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Article: Top 10 Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Cases for Best Protection [2021]

Top 10 Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Cases for Best Protection [2021] | Sahara Case LLC

Top 10 Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Cases for Best Protection [2021]

Samsung’s stellar Galaxy S7 Plus takes all the bells and whistles of Samsung’s top-of-the-line S Series tablets and pairs it with a truly beautiful expanded screen that will leave you saying, “wow!” Don’t end up crying over that display, however, when it ends up with cloudy scratches, or worse, a tablet-bricking crack right down the center. Lucky for you, we’ve culled the web to find the very best Galaxy Tab S7 Plus cases.

What’s Different About the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus?

The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is a beauty of a device in its own right, particularly because it’s improved on earlier tablets. The screen is a huge area of enhancement, and not just because of the increased size. The Samsung S7 Plus is packing a huge 12.4-inch Super AMOLED display, versus the Galaxy S6’s paltry-by-comparison 10.5-inch.

Equally as impressive, however, are the Galaxy S7 Plus’s specs under the hood. That display also boasts a 120Hz refresh rate, a huge step up from the standard-to-most-devices 60Hz. This makes any movement on the screen, from simple menu navigation to Twitter scrolling and even video playback buttery smooth. Factor in the advantages the Plus model has over its sister tablet, the Galaxy Tab S7, including the better, bigger AMOLED screen (versus a regular LCD) and in-screen fingerprint reader, and you’ve got what we consider one of the best tablets, Android or otherwise, available today.

Protecting all that quality Samsung goodness is essential, especially on a big-screened beauty like the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. As case makers ourselves, we look for a few things in a quality case:

  • Excellent protective quality. We look for cases that, first and foremost, are durable and designed to specifically defend the vulnerable points of the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. That usually means the use of impact absorbing materials like silicone, rubber, certain types of plastic, and sometimes softer textiles.
  • Affordable price. A case should have a value that’s relative to the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. We don’t believe that excellent protection and extra features to match should only come at the very top of the case market.
  • Good looks. The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is a well-designed device with those gleaming “mystic” metallic color options. If you’re going to cover all that shine up with a case, it should hold its own in the aesthetics department.
  • S Pen support. One of the Galaxy Tab line’s best features is the S Pen, a peripheral that opens up a whole new world of writing and art creation. A case that supports the Tab S7 Plus’s pen holder, or provides its own dedicated holder, is practically a must in our book.

Without further ado, check our list of the best Galaxy Tab S7 cases out there:

Best Galaxy Tab S7 Cases in 2021

1. SaharaCase Defense Protection Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7


At the top of our list is SaharaCase’s Defense Protection case. Just like its name suggests, the Defense case is outfitted with numerous bells and whistles. The triple-layer protective case has a thick silicone skin to defend against shock, a durable inner shell to protect against scratches and a plastic frame with a built-in screen protector.

In addition to the sturdy case, the case has a built-in kickstand that allows flexible positioning and hands-free use and a shoulder strap for easy transportation. The Defense Protection case is an all-around reliable case, making it perfect for work and play.

Buy now at

2. INFILAND Business Folio Case for Galaxy Tab S7 Plus


Taking a hop, skip, and a jump from the robust to the sophisticated, we find INFILAND’s excellent Business Folio case, crafted in tactile, pleasant PU leather. With stylish touches like contrast pick-stitching, a handy outer pocket, and a range of rich colors to pick from, the Business Folio case is not just attractive but highly functional. Multiple stand angles, built-in S Pen pocket, and auto sleep and wake make this a case tailor-made for the most refined Galaxy Tab users among us.

Buy now at

3. Popshine Marble Series Case for Galaxy Tab S7 Plus


Here’s a well-priced case for the trendiest among us. Featuring an ultra-modern liquid marble pattern complemented by shiny gold accents, this case is sure to stand out in a crowd. That’s not to say functionality comes second, though. S Pen support, 3-level stand support, and a decent level of drop protection are all here and accounted for. One note: the cover on this model doesn’t have a magnetic closure, but we think the qualities Popshine has bestowed on their Marble Series of cases more than make up for the exclusion.

Buy now at

4. Poetic Explorer Case for Galaxy Tab S7 Plus


This uniquely-designed case, dubbed the Explorer by Poetic, is an interesting and eye-catching mix of sensibilities from the understated to the rugged. With a honeycomb-textured outer surface that’s equally as attractive as it is functionally grippy, the Explorer case lives up to its name with lasting durability. Sporting other must-have features like open-to-wake, S Pen holder, and a separate frame for the front of the tablet make the Poetic Explorer one of the best Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus cases we’ve found yet.

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5. SaharaCase Keyboard Folio Case for Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

There’s no shortage of keyboard cases out there for the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, ranging from Samsung’s own offering to a whole host of third party options. For our money, they range from the too-expensive-for-what-they-do to the too-cheap-to-bother-with. Our Keyboard Folio case hits a sweet spot of reasonable pricing and highly-crafted quality that’s hard to pass up if you need a Galaxy Tab S7 Plus keyboard case.

Our Bluetooth keyboard has been designed to be sturdy and pleasant to type on, but it’s also removable for when you don’t need to tote the extra bulk. The multi-angle protective case with a built-in S-Pen holder seals the deal as the best keyboard case you can get for your prized Galaxy Tab S7 Plus.

Buy now at

6. Araree MACH Clear Case for Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Although it lacks some of the bells and whistles of our other picks, a simple, clear case can be just the gateway some of us need to get into the wider, wondrous world of cases. If you love the way the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus looks, you don’t have to cover it up. This clear case option from Araree is appropriately protective, with raised lips and shock-absorbing materials, but allows Samsung’s design sensibilities to shine through. This case also doesn’t have the bubbling or sticking issues lesser clear cases are often plagued by.

Buy now at

7. Incipio Faraday for Galaxy Tab S7 Plus


Incipio is a well-respected name in the case world for their high-quality build and inventive designs. Their Faraday case is a twist on the ubiquitous folio form-factor with just enough panache to stand out without shouting.

The vegan leather cover lends an interesting texture in the hand while providing a decent amount of drop protection, bolstered by more serious impact defense with the rigid polycarbonate hard shell. A Galaxy-cradling microfiber lining and magnetic closure make this a safe bet for just about anyone wanting something a cut (or two) above an average Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus case.

Buy now at

8. ProCase Folding Case for Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Here’s another brand’s spin on a case with a little extra style and the protection to match. ProCase’s Folding Case packs plenty of functionality into a slim package, with magnetic closure, S-Pen holder, two-angle stand, and more. Tablets tend to spend more time knocking loosely around bags and backpacks than the average device, so we like a case with a screen cover to protect against scratches. The teal color of the ProCase Folding Case is relatively adult and understated, but with a bit more flair than your basic black (which they also make).

Buy now at

9. Spigen Rugged Armor Pro for Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Once again, Spigen takes one of the top spots in our roundup with their Rugged Armor Pro Galaxy Tab S7 Plus case. With a polished take on the popular “tactical” look with a car-inspired design, Spigen has packed a lot of style and features into their Rugged Armor Pro case. A built-in S Pen holder, multi-angle stand, and microfiber inner lining make this a premium offering. Where The Rugged Armor Pro really stands out, though, is in its protective benefits, including air-cushion technology. We’d like to see slightly more prominent raised lips on the Rugged Armor Pro to further shield against drops and scratches, however.

Buy now at

10. SaharaCase Folio Series Case for Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Out of the myriad folio-style Galaxy Tab S7 Plus cases out there, we deem our finely-crafted offering the very best money can buy. Why? Its precise, repair engineer-developed design, of course. By reinforcing the case where it’s needed most (the corners), our Folio Series remains slim, light, but highly protective.

With a premium PU leather and microfiber construction, the Folio Series is built to last. And further, raised edges around the screen and lens will deflect scratches handily. An integrated S-Pen holder, multi-stage stand/cover, and precise cutouts make this one of the best purchases you can make to keep your Galaxy Tab S7 Plus ticking happily for years to come.

Buy now at

The Search Is On!

We hope our collection of picks for the best Galaxy Tab S7 Cases in 2021 has inspired you to get out there and nab the one that’s perfect for you. Check out our store for an entire range of options for a whole host of Samsung devices and beyond to outfit all your gear in signature SaharaCase protection.

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