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Article: Top 11 Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Cases

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Cases [2021] | Sahara Case LLC

Top 11 Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Cases

​​As one of the best tablets on the market, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has made waves because of its perfect middle-of-the-road 11” size, vibrant display, S Pen functionality, and overall great value. You’ll want to protect your investment with a Galaxy Tab S7 case, but where to begin? There are hundreds of options out there, from Samsung’s own designs to numerous third-party options.

We’ve culled through the brambles to find 11 of the best Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 cases out there. Read on to find which one speaks to you.

Why Does The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Need a Case?

Although all tablets have improved their built-in protective features over the years, they still remain woefully vulnerable to cracks and scratches. Part of this is inherent in what a tablet is: basically a big glass screen housed in a minuscule shell of metal or plastic. Another reason tablets tend to break even more often than phones is their use cases. They tend to get handed around more often. They’re often tossed into a bag and get knocked about a fair bit more than our phones do.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 also seems to fall into a sweet spot of damageability (is that a word?). Its 11” inch screen is small enough to encourage one-handed holding but large enough to easily slip out of the firmest of grips.

The body is almost razor-thin as well, which is nice to look at folio-style but makes it even less durable. The Tab S7 also features a nifty magnetic strip for holding and wirelessly charging the S Pen, but that presents its own challenges to case makers, all of which seem to handle that element a little differently.

What’s all this lead to? A case, of course. But which case? As case makers ourselves, we look for certain things when evaluating the panoply of options out there, including: 

  • Excellent protective quality. A case that looks good and a case that actually absorbs impact damage are often two different things. We look for cases that, first and foremost, are durable and designed to specifically defend the vulnerable points of the Galaxy Tab S7.
  • Affordable price. A case should have a value that’s relative to the Galaxy Tab S7. We don’t believe that excellent protection and extra features to match should only come at the very top of the Galaxy Tab S7 case price range.
  • Good looks. The Galaxy Tab S7 is a well-designed device with those gleaming “mystic” metallic color options. If you’re going to cover all that shine up with a case, it should hold its own in the aesthetics department.

We used these characteristics when choosing the best Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 cases for our list to ensure the cases are both protective and stylish. Without further ado, here are our picks for the top 11 best Galaxy Tab S7 cases:

11 Best Galaxy Tab S7 Cases

SaharaCase writers select top 11 products independently. If you buy through Amazon affiliate links, we may earn commissions.

1. SaharaCase Protective Case for Galaxy Tab S7

samsung galaxy tab s7 case

If you’re looking for ultra-reliable protection, look no further than the Protective Case from SaharaCase. In addition to a triple-hardened TPU back, a snap-on screen protector cover is included for 360-degree defense against drops, scratches, and spills.

The feature that sets the Protective Case apart, however, is the dual-purpose kickstand/hand strap, which combines two practical elements in one. A secure S Pen pocket seals the deal to make the SaharaCase Protective Case one of the safest bets in the Galaxy Tab S7 case market.

Buy now at

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2. INFILAND Multi-Angle Stand Case for Galaxy Tab S7

samsung galaxy tab s7 case

Although not exactly comparable, this offering from INFILAND might be a decent, cheaper alternative to the very good Book Cover case that Samsung itself produces (more on that option below). The understated, classic textured look of this case would fit in well in most office or home environments without drawing too much attention to itself. Not to mention, the folding screen cover pulls double duty as a handy multi-position stand.

Reviewers give high marks for the thoughtful detailing, like the pick-stitching around the edges, quality materials, and secure magnetic closure on the cover. If you want to make sure your S Pen stays 100% secure, however, you may want to look elsewhere because this option does not have a pen pocket.

Buy now at

3. Speck Balance Folio Case for Galaxy Tab S7

samsung galaxy tab s7 case

We’re huge fans of Speck’s uniquely designed cases, and this Balance Folio Galaxy Tab S7 case is no exception. With a minimalistic aesthetic that looks particularly good in the royal pink/lush burgundy dual-tone scheme, the Balance Folio is a well-refined case that also doubles as a stand.

Speck has its own method for securing the S Pen while maintaining wireless charging capabilities by building a slot into the case itself. The inclusion of Microban® antimicrobial product protection also gets major points in our book, separating this folio-style case from the array of similar options out there.

Buy now at

4. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Case for Galaxy Tab S7

samsung galaxy tab s7 case

The Unicorn Beetle Galaxy Tab S7 case from SUPCASE is on the more durable end of the protection spectrum, but at a price that’s far lower than typical. Featuring a dual-layer shock-absorbing backing, as well as a front casing with a built-in screen protector, the Unicorn Beetle is designed for maximum protection.

Although we wouldn’t trust this case for underwater adventures, nor is it rated for such, the quality construction, rubber bumpers, and port covers make this a suitable, affordable option for those that use their Galaxy Tab S7 outdoors.

Buy now at

5. SaharaCase Defense Protection Case for Galaxy Tab S7

samsung galaxy tab s7 case

Here’s another ultra-protective option, similar in some respects to the SUPCASE, but with a set of features that make it a more attractive option to discerning buyers. Although the price is a bit higher, the cost does net you a better-quality construction, improved kickstand functionality, and a shoulder strap that makes it possible to sling the tablet over your shoulder or a car seat for travel.

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USE CODE: GLXYTAB15 at checkout for 15% off a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 case from SaharaCase!

6. Samsung Book Cover Case for Galaxy Tab S7

samsung galaxy tab s7 case

We’re big fans of this innovative design from Samsung itself, the maker of the Galaxy range of devices. This Galaxy Tab S7 case stands out in a crowded sea with a design that’s unlike anything else out there. This case isn’t for everyone, but those with an eye for design will appreciate its clean lines and elegant simplicity.

The Book Cover case is designed to attach magnetically, making it easier to attach and detach than a more traditional case. Further, an integrated pen slot securely locks in the S Pen. The dual-position stand mode adds welcome functionality, while the metallic finish matches perfectly with the Galaxy Tab S7 itself.

While we’re dubious of Samsung’s protection claims, the Book Cover case is just too pretty to ignore. This would be a good case for a tablet that stays around the home, but we wouldn’t recommend it for a Tab that sees heavy travel.

Buy now at

7. Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Case

samsung galaxy tab s7 case

This Spigen Rugged Armor Pro case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is unique in its car-inspired design with carbon fiber details and a matte black finish. The case boasts Air Cushion Technology in each corner for reliable drop protection.

The body’s design is sleek and clean, making this an attractive option for work. It also offers a built-in S Pen holder that is not only practical, but integrated seamlessly. Reviewers praise the Rugged Armor Pro case for its balance between practicality and protection. The rubber used on this case is soft to the touch and lightweight than the Spigen Tough Armor series cases. This case is tough without being too bulky to handle comfortably. Overall, it’s a high-quality option for those wanting sleek protection for their device.

Buy now at

8. Ringke Fusion Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

samsung galaxy tab s7 case

If you want to maintain the simplicity of your Galaxy Tab S7, you can’t go wrong with a clear case. That is, in theory. The market is practically flooded with simple TPU and rubber options, but it can be hard to find one that ticks all the boxes. This Ringke Fusion Case is one such option that is hard to pass up. 

This Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 case has a built-in S Pen holder to prevent it from getting lost and sports versatility in the fact that it is colorless. 

Added protective features like raised bevels, added camera protection, and S Pen charging functionality make this a winner case that won’t leave you feeling like you’re missing out on something. At a low price, this is a safe option to throw into the cart if you’re just purchasing your Galaxy Tab S7, too.

Buy now at

9. PIXIU Purple Marble Folio Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

samsung galaxy tab s7 case

Although we’ve recommended a few different folio options for Galaxy Tab S7 cases, this design from PIXIU might just be our favorite. Although it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it does everything right in terms of what a folio case should be while being aesthetically pleasing.

Multiple tri-fold stand positions, auto wake/sleep, and a secure S Pen slot make this case a reliable winner on multiple fronts. To further add value, the price is more than fair for what you’re getting, especially when factoring in the fantastic marble design. We love the pink, purple, and gold marble design on the front of this Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 case.

Buy now at

10. Ztotop Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

samsung galaxy tab s7 case

This premium synthetic leather Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 case from Ztotop is a great option for professionals due to its business-appropriate design. The case is made from black PU leather with a soft microfiber interior lining to protect your device from scratches and other daily wear. It provides comprehensive protection while maintaining a sleek and professional look.

The case is compatible with S Pen wireless charging and has an elastic pen holder to keep your S Pen securely fastened on the back of the case. Some users have complained that the elastic holder is too tight, so that’s something to watch out for. The case also features the auto wake and sleep function along with a multi-angle horizontal stand for hands-free media viewing.

Buy now at

11. SaharaCase Keyboard Folio Case for Galaxy Tab S7

samsung galaxy tab s7 case

Although our Keyboard Case comes in as relatively pricey compared to other Galaxy Tab S7 options, we think the added functionality of a full keyboard is just too good to pass up. Still, it’s far less spendy than Samsung’s own keyboard product, and we believe it offers superior protection.

With a sturdy Bluetooth keyboard, the Galaxy Tab S7 suddenly opens up into a full productivity machine. And, if you don’t need the keyboard on a particular outing, it can be easily removed while maintaining the protective functionality of the case. Along with robust construction, a secure S Pen slot, and multi-angle viewing, the SaharaCase Keyboard Case is a dependable, ultra-pick when it comes to Galaxy Tab S7 cases.

Buy now at

USE CODE: GLXYTAB15 at checkout for 15% off a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 case from SaharaCase!

Outfit Your Device in a Protective Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Case

We hope this list has given you some inspiration in your own hunt for the perfect Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 case. Whether it’s a folio style, keyboard style, or something entirely unique, we’ve got the case for you at our shop, so have a look around and pick the one that’s just right for you!

Don’t forget to USE CODE: GLXYTAB15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase of a SaharaCase Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 case!

Happy hunting!

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