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G Case

Wow your friends and family with this protective Galaxy Note20 case. Made with triple-hardened plastic and shock-absorbing corners, your phone will be well protected from potential damage. The anti-slip grip material is a bonus to minimize the number of accidental drops your phone may endure. 

Buy Now at SaharaCase

Maximize Your Phone Protection with SaharaCase

There are many different choices out there, each with unique factors to consider. For example, look for a case with added corner protection, as this is where the screen is most prone to cracking when given a shock.

At SaharaCase, we have a great selection of models from the very best shock-absorbing phone case ranges, all at excellent prices, and covering all popular models of smartphones, including iPhone, Samsung, LG, Google Pixel, and more. We also have a number of screen protectors that ensure your screen will be protected during the highest of falls. Check out our range now, and we are sure you will find a case that offers maximum protection for your phone.

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does tampered glass can fit to a shockproof case. i have a oneplus 6t with tampered glass and shockproof cover but the cover never let the glass fit to the screen and it peel of from the corner.

kashyam shinde

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