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Article: AirPod Cases with a Keychain: On-the-Go Cases for Every Style

airpod cases with keychain

AirPod Cases with a Keychain: On-the-Go Cases for Every Style

Apple is well known for its products’ minimal and sleek designs. And sure, they look and feel great. But, sometimes that means sacrificing practical features in the name of aesthetics. That’s where these AirPods cases with a keychain come in.

AirPods can slip in and out of a pocket easily enough. But why waste your already limited pocket space or add bulk in an uncomfortable spot? And what about women’s jeans… Why don’t they even have decent pockets?! 

We can’t solve all your problems (as much as we’d like to). But, we can offer a useful solution. Here’s to hoping you like these handy AirPods cases with keychains for every style.

3rd Generation AirPods Cases with Keychains

Silicone Accessories Kit for AirPods 

airpod cases with keychain

  • Carabiner Clip
  • Over-the-neck strap

Want to go caseless but still keep your AirPods protected? Now you can! 

Check out this AirPods accessory kit that keeps your buds secure while you enjoy listening on the go. A neck strap stops your AirPods from slipping away on a run or at the gym. And a handy keyring attaches firmly to a bag or belt loop.

These AirPods accessories have received glowing reviews! To receive the benefits boasted in these reviews, however, you have to make sure they’re applied correctly. If your delicate AirPods are not slid into the cover completely, you may experience some issues with sound quality. Apply them correctly and you’ve got secure AirPods for every activity!


Retro Radio Case for AirPods 

airpod cases with keychain

  • Cute 70s styling
  • Wireless charging enabled

Soft TPU in a groovy design protects and looks great in this retro AirPods case with a keyring. Tiny knobs and buttons deck out this classic pink radio case without adding a lot of extra bulk. Accent any retro bag or purse with this funky case!


Boba Drink Case for AirPods Case with Keychain

airpod cases with keychain

  • Adorable addition to your look
  • It’s a boba tea!

Bubble tea fans will love this adorable design for 3rd gen AirPods. Bring some joy into your day with this peach-colored AirPods boba tea case complete with straw and faux tapioca. This little guy’s cute smile will brighten your day every time you slip it off your jeans or jacket.

Prolong the life of your AirPods and their case with this triple silicone material. Your Boba case is protected against stretching and yellowing, keep its smiling face looking brand new for years to come. 


Sparkle Case for AirPods with Keychain

airpod cases with keychain

  • 1 part razzle, 3 parts dazzle
  • Protective TPU material 

Add a little shine to your standard gear with this glittery AirPods 3 case! In the same form-fitting shape as a standard AirPods charger, this glimmering case enhances the mundane into the fabulous without being over the top. Not to mention, this case boasts TPU material that protects your AirPods from accidental bumps, drops, and scratches. 


Pro Tip: Find the perfect choice for your style! Our Sparkle series cases come in clear, blue/green, and pink

Rhinestone Case for AirPods with Keychain

airpod cases with keychain

  • Slim, protective, golden design
  • Whoooaahh… Shiny!

Need some gear that shouts, “I’m fancier than you and you really need to know”? Check out this golden rhinestone AirPods case that’s sure to turn some heads. The triple-hardened shell hidden beneath the sparkle promotes durability while still being glamorous. The best part about it is the slim design in spite of the encrusted bling. You won’t notice any extra bulk attached to your purse or jeans.

And while this eye-catching design is a stunning way to add sparkle to your style, it does have just one drawback — full functionality. Of couse, this case can easily and glamorously store your AirPods. However, you may have some minor difficulties opening this case all the way. If that won’t work for you, it may be best to consider another one of SaharaCase’s beautiful options. 


Armor Case for AirPods with Keyring

airpod cases with keychain

  • Superior protection
  • Triple-hardened TPU and plastic

Need a case rugged enough to keep up with you? Look no further than this AirPods armor case with keyring. Reinforced materials and a corner-protecting build keep your device safe from any accidental drops. And a carabiner clip keeps it steady no matter where you put it on your next adventure.

Users rave about this simple but protective design. If a minimal design is what you’re seeking, this is the case for you. Just make sure you push the case closed after every use — sometimes the lid has a tendency to stick and not close completely. Aside from that, the glowing reviews speak enough for this rugged case. 


Hybrid Flex Series Case for AirPods

airpod cases with keychain

  • Minimal, sleek looks
  • Water-resistant build

Do it upscale on the down-low with these minimalist AirPods flex cases. Water-resistant construction protects your device with a simple and sleek look. The thermoplastic polyurethane design further safeguards your AirPods from dust, dirt, and minor impact. These are perfect to clip on a bag to look great without drawing too much attention.

Not convinced yet? Maybe the 4.9 star review will push you over the edge. Buyers love this simple, sleek design and the fact that it looks brand new even after months of use. Keep your AirPods case simple and protect your device with this lightweight case. 


Liquid Silicone AirPods Case with Keyring

airpod cases with keychain 

  • Lightweight design
  • Smooth hand feel

Want to keep your device as light as possible? These liquid silicone AirPods cases should keep you protected without any bulk. A snug fit of TPU keeps everything tight and tidy. And the soft texture feels great to the touch.


Great White Shark AirPods Case with Keyring

airpod cases with keychain

  • Fun shark theme
  • Pull your buds from the belly of a beast

This fun shark AirPods case will chomp your buds to keep them safe. The soft silicone material protects your Pods from bumps, scratches, and tiny fish. Use the carabiner clip to add a touch of whimsy to any backpack or jeans. Open up the jaws for easy access to your device. Just watch your fingers! 


Bulldog AirPods Case with Keyring

airpod cases with keychain

  • It’s a bulldog — woof!
  • Protective silicone material

For some fun that strikes a balance between cute and subtle, check out this bulldog AirPods case. This little guy sports some shades to follow you to the beach or downtown clipped to your bag. And the protective silicone design is in a discrete black that’s subtle enough for all ages to enjoy.


AirPods Pro Cases with a Keyring

Silicone AirPods Pro Case

airpod cases with keychain

  • Simple design
  • Includes 2 strap holders and a belt clip

These simple AirPods Pro cases maintain the slim profile and sleek aesthetic of your favorite device. A soft TPU fits snugly around your AirPods to keep the build small enough to clip anywhere. And the smooth silicone texture feels great to the touch. 

The sleek, classic design fits snuggly on your AirPods to keep them protected no matter where you go. Keep in mind, however, that dust can sometimes stick to silicone. If you want to keep your case looking brand new, you may need to carefully clean it every now and then. Personally, we think this is a small price to pay for long-lasting protection and benefits. 


Faux Leather AirPods Pro Case

airpod cases with keychain

  • Slim build
  • Classy style in faux-leather

Want to class up your favorite device? Enjoy the look and feel of leather with this faux-leather AirPods Pro case. This case with a keyring mimics the texture of a wallet and keeps your device small with a tight build. Protect your buds from dents and scratches with a snazzy, animal-friendly look.

The smooth leather texture makes this case fit comfortably in your hand. And let’s not forget how easy it is to keep this classic case clean. Unlike silicone, very little dust or dirt sticks to this faux leather material. Your AirPods will look like a million bucks for years to come. 


Never Lose Your AirPods Again

Thanks to SaharaCase’s extensive line of AirPod cases with keychains, losing your precious Pods are a thing of the past. Find a sleek design that matches your aesthetic and clip it right onto your backpack, purse, jeans, and more. 

Shop our collection of AirPod cases to find your favorite. And don’t forget to enter coupon code KEYCHAIN15 to take 15% off any item featured!

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