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Article: Best 10 Tablet Holders for Bed & Other Uses

Best 10 Tablet Holders for Bed & Other Uses | Sahara Case LLC

Best 10 Tablet Holders for Bed & Other Uses

After a long day, there’s not much better than snuggling up in bed with a nice warm beverage, some snacks (non-crumbly, of course), and a good movie. However, sometimes using a tablet in bed, chair, or other non-desk spot works a lot better in theory than it does in reality.

Whether you’re consuming media or getting some work done, it can be tricky to find a tablet holder for your bed that frees up your hands and keeps the tablet upright.

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done the research to find the very best tablet holders for bed that will end those semi-effective makeshift stands once and for all. Start using your coffee mug for coffee, not as an impromptu tablet support.

Ergonomic Impacts of Holding Your Tablet Wrong

Believe it or not, there are actually harmful effects of holding a tablet in the wrong way. It can be hard to find a comfortable, longer-term position for movie watching or working in bed, especially if you need to interact with the screen.

Muscle Injury

When holding a heavy tablet for an extended period of time, muscle fatigue can quickly set in. This can lead to other harmful effects down the road like decreased muscle performance and the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome.

Neck and Head Pain

Another serious consideration for tablet use in bed is viewing angle, where neck strain can swiftly become a painful issue. Prolonged downward angling of the head can have severe, lasting effects on the neck, in addition to causing bad headaches.

Keeping the tablet closer to eye level by using a kickstand is a good way to alleviate this problem. You’ll also want to be sure to watch out for prolonged blue light exposure from the bright tablet screen. If you’re bringing your tablet into bed with you, you’ll want to be sure to find a tablet holder for bed that will alleviate these issues and allow you to work or watch in total comfort.

Best Tablet Cases to Use Around the House or at Work

1. SaharaCase Gooseneck Flexible Tablet Holder

This smart offering from SaharaCase frees up your hands while fully supporting your tablet on a strong, articulating arm that can be positioned just about anywhere. With a sturdy clamp on the other end, the arm is long enough to span from a bedside table, making the SaharaCase Gooseneck Holder an ideal tablet holder for bed. Anyone wanting to relax for a good hands-free streaming session should look into this design.

Buy now at SaharaCase.

2. Tablift Flexible Universal Tablet Stand

In addition to turning your tablet into a contraption that looks straight out of War of the Worlds, this device from Tablift is uniquely designed to lift up your tablet closer to eye level without burdening your lap at all.

The four articulating legs actually raise the tablet right above, and each is individually poseable to allow for a range of positions. Uneven surfaces like beds and sofas beware, this universal tablet stand is coming to conquer you. As Orson Welles once said (probably): Today, the couch! Tomorrow, the world!

Buy now at The Grommet.

3. As Seen on TV Pillow Pad

Alright, alright, we know those ‘as seen on TV’ infomercials can be cheesy, but we think the Pillow Pad is pretty foolproof. It’s a simple construction, really: a firm pillow well-designed for lap use, with an angled front perfect for setting a tablet.

This frees up your hands for bed or sofa use, especially if you’re interacting extensively with your tablet. Three angles and a built-in side pocket seal the deal as a highly useful, smart product.

Buy now at Bed Bath & Beyond.

4. AboveTEK Long Arm Clamp Mount Tablet Holder

This ultra-capable offering from AboveTEK isn’t letting your tablet go anywhere. With a sturdy metal design and construction, this holder is outfitted with strong rubber padding and well-engineered brackets that hold on tightly to any device ranging from four to 11 inches.

The articulating arm allows for a wide range of viewing angles. Although, the arm only articulates on one axis (for example, you couldn’t swing your tablet from the bedside table and look at it facing forward from the bed). However, we wouldn’t hesitate to use this option for certain use cases, including anything with an extremely heavy tablet.

Buy now at Best Buy.

5. Desktop Tablet Stand

Ah,, where every purchase is a gamble and each item is wackier than the last. We’ll be honest: we haven’t tried this wiggly-wobbly-looking contraption. But the reviews seem decent, and it looks like a good idea in theory: a long, sturdy hose with a desk clamp on one end and a tablet holder on the other.

That flexible arrangement allows for hooking onto pretty much any surface, be it a countertop or bedside table. For less than $10, it’s worth a shot, although we’d steer clear if you have a larger, heavier tablet. For a more dependable version of this holder style, we’d recommend the Gooseneck case from SaharaCase.

Buy now at

6. Classic Celebrations Personalized Bamboo Tablet Stand

Here’s a smart offering that’s not necessarily as flexible as the others, but we like the look so much we just had to include it. This piece from Classic Celebrations is sure to become a kitchen staple, as many of us have been upping our home cooking game lately.

This cutting board-like stand is extremely handy for holding a recipe-displaying tablet at the perfect angle, getting your device off your precious cooking surface. Classic Celebrations offers monogram customization via engraving just adds to the cozy charm of this option.

Buy now at Bed Bath & Beyond.

7. Ortorex Adjustable Laptop Stand

Although this creation from Ortorex is designed for laptops (even featuring a removable mouse stand), we think it’s a decent option for anyone toting a larger tablet in a keyboard case. A raised lip keeps your device from slipping, while extensively adjustable legs allow for a very wide range of configurations (we counted nine).

The legs are especially handy for raising the screen to perfect eye level, saving your neck from strain. The price of this type of stand can be steep. But at $50, we think Ortorex’s offering is reasonable if you’re looking for a more substantial tablet holder for bed that can move from work-time to sleep time with ease.

Buy now at Ortorex.

8. AboveTEK Gym Bike Handlebar Tablet Holder

Here’s another offering from AboveTEK that has a unique, although quite handy. If you’ve got a bike or other piece of exercise equipment at home and want an easy, secure way to affix your tablet to it for a mid-run show, look no further than this design from AboveTEK.

With a clamp that will grip onto any treadmill or bike bar with a one to two-inch diameter, this little device will have you covered in a wide variety of circumstances. We know it’s not a tablet holder for bed, but we figured this might be helpful for those with some exercise equipment at home.

Buy now at Best Buy.

9. AICase 360° Adjustable Tablet Floor Stand

For those who don’t want to fuss with clamping a holder onto furniture (or themselves), this relatively affordable floor stand raises your tablet to pretty much any level you’d like (up to 67 inches). This makes it ideal for moving from the living room to kitchen to bed without much ado at all.

The top gooseneck design also allows for plenty of flexibility in angling the tablet perfectly, while the just-heavy-enough padded base provides stability while remaining portable.

Buy now at Walmart.

10. SaharaCase Gooseneck Multipurpose Holder

SaharaCase makes another variant of their popular Gooseneck Tablet Holder, and this one has an even wider variety of uses! The unique articulating loop below the tablet clamp allows for placement around your neck, waist, or use as a tabletop or lap stand.

You might look a little funny with a tablet hooked around your neck, but hey, you’re at home! 360-degree tablet rotation, ultra-durable construction, and anti-skid coating make this a winning design from some of the smartest people in device protection and augmentation.

Buy now at SaharaCase.

Free Your Tablet!

We hope this list has inspired you to outfit your own tablet in flexible, protective practicality that will enable easy, ergonomic use anywhere, from the desk to the sofa to the bed and back again, all without breaking a sweat. Be sure to check out our smart offerings, including our gooseneck tablet holders, at our store. Browse a multitude of protection options for your favorite devices, including iPad cases and Samsung Galaxy Tab cases. Happy hunting, and come back soon!

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