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Article: 7 Amazing Gifts for Apple Lovers and iPhone Users

7 Amazing Gifts for Apple Lovers and iPhone Users | Sahara Case LLC

7 Amazing Gifts for Apple Lovers and iPhone Users

Selecting a gift for the Apple lover in your life can be difficult. The search for something that fits in with their ecosystem and fits in with your budget seems daunting. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of reasonably-priced items any Apple-head would be glad to receive on their birthday or the next holiday season.

Take a Bite Out of These Fun Gifts for Apple Lovers

Before you begin searching, take a moment to make a few preparations. The next time you see your gift's recipient, check the model of their Apple product. That way, you’ll be able to tailor your gift to the exact devices they own perfectly.

Gift #1: Classic Series Case

This is truly the gift that you can’t go wrong with. Featuring subtle styling details that fit in with most any personal taste, this is a strong choice of a case that keeps on giving. And, with premium features like slim, targeted protection and a patented lens hood for more vibrant photos, the Classic SaharaCase Protection Kit packs in the value. From designer colors like Viper Red to Rose Gold to Scorpion Black, there’s something for everyone here.

Gift #2: Military Kickstand Series iPhone Case

This pick is somewhat more niche and reserved for the more rugged individual. However, if your giftee puts their iPhone through its paces daily and is a big media consumer, there’s no better case out there than the Military Kickstand Protection Kit. This case stuffs in maximum protection in a more industrial look. With the included kickstand, they’ll never be without a way to prop up their iPhone for those late-night movie sessions.

Gift #3: White Marble iPad Case

If your giftee is an avid iPad user and appreciates the finer things in life, our marble-printed iPad case is the gift they might not even know they needed. Our iPad cases feature everything great about our iPhone cases, including targeted protection and a slim, stylish design that’s eye-catching and utterly stunning.

Gift #4: Classic Airpod Case

When you’re thinking of gifts for Apple lovers, your thoughts might go to their steadfast devotion to their Airpods. Why not gift them some extra flair with an improved premium Airpods case? Let them ditch the staid, standard glossy white for a funkier SaharaCase-designed color, complete with all the charging capabilities of the original Apple case.

Gift #5: iPhone ZeroDamage Glass Screen Protector

Many Apple lovers in our lives are already outfitted with a case they love or would rather go unprotected (although we don’t recommend that). In either of those cases, however, they might be unaware of the added benefits of a ZeroDamage Glass Screen Protector. A tempered glass screen protector acts as a shield for the screen, resisting scratches and absorbing shock from impact.

Gift #6: ZeroDamage Privacy Glass Screen Protector

Another option for the Apple fan that has everything is ZeroDamage Privacy Glass. If they’re frequent bus riders, library users, or otherwise use their phones in public places, this is a unique gift that they might not even have thought about before. Our Privacy Glass has all the benefits of our standard ZeroDamage Glass and also completely blocks out angled views.

Gift #7: Macbook or Apple Watch Screen Protector

This final pick is another one of those choices for the Apple fan who has everything. When we think about screen protectors, our minds usually go to phones and tablets, so we can forget that laptops and smartwatches are just as vulnerable to scratches and cracks. Enter the SaharaCase ZeroDamage line of protectors for the Macbook screen protector and iWatch screen protector. These will help your giftee avoid unsightly scratches on those expensive Apple products that can otherwise go overlooked when it comes to preventive protection.

SaharaCase is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

We hope these picks inspired you in your search for the perfect gift for the Apple ultra-fan in your life. Really, any good gift should be tailored to the receiver. We at SaharaCase have catered a full line of premium products suited to any taste and budget. Whether it’s a case, cover, or protector, you’re sure to find something they’ll love (and don’t forget to treat yourself too!)

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