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Article: Best Ways to Remove Blue Light From Your TV

Best Ways to Remove Blue Light From Your TV | Sahara Case LLC

Best Ways to Remove Blue Light From Your TV

If you’re like us, you’ve probably been watching a tad more TV lately. There’s nothing better than cozying up with some snacks on the couch and settling in for a long binge session, but those late-night marathons could be doing some harm to your eyes. No, Anya Taylor-Joy in The Queen’s Gambit isn’t going to stare a hole into you. The damage we’re talking about comes from something even more intimidating: BLUE LIGHT.

Read on to find out what blue light is, what harm it does and how to remove blue light from your TV so you can continue on with your late-night viewing with healthy eyes.

How Blue Light From TV Impacts Your Health

Remember back to science class: colors are waves that we perceive visually. Blue light is on the short end of the spectrum, inhabiting a high-energy, noisy frequency that can give you eye strain.

You might be wondering, “Do TVs emit blue light?” Yes! In fact, most digital screens output a whole lot of this type of light directly into your eyeballs. And TVs are one of the worst culprits because of their extreme brightness and size.

Digital Eye Strain

If your eyes have ever felt sore or tired after a long watching or browsing session, especially in the dark, you’ve experienced this firsthand. We also tend to blink less when watching a screen, and not only during the edge-of-your-seat scenes. That type of wide-open watching also contributes to eye-strain, which can lead to long-term problems if not kept in check.

Impaired Sleep

Blue light also happens to be one of the key waves emitted by your favorite yellow friend in the sky. That’s right: blue light is emitted in massive amounts by the sun. If you’re exposing yourself to too much blue light in the evening hours, it can do major harm to your internal clock.

When it starts to get dark outside, your body releases melatonin, that lovely hormone that makes you feel sleepy. However, if your body is still getting blue light in those dark hours, melatonin production won’t go into full swing. This is why studies show that overexposure to blue light negatively impacts sleep patterns. Pretty soon you’re on your twelfth episode of Big Little Lies, and it’s 3 AM. Uh-oh. As you can imagine ( or know from hard-earned experience), this schedule can compound on itself and really mess with your sleep schedule.

How to Reduce or Remove Blue Light From Your TV

We’ve covered the negative effects of blue light. But here’s some positive news: You do not have to give up late-night TV viewing. We get it—it’s one of our favorite things too!

Instead, there are a few things you can do to mitigate your exposure to blue light and ensure your long-lasting health (and a reasonable bedtime). To remove blue light from your TV and protect those peepers, read on!

1. Get a Blue Light-Blocking TV Screen Protector

One of the most effective ways to get rid of blue light is to get a blue light filter for your TV. Our range of ZeroDamage Screen Protectors with blue light filters are universally-sized to fit any screen and contain a specialized coating that filters out blue light.

This enables late-night watching without the worry of ruining your sleep schedule. Although the filter does tend to skew colors into the reddish area, your brain will start to compensate very quickly, and the results are well worth it. What’s more, our screen protector also shields your pricey TV set against scratches and dust. So measure your TV, then select the best protector.

It’s a win-win for your eyes and your TV!

2. Wear Blue Light-Filtering Glasses

Similar to a blue light-filtering screen protector, glasses are available (with or without a prescription) that reduce the amount of blue light from TV. Depending on your use case, these are also handy for late-night phone scrolling sessions. But really, shouldn’t we all just get off the phone and get to sleep already? In any event, these glasses are also handy for daytime use, especially if you have a computer-staring job.

3. Turn Down the TV Brightness

Another great (and free!) way to reduce blue light from TV is to simply turn down the TV brightness. Granted, you’ll have to venture into the TV menu to do this, but the results are well worth it. If you’re watching in an otherwise dark room, the TV certainly does not need to be as bright as it needs to be in the daytime to be visible.

We’re not suggesting turning it down so much that it becomes difficult to see, but ratcheting the backlight down 20-50% can have a huge impact on the amount of light entering your vision. Once you start adjusting this setting, you’ll be surprised (and shocked) at how blindingly bright your TV has been.

4. Adjust Your TV Settings to Reduce Blue Light

TV manufacturers are becoming hip to the dangers of blue light too, so some have started to include a blue light-reducing setting in the TV itself. If your TV has this feature, it’ll be located somewhere in the settings, usually among the visual options like brightness and contrast. Not all TVs have this feature, but it’s worth checking to see if yours does.

5. Route Your Media Through a Blue Light-Filtering Box

Devices like the driftTV are pricey, but for those who want total control over the blue light their TV is emitting, they might be invaluable. These digital boxes filter signals from your media, like Roku or Apple TV, and deliver them to your TV, sans blue light.

An advantage of a signal filtering device is fine control over how much blue light to filter, from “just a ta” to “I want this to look like Mars.” You can even schedule the filter for certain times of day. If blue light is really making you feel blue, this just might be the solution for you.

Don’t Be Blue. Get Effective Blue Light Protection at SaharaCase!

We hope this list has given you some ideas of how to remove the blue light from your TV. Blue is a beautiful shade, but too much exposure to blue light at night can lead to harmful effects that are hard to reverse.

So, get that blue light blocked and get back to watching! Remember to check out our selection of ultra-handy, ultra-effective blue light-filtering TV screen protectors to fit your screen. Thanks for reading and happy binging!

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