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Article: Tablet Case For Kids: Explore Top Kid-Proof Cases

tablet cases for kids

Tablet Case For Kids: Explore Top Kid-Proof Cases

As much as you love your little ones, they’re really really good at making messes, aren’t they?  So, when it comes to kid-proofing a case, there are three things to keep in mind: durability, ease of handling, and fun-factor.

There are plenty of options out there but only a few kid-friendly cases deliver on all fronts. We’ve taken the guesswork out of making a solid choice and assembled a list of top tablet cases for kids.   

Protect your child’s device (and your sanity) with the outstanding tablet cases for kids below!

8 Best Tablet Cases for Kids

Here’s a roundup of all of our favorite child-proof cases for girls and boys of all ages!

1. Kid-proof Case for Galaxy Tab S7

tablet cases for kids

  • Light-weight design
  • Form-fitting
  • Anti-slip grip with handle

This kid-proof Galaxy Tab 7 case prevents drops with its anti-slip texture and protective cover. It’s tough enough to stop major damage if there are any accidents. But, the rubber and silicone build keeps devices light enough for small hands.

Let your kids have fun without worrying about screen cracks thanks to shock-proof corners and a resilient build quality. The child-sized handle is a fun way to carry this case around and doubles as a convenient kickstand. Flip the handle and set the device on any surface for a comfy way to watch cartoons or play games. 


2. Teddy Bear Kid-proof Case for Galaxy Tab 7

tablet cases for kids 

  • EVA-foam and other kid-friendly materials
  • Shock-absorbing corners
  • Cute teddy bear design

Add a hint of cuteness to your child’s device with this teddy bear case for Galaxy Tab 7. A colorful EVA-foam, rubber, and silicone base makes this a delight to hold for kids of all ages. The ergonomic design of this tablet case for kids features neat cutouts at all ports and buttons. And a convenient handle adds one more way to carry your bear around.

But this teddy is tougher than it looks! Shock-absorbing corners and strong materials prevent damage from accidental drops. The teddy bear’s legs also fold out into a convenient kick-stand to make watching videos a breeze.


3. Tading Kids Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

tablet cases for kids

  • Kickstand wings for easy video viewing
  • Bright color options for a fun experience
  • Drop-proof, eco-friendly material

Fly over to Amazon to add this kid-friendly Galaxy Tab A7 Lite case to your cart. Made with eco-friendly and highly-durable material, this case will withstand the drops, bumps, and scratches that are likely to happen. The adorable wings expand to serve as a kickstand, making it easy for your child to watch an educational video (or an episode of their favorite Netflix series!).

Keep in mind that this case is specifically made for the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite — it won’t fit on any other model. We also recommend checking out the reviews on this case. While it’s 4.6 star rating on Amazon seems accurate with its ultra-protective and cute features, it does seem to have an alignment issue when it comes to the headphone jack. 


4. Cartoon Animal Tablet Case for Kids

tablet cases for kids

  • Hard plastic case
  • Magnetic smart cover
  • Adorable character print

It’s always a party with this playful Galaxy Tab case for kids. An active scene featuring all kinds of friendly critters will bring a smile to your child’s face every time. Besides looking great, the hard plastic case helps protect your device from accidents and spills. This case is well worth the investment — just ask all the buyers who gave it a 5 star review! 

A smart cover controls the device when opening and closing to keep a healthy battery. And it can easily fold into a kickstand for easy viewing anywhere. Don’t forget to customize the backing color and add a name if you’d like to create the perfect gift any child will love. 


5. Rugged Kid-proof Case for Galaxy Tab 7A

tablet cases for kids

  • Extreme protection to handle all kinds of accidents
  • Deep cutout well to preserve camera
  • Fun, blocky design

This chunky Galaxy Tab 7A kid’s case protects against all sorts of mishaps when kids get a little too excited. Kids love the feel of the blocky design that makes their device feel like a big toy. (Adults love it because it can also stop a tank.)

A handle for easy carrying discourages drops and shock-absorbing EVA-foam and rubber stops accidental damage. Place the device on any flat surface with the thumbs-up kickstand feature that lets your child watch videos in comfort.


Pro Tip: Sometimes adults could use a little protection too! Get yourself a rugged case to enjoy your device without dents or cracks for years to come.

6. SIBEITU Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Case for Kids

tablet cases for kids

  • Silicone case for quality protection
  • Removeable shoulder strap for safe transport
  • Rotating kickstand for 360 degree viewing

Add a splash of color to your Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with this protective case! The rotating kickstand allows kids to view their screen from any direction. And don’t worry too much about those accidental drops — this case is built to withstand a 6 ft. drop. 

This stunning case is only built for the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite — other versions won’t fit into this protective shell. However, if you are the proud owner of an A7 Lite, this 4.8-star case is just what you need, especially if your family is always on the go. The removable shoulder strap ensures safe transportation to every soccer game, doctor’s appointment, and more. 


7. Kawaii Llama Tablet Case for Kids

tablet cases for kids

  • Thin, kid-friendly case 
  • Auto-unlocking cover
  • Kawaii Llama and floral print

This cute (kawaii) llama Galaxy Tab case for kids is a thin, lightweight, and fun cover for parents less worried about big drops. Durable PU leather prevents dents and dings on corners and feels great to the touch. The inside is a soft micro-fiber coating to protect your screen from scratches. 

A magnetic smart cover means your device locks and unlocks when opening the case, saving battery life. The whimsical llama print looks cute when the case is closed with soft, floral accents around it. The creator can even add your child’s name on the print to add a personal touch. And according to the stellar 4.6 star overall review this case has, you’ll have it in your hands faster than expected! 


8. Bam-Bino Tablet Case for Kids

tablet cases for kids

  • Simple, clean design
  • Handle and detachable strap
  • Protective screen guard

This Aussie-made children’s case has a deceptively simple design loaded with useful features. They call it the “space suit of cases” thanks to the plethora of protective elements and attention to detail in each. 

A handle and detachable strap make carrying the case around easy-peasy. A snap-on screen guard keeps every inch of your child’s device safe from any fall. A stylus port conveniently located on the back prevents accidental loss. And the kickstand can be arranged for viewing videos or for drawing and playing games. 


Shop Kid-Proof Cases on SaharaCase

While tablets can be an excellent learning device or fun activity for kids, they can also be a bit pricey. That’s why it’s essential that you keep your child’s case safe and protected with these exceptional tablet cases for kids. Looking for some suggestions for iPads? Check out our guide for the best iPad cases for kids.

Ready to invest in tablet safety? Use the coupon code KIDS15 for 15% off any SaharaCase cover here!

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