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Article: Pink iPhone 13 Cases: 9 Stunning & Sturdy Options

pink iphone 13 cases

Pink iPhone 13 Cases: 9 Stunning & Sturdy Options

It’s about high time we rethink pink.

Generations past thought of pink as a girly choice. A pink case might ring as dainty and fragile in the ears of the old guard. But those of us in-the-know know better, don’t we?

On this list of our favorite pink iPhone 13 cases, you’ll find styles from the stunning to the sturdy and everything in between. Take a gander and show ‘em all what shade of pink you fall under with these great cases!

9 of the Pinkest iPhone 13 Cases

1. SaharaCase Rose Gold Kickstand Case for iPhone 13

pink iphone 13 cases

  • Superior protection
  • Handy belt clip
  • Built-in ring stand

This pink iPhone 13 case comes in a metallic shine of rose paint. It’s loaded with handy features, making this a versatile option. Snap your phone onto the included belt clip for easy access anytime. Or fold out the metal ring to watch videos comfortably anywhere. Triple-hardened plastic and rubber make your phone virtually indestructible to boot!

Let’s not forget about the kickstand either! Reviews say it may stick just a bit, but it’s worth the little extra work when you’re watching Netflix at a much better angle. This case truly has it all — style and functionality blended together. 

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And don’t forget to use coupon code PINK15 for 15% of our line of pink cases!

2. CASETiFY Pink iPhone 13 Shark Case

pink iphone 13 cases

  • Innovative drop protection
  • Recyclable materials
  • A bit on the pricey side

Sea beasts don’t need to be scary! Protect your iPhone 13 with this adorable pink shark case. Casetify uses a shock-resistant material that protects your phone from drops up to 9.8 feet. You can rest assured your camera will be safe thanks to a raised camera ring to protect fragile lenses. 

Though this case is a bit more expensive than others, the 5-star reviews make it seem like a worthwhile investment. Previous buyers boast that this case is uber protective and high-quality. This shark-infested case will keep your phone safe without any extra bulk. 

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3. OtterBox Pink iPhone 13 Commuter Case

pink iphone 13 cases

  • Secure rubber grips
  • Three layers of protection
  • Recess for camera could be better

This pink iPhone 13 case from OtterBox was built with daily commuters in mind. It features rubber grips placed to keep your hold solid on a shaky train or bus. Three layers of protection should give you some confidence in spite of its slim profile.

However, you might want to throw on a screen protector, just in case! And be careful of your camera — the recess meant to protect it is a bit shallow and may not fully protect your lens. 

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4. Etsy Vintage Cartoon Pink iPhone 13 Case

pink iphone 13 cases

  • Classic pulp cartoon design
  • An option for every style
  • Basic protection

Give your device a retro makeover with these vintage cartoon pink iPhone 13 cases. The 5 prints come in a variety of scenes to match any mood. Armed and dangerous? Go for the pistol print. How about something more playful? Try the cute, black cat. Avid pizza lover? There’s a print for that, too. 

The soft TPU gel offers minor protection, though it’s not quite as strong as a plastic option. Not to worry though  — what these cases lack in advanced protection, they might make up for in raw style points. 

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5. OtterBox Pink iPhone 13 Figura Case

pink iphone 13 cases

  • Lets your artistic side shine
  • Easy to switch out for other cases
  • Precise frame fit

OtterBox’s pink iPhone 13 case is a stunning option that lets your artistic side shine. A slim fit keeps the bulk down and lets your phone slide in and out of a pocket with ease. Not to mention, that soft, flexible material allows this phone to fit comfortably into your hand while keeping your screen safe. 

The only downside? It appears that this case’s soft material is a bit malleable, meaning that many buyers are noticing slight bumps on the back. It appears to be a manufacturing issue, but it’s something to keep in mind as you shop around. 

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6. CASETiFY Pink iPhone 13 70s Hearts Case

pink iphone 13 cases

  • Groovy design
  • Lightweight build
  • Only offers basic protection

Go back in time with this vintage vibe 70s pink heart case for iPhone 13. A repeated heart pattern stands out without going overboard thanks to muted tones of pinks and peach. And a fully recyclable, plant-based case lets you shop ethically (like a real hippie).

Keep in mind, though, that this cute design only offers basic protection in this lightweight build. You’ll want to take extra precautions with your device if this stylish option is the one for you. 

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7. SaharaCase Marble iPhone 12 Case

pink iphone 13 cases

  • Light, softshell design
  • Shock-absorbing corners
  • Protect buttons from dust

This pink iPhone 12 Mini case protects your device while keeping everything tight and light. A unique print resembles a marbleized, macro shot of rose petals giving you a classy look. Enjoy higher quality photos by protecting your lens with a camera lens protector. And keep your iPhone Mini’s easy-handling with this slim profile build.

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Pro Tip: Make sure you keep your device free of cracks and destructive shattering with a screen protector, especially with light cases like these!

8. OtterBox Pink iPhone 12 Day Dreamer Case

pink iphone 13 cases

  • Pop-up stand and handhold
  • Pretty design
  • Slightly bulky

One of OtterBox’s prettiest designs yet: the daydreamer pop-up case. A simple design of cloudy cotton candy colors the back end of this protective case. A knob on the back pops out to offer a firmer hand-hold or to work as a stand for watching videos. 

This pink iPhone 12 case, while absolutely stylish, adds a bit of bulk and an asymmetrical feel to your device. It also has one major complaint from buyers — unfortunately, it does not wirelessly charge the way it claims to. If this is a dealbreaker for you, it may be best to peruse other pink iPhone choices. 

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9. CASETiFY Pink iPhone 13 Leopard Print Case

pink iphone 13 cases

  • Upgraded corner protection
  • Leopard print design
  • Wireless charging compatible

Get a unique print with slightly upgraded protection in Casetify’s Leopard Print pink iPhone 13 case. Reinforced corner protection makes your phone safe from up to 6.6-foot drops. The pretty leopard pattern is made with eco-friendly ink that looks and feels great in the hand. This animal is wireless-charging enabled to round out this convenient build at a decent price.

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On Wednesdays (and Every Day!), We Wear Pink

That’s right — you’ll never miss another Pink Wednesday again with one of these beautiful pink iPhone 13 cases! Not seeing one that you absolutely love? SaharaCase offers an extensive collection of quality, protective cases for every aesthetic. Find your new favorite case with SaharaCase, and don’t forget to USE CODE: PINK15 for 15% of our pink cases!

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