What’s the Best Cell Phone Case for Drop Protection?

Phone manufacturers have come a long way in using toughened, tempered glass to protect against cracking, shattering, and chipping of the screen. Nevertheless, our hearts still ache when an unprotected phone slips, drops or collides with hard surfaces.

A cell phone case is the best line of defense for everyday mishaps and accidents. However, before you splurge on a phone case, learn about the best phone case for drop protection, and most importantly for the screen protection. Additionally, determine which case is appropriate for your lifestyle, because you don't always need a box around your phone.

Known for Your Butterfingers? These Phone Cases Can Help!

Let’s face it, many of us are a bit on the clumsy side! This isn’t an issue in itself. However, when you have an unprotected phone in your midst, scratches and shattered screens are inevitable. Here are the best phone cases for drop protection for those untimely slips.

The Classic Case

The classic case is a slip-on case design that clips onto the back of the phone and hugs the sides—providing a snug fit. Additionally, this case comes with a toughened glass screen protector and will fit into your jean pocket.

The classic case is made from durable plastic or rubber that can withstand daily knocks and bumps. Be aware, this case is certified military-grade. You may not want to through it from a 10 story building, but its great for your day to day grind and light outdoor activity.

Overall, this case is a great case for daily use for users that are a bit more vigilant over their phones.

Pro Tip: Ensure the case is designed for the specific maker and model of your phone. This will ensure your phone is completely protected.

Rubber and Silicone

In some instances, you may desire a sturdier phone case to provide more robust protection, especially in extremely dusty environments. In this instance a fully enclosed shockproof rubber or silicone case is preferable.

Rubber and silicone cases offer greater shock absorbing qualities compared to a plastic case. For example, these types of cases have rubber corners—where stress is greatest when a phone is dropped—for greater protection.

All in all, rubber cases are a great heavy-duty solution in rugged situations. However, the only downside is that these cases tend to be bulky, but that may be a price you are willing to pay for added protection.

Multi-Layer Cases

For the most rugged protection, you can check out multi-layered cases! These are also quite bulky, and inconvenient, but they will provide greate protection. Often time multi-layer cases may be overkill for most situations and come handy only in extreme situations.

How do they work?

The construction of a multi-layer case is quite sophisticated. The outer layer is a toughened rubber exterior – including the corners for added protection. The inner layer is a rigid plastic case used to reinforce the phone.

In addition, a multi-layer case commonly has a plastic screen protector to prevent the screen from cracking or shattering!


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