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Article: Best Black iPhone 13 Cases: Sleek, Sturdy, and Stylish

black iphone 13 case

Best Black iPhone 13 Cases: Sleek, Sturdy, and Stylish

No matter what era, place, or culture you enter, there’s one color that’s consistently cool. The color black always has been and always will be in fashion. So it’s no wonder people of all ages and backgrounds love the chic looks of a black phone case.

When it comes to protecting your phone and looking dang good doing it, black is a no-brainer. In this list, we’ll highlight all kinds of black iPhone 12 and 13 cases that perform just as outstanding as they look. 

11 Best Black iPhone 12 & 13 Cases

Whether it’s something rugged, sleek, functional, or something in-between our favorite black iPhone cases can deliver. Find the perfect one for your style below!

1. Black iPhone 13 Military Kickstand Case

black iphone 13 case
  • Ultimate protection with soft TPU and hard shell combo
  • Integrated belt clip and kickstand
  • Tactical cat video deployment

Protect your phone and look like a big, bad mother-lover with this military-style black iPhone 13 case. A combo of soft TPU and hard plastic protect your phone from all angles including a tough screen protector. Rest assured nothing will leave a mark on your device. The triple-hardened plastic build turns any accidental drop into a feather fall. 

Stay mobile with a handy belt clip for easy access. And snap open the kickstand anywhere to watch some cat videos with the deftness of a special ops soldier. 


2. Black iPhone 13 FingerGrip Case

black iphone 13 case

  • Sleek, black leather
  • Slim fit
  • Finger grip and kickstand

This sleek, genuine leather iPhone 13 case says you’re a person of elegance and class. The precise cut makes for a tight fit that adds very little bulk. Holding this case feels light and easy thanks to its ultra-thin build. A non-slip grip feels secure in the hand and saves your iPhone from accidental drops. 

The case’s ergonomic design leaves easy access to all buttons and speakers. And a strap on the back doubles as a Finger grip for comfy use and a kickstand for watching videos on the go. 


3. iPhone 13 Defender Series Pro XT Case with MagSafe

black iphone 13 case

  • Designed to work with MagSafe technology
  • Thin design perfect for sliding into pockets
  • Dual-layer protection for ultimate safety

If outstanding protection is what you’re seeking in a phone case, Otterbox is the brand for you. This black iPhone 13 case is built to withstand five times as many drops as the military standard. That’s right — you’ll never have to worry about those accidental drops that just feel unavoidable some days. 

Otterbox’s sleek black case more than deserves it’s high ratings. Between it’s dual-layer protection and built-in port that blocks dirt, dust, and lint, your phone can stay safe and pristine for years to come. 


4. Black iPhone 13 Anti-slip Case

black iphone 13 case

  • Ultra-slim profile
  • Tactile, non-slip texture
  • Designed by phone repair engineers

Need a case that feels just like your phone’s original frame? Look no further than this svelte black iPhone 13 case with anti-slip backing. A pleasant texture on the back prevents drops before they happen. And precise construction makes for a snug fit for an easy glide into your pocket or purse. 

All openings for buttons and speakers are finely cut to feel nearly identical to your device’s original shape. The camera cutout and hood improve photo quality and protect your delicate lens in case of an accident. 


Pro Tip: Don’t forget to add a screen protector to keep your device looking as new as the day you got it! 

5. Black Snake iPhone 13 Case

black iphone 13 case

  • Shock-absorbing case
  • Protective silicone case
  • Stunning 3D embossed printing

Add sinister style to your phone with this black iPhone 13 case. The 3D embossed snake slithers right across your phone, adding a textured touch to this black case. Made with TPU, silicone, and rubber, this case is ultra-protective, too! 


6. Black iPhone 12 Wallet Case

black iphone 13 case

  • Faux leather material
  • Ergonomic button and port design
  • Stash for cards and cash

This black iPhone 12 case is the perfect mix of form and function. Smooth faux leather adds a refined look with high-quality stitching throughout. A fully covered device means accidental drops are no problem from screen to casing. A strong magnetic clasp makes opening and closing a breeze with a satisfying click.

Functionality comes in the form of front and inside sleeves for carrying cards and cash. Throw the phone in kickstand mode to enjoy videos anywhere. And attach the optional wrist strap for added drop protection.


7. Black GRIP Series Case for iPhone 12 Mini

black iphone 13 case

  • Minimal design
  • Maintains iPhone’s aesthetics
  • Fully encased protection

Want to preserve the look of your device but add a heavy layer of protection? Check out this minimal, sturdy, two-piece grip case for iPhone 12 Mini. Soft TPU combined with hardened plastic protects every inch of your phone from accidents. The included screen guard saves your phone from annoying cracks while corner protection stops chipped paint.  

The best part is the transparent backing preserves the sleek look of your iPhone mini. Anti-slip grips on all sides give you a solid grasp on your phone from all angles. 


8. CASETiFY Spring Botanicals iPhone 13 Case

black iphone 13 case

  • 100% compostable 
  • Wireless charging compatibility
  • Drop protection up to 4ft.

If a plain black iPhone 13 case isn’t your style, there’s no need to worry! CASETiFY’s Spring Botanicals case is the perfect way to add a splash of color to your phone. Bring a sense of the great, big outdoors to your everyday life with this beautiful case.

The call to nature doesn’t just end there! This case is also 100% compostable, which means you don’t need to feel guilty letting this case when it’s lived it’s long, full life. CASETiFY cases are made with 100% plant-based materials so it will rejoin the earth when it’s time. 

And let’s not forget the safety aspect. Plant-based materials doesn’t mean non-protective. In fact, this case will help your phone survive a 4 ft. drop. Achieve protection and sustainability all in one. 


9. Customizable Black Leather iPhone 13 Case

black iphone 13 case

  • Protective bumper for all life’s accidents
  • Wireless charging capabilities
  • Raised edge for screen protection

Enhance the sleek look of your phone with this classy leather black iPhone 13 case. Add a classic customization (we recommend your initials!) and enjoy the polished aesthetic of this case.

And don’t worry — you don’t have to forfeit protection for aesthetics! This stunning black iPhone 13 case has more than a few protective features that will keep your phone in pristine shape. From a raised edge for screen protection to a shock-absorbing outer shell, this case will keep your phone well protected from accidental damage. 


10. Speck Presidio Perfect-Mist iPhone 13 Case

black iphone 13 case

  • Semi-clear design 
  • Slim build for easy pocket use
  • Rubber addition for protection

Looking for just a hint of black to add to your iPhone? The Speck Presidio Perfect-Mist case is perfect you, then! This semi-clear case will keep your phone protected while letting your phone’s natural color still shine through. 

Slip this slim but tough case right into your pocket for on-the-go travel. It’s rubber addition protects your favorite device from damage and drops (because we know sometimes our pockets just aren’t reliable!). Between protection and style, the 4.5 star review is well deserved. 


11. Check Me Out Checkboard Case

black iphone 13 case

  • MagSafe compatibility 
  • Fashionable, slim, and protective
  • Raised front lip for ultimate screen safety

Just like the title says, check out this fashionable checkerboard case from Casely! Built with a raised front lip and two layers of sturdy polycarbonate backing, you won’t need to stress over the safety of your valuable device. 

And did we mention of stylish this phone case is? Break away from the traditional solid black look with a timeless gingham style. Add a hint of fashion to your phone with this lovely case from Casely. 


Shop iPhone Cases at SaharaCase

Black iPhone cases don’t have to be boring! Instead, they’re actually incredibly sleek, sturdy, and stylish. And if you didn’t find what you’re looking for, we’ve got plenty of other options to suit any style. 

Remember to use coupon code SLEEKCASE15 to take 15% off any case featured here!

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