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Article: Best 10 iPad Cases for Kids & Schools

Best 10 iPad Cases for Kids & Schools | Sahara Case LLC

Best 10 iPad Cases for Kids & Schools

Most kids today grow up surrounded by technology, and a fair percentage (at least 42%, according to Common Sense) have their very own tablet. However, that’s not to say that kids are always 100% safe with their iPads. Accidents happen. Juice boxes spill. Little hands slip. If a case is a sensible idea for an adult using an iPad, it’s a veritable essential accessory for one of the spendy devices in the hands of a kid.

If you’re looking for a case to keep your own or your child’s iPad safe from scratches, dents, or cracks, we’ve compiled a handy list of choices of some of the best iPad cases for kids. And, if you’re an administrator looking for some of the best iPad cases to purchase for your school’s fleet of devices, we’ve done the research for you there too.

What Makes a Kid-Proof iPad Case?

It takes a special breed of case to hold up to one of the most dangerous and accident-prone environments known to man: the hands of a kid.

Okay, maybe that’s an overstatement. However, it’s true that kids put devices to the test on a daily basis. Between little drop-prone hands, sometimes sticky messes, and developing brains often just beginning to understand how to care for objects, it’s no wonder that numerous iPad drops and falls happen at the hands of a kid.

The best iPad case for kids isn’t just one thing, as each case maker has its own spin on how best to accomplish the task. However, as a company in the device protection biz ourselves, we keep a few things in mind when evaluating a case specially designed for little tikes:

Ultra-protective: A case that’s designed for the rigors of kid-dom should be tough. It should handle being dropped on the floor, knocked off the table, tossed across the room, and more. Because as anyone with kids in their care knows: they’ll always figure out a new way to send you into a panic.

Li’l hands-friendly: A case that’s truly designed for little kids is going to look different than one intended for grown-up use. Kids appreciate chunkier handholds and self-explanatory operation if there are moving pieces to the case, like a suitcase-style handle for instance. Usually, we like a case that’s been painstakingly slimmed down, but that’s not a trait we’re looking for in a kid case. A thick, chunky case means less damage and less accidental screen taps and swipes.

Easy button access (but not too easy): A thick foam or silicone case can sometimes mean the buttons are near-impossible to get at, especially for us with sausage-like adult fingers. A quality kid case has considered this. On the other hand, a good case will prevent accidental button presses that blare the full force of PJ Masks’ soundtrack into the aisles of the grocery store.

Fun factor: You only get to be a kid once, so there’s no harm in making the case for the iPad they’ll be using for movies, games, reading, and more, a unique thing they’ll associate with fun screentime. Big points go to wild cases that still pack in plenty of protective benefits.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best iPad cases for kids:

Best iPad Cases for Schools and Families

1. SaharaCase Monkey KidProof Case

best ipad case for kids

After looking at dozens of cases designed for kids, we still gravitate back to our own Monkey Case as one of the best.

What kid (or adult) doesn’t love monkeys? But that wacky little primate isn’t just for decoration. He’s highly useful! His furry head is a handle. His floppy arms can be affixed to a car seat. His feet stand up well, and he’s got a multi-stage kickstand. 

The thick silicone construction, reinforced in the corners, stands up to even the harshest falls. Another benefit of silicone? It’s easy to wipe clean, so no need to fret over that toppled apple juice. As every parent knows: messes clean up. Messes on this Monkey Case clean up especially well.

Buy now at SaharaCase

2. Feitenn Cartoon Butterfly Case for iPad

This case is sure to add a special amount of whimsy to your iPad alongside plenty of kid-proof protection. The wide-sweeping butterfly wings pull double duty as convenient kid handholds or fold them back to make a stand.

In a kid case, one feature we like to see is a deep margin between the surface of the case and the surface of the iPad. Feitenn delivers on the feature here, with plenty of protection for the screen, ports, and camera, while retaining relatively easy access to the volume and power buttons.

Buy now at

3. TopEscT Kids Handle Case for iPad

This silicone-constructed case from TopEscT hits a lot of what we want to see in one of the best iPad cases for kids. Although it doesn’t have a “theme” like the monkey or butterfly cases above, it does have plenty of kid-friendly personality in the looping, easy-grip handles that surround three sides.

Those loops have another function too: impact-absorbing drop protection that cradles the iPad in a warm shock-absorbing blanket of security. An integrated kickstand and included hanging strap make this a well-reviewed winner.

Buy now at

4. ProCase Kids Case for iPad

This elegantly simple design from ProCase is well-suited to slightly older kids who might not want a cute animal adorning their very grown-up iPad. Similarly, it’s rugged-yet-inexpensive form might be a good pick for a fleet of school devices.

Available in a range of colors to suit any budding taste, this case is also not light on features. The EVA foam construction is an excellent shock-absorber, while the carrying handle easily converts to a three-position stand. Less moving parts mean less likelihood of breakage, and reviews report that this is a durable, long-lasting case to keep your iPad (or your child’s) safe and sound for years to come.

Buy now at

5. PEPKOO Kids Folding Handle Case for iPad

This colorful case from PEPKOO keeps things simple with an approachable, bubbly design that combines grip-ability and drop protection. Made from flexible EVA foam, this case will wrap your iPad in kid-friendly shielding that allows easy access to buttons and ports, thanks to the chamfered bezel design.

The most distinguishing feature of this case, however, is the ring-shaped (or toilet lid-shaped, depending on who you are) folding stand on the back that can be pivoted at several angles. Available in plenty of bright color combos (as well as basic black-and-gray for the more reserved), this case is sure to please both kids and adults.

Buy now at

6. LTROP Fun Kid Kickstand Case for iPad


This case pick is as just as much a li’l buddy for your tyke as it is an insurance against everyday accidents. LTROP has crafted a friendly-faced, music-loving fellow on the back of this case that looks like he loves the iPad just as much as your own child. His best feature? Legs that fold out to become a handy standy.

There are also easy-carry side and top handles along with mounting holes for the included shoulder strap, convenient for toting or hanging off the back of the driver’s seat. We especially like the dotted grid texture on this case, which goes a long way to aid in easy gripping for little hands.

Buy now at

7. SEYMAC Armor Case for iPad

For slightly older kids, we’ve also selected SEYMAC’s Armor Case, which is a little more grown-up looking but offers plenty of protection beyond a “typical” case.

Corner and edge bumpers, for one, aid in shock deflection, while a rotating hand strap goes a long way to reduce drops. Added value features like an integrated rotating kickstand and carry strap make this a winner of a case that would fare well as an all-star family iPad case.

Buy now at

8. MOXOTEK Kids’ Cat Case for iPad

We just can’t get over this case, which is definitely the cat’s meow in terms of style.

Featuring a swooping carry handle that transitions into adorable kitty ears, this case is a bit more understated than some other kid’s cases, especially in black. So much so that we think any pet-loving iPad users out there might go into a feline frenzy over this ultra-protective, stand-bearing little guy.

MOXOTEK’s case isn’t all fun and games though, as the rubberized construction, reinforced corners, and deep-set bevels present real protection benefits.

Buy now at

9. Grifobes Superhero Case for iPad

We’ve featured this item before, and we thought of it again here. Although it’s another one that’s not explicitly a “kid” case, any superhero fans out there will immediately latch (or thwip) onto this case that strongly evokes everyone’s friendly neighborhood web slinger.

The case is appropriately chunky and grippy for little hands, while the web pattern on the back adds plenty of spider-like panache and protection. The case also comes in a green-and-gray colorway that will also hold up suitably well to any radiation-induced rages.

Buy now at

10. TIANLI Three-Layer Case for iPad

Here’s another not-exactly-a-kid-case for your perusal. This case from TIANLI is chunky enough for kid-grip, and also features a kickstand for long Disney+ sessions.

The triple-layer silicone and plastic construction will hold up well over time to any number of drops and falls, while the significantly raised bevels lend some much-needed shielding to the screen and camera. The super-cool design on this case has a bit of sci-fi flair that’s understated enough to go unnoticed at the office, if you’re toting a family tablet in for a presentation.

Buy now at

Making the Case for Kids

We hope this list has given you some inspiration in your hunt for the perfect kids’ iPad case. And, if you’re looking to bulk-order a lot of cases for a school or club fleet, SaharaCase has got you covered there too.

Our SaharaCase Business program is designed for easy, hassle-free, economical volume purchasing of kid-friendly iPad cases, screen protectors, and so much more. And, don’t forget to check out our store for a whole range of protection devices to keep your day, as well as your kids’, running smoothly.

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