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Business Pricing and Quantity Discount

Volume Purchasing

Technology has enhanced every facet of our lives, whether we’re talking about the increase in smartphone use in business, the quick convenience of tablets in medical centers, or the education-enhancing powers of laptops in schools across the world. All those devices, however, are more vulnerable than ever to scratches, dings, and cracks that needlessly shorten their usable life.

Protect your tech investment with high volume purchasing from SaharaCase. From superior-quality phone cases to screen protectors for devices both small and large (even large-size TVs), we wrap devices in engineer-designed and -tested protection.





From military-grade protection to withstand extreme conditions, to durable cases safeguarding educational tech from student wear-and-tear, SaharaCase has tailored solutions. In the medical field, where screen sanitization is paramount, our products prioritize both patient and professional well-being. Businesses, whether they're equipping sales teams or enhancing waiting areas, can trust our efficient device protection. Across all sectors, our volume orders ensure quality without compromising the budget.

Absolutely Custom

When you get in touch, we’ll tailor a solution that’s perfect for your situation. With a vast selection of products, from simple cases to high-end vegan leather options, you’re sure to find a case or screen protector that works for your bulk order.

Expansive Stock

With large quantities of our products always in stock, we’ll get your order shipped promptly and completely.


No more shopping from different vendors that only service certain models. Since we cover so many devices, from phones and tablets to laptops and even TVs, you’re sure to find what you need and more, all in one convenient spot.

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