10 Best iPad Pro Case for 12.9 and 11 inch. Heavy Duty Total Protection

Whether you’re taking your iPad Pro out on the trail, getting splashy at the beach, or (most risky of all), handing it over to the kids, some situations call for maximum protection. When those occasions arise, you’ll want a heavy duty iPad case ready to absorb extreme shock and keep out water and dirt, in some circumstances.

With so many options out on the market (a search on BestBuy returns no less than 100 options), what’s the best way to know which case will suit your needs? Not to worry, case-seeker. We’ve done some of the hard work for you and picked out our favorite cases for that extra protection that’s often essential.

What’s Different About a Heavy Duty iPad Pro Case

Although any self-respecting iPad case should offer some level of protection against drops and scratches, a heavy duty iPad Pro case goes the extra mile in providing ultra-tough protection against the elements. When you’re looking for one of the best heavy duty ipad cases, there are a few elements you’ll find are common:

  1. A thicker profile. Case makers approach the form-factor of a heavy duty iPad Pro case differently, but most will add more material to boost protection against drops and dings. The extra material is even better at absorbing a potentially screen-shattering shock than the standard level of protection offered by standard cases.
  2. A sturdy, quality build. A heavy duty case should have a bit of heft to it. This is not a case for the meek, this is a case that will stand up to the wear and tear of an extreme lifestyle. This is the Crocodile Dundee of cases! Of course, the best case makers are able to minimize the bulk that comes with weapon-grade protection, but you should be prepared for something a little less minimalist and lightweight.
  3. Extra protective features. This is where personal choice (and your specific durability needs) come into play. Some heavy duty iPad Pro 12.9 and 11 inch cases are waterproof or dustproof. Others provide loops for clipping to a belt or bag. Still others sport handy palm grips for easy holding and toting. That’s why we’ve gathered a variety of heavy duty cases so you can find the one that fits your needs.

Here’s our list of the top 10 heavy duty cases for iPad Pro 12.9 and 11 inch.

Best iPad Pro Case - Heavy Duty

10. The iPad Pro 11" Heavy Duty Series Case from SaharaCase

heavy duty ipad pro 11 cases

This offering from SaharaCase hits a fantastic blend of durable protection and sleek style. While some heavy duty cases lean too much into the industrial, military design, our Heavy Duty Series is more refined, with clean lines and a muted color scheme. The high-quality case secures the iPad’s Pro ports and buttons from dust, while the convenient anti-drop hand strap doubles as a kickstand. This is an all-around, all-star case that would be a safe bet for anyone looking for a reliable heavy duty iPad Pro case. Available for iPad Pro 12.9 and other models. 

9. UB iPad Pro 12.9 Series Case from SUPCASE

heavy duty ipad cases

Now, this is a case that looks protective, with only the optional light blue color scheme belaying its industrial looks. There’s no doubt that this case has the design and features needed for the level of hardworking shock absorption needed in a heavy duty iPad case. Added features like a kickstand and Apple Pencil holder make this a great general-purpose buy.

8. NÜÜD Series Waterproof Case From LifeProof

heavy duty ipad cases

One of two truly waterproof cases we’ve included on the list, this offering from LifeProof has some extremely refined details (and a shock-inducing price tag to match). Nevertheless, we’re impressed by this case’s ability to meld pretty seamlessly with the iPad’s design, although we worry that non-waterproofing protective features have been sacrificed in the name of a thinner profile. This case is screenless while remaining watertight, which presents its own set of issues. However, if all you need is something to keep the wet stuff out, this case will do it for you.

7. Waterproof Case from XBK

heavy duty ipad cases

Although our waterproof pick from LifeProof (above) is undoubtedly prettier, we’re fonder of the features of this waterproof case from XBK (and the price). For a wildly reasonable price, this case offers total waterproofing, a reasonable level of shock protection, a built-in screen protector, and a relatively svelte footprint. Those looking for extra-durable impact protection should look elsewhere, but this is an excellent waterproof case that would handily double as an everyday iPad companion.

6. Rugged Armor Case from Spigen

heavy duty ipad cases

Spigen is no slouch when it comes to thoughtfully-designed, extra protective cases that don’t skimp on extra features, and this Rugged Armor Series for iPads is no exception. Pairing understated design choices with signature Spigen features like Air Cushion Technology and carbon fiber detailing makes a tempting package for anyone looking for heavy duty iPad protection that offers excellent value and quality.

5. Magnetic Case from ZUGU

heavy duty ipad cases

This unique heavy duty offering from ZUGU is a workhouse case that has its magnetic stand pulling double duty as an extra-protective screen cover for travel. The raised lip of the case provides extra screen protection from those inevitable drops and bangs, while the textured surface provides grip for easy, non-slip carrying.

4. Kids Case from BMOUO

heavy duty ipad cases

Although most of our picks for heavy duty iPad cases would work for handing back to the kids on a long car ride, this case from BMOUO has been specifically designed for tiny hands. A chunky, rounded design works well for kid-grip, while a range of bright color options stand out in a sea of muted iPad cases (although black is also available). A unique, flexible stand design and carrying handle complete this kid-tastic case.

3. Rugged xCase from MobileDemand

heavy duty ipad cases

This interesting design from MobileDemand turns your iPad into a veritable multi-tool of hardwearing tech with a multi-piece design that’s just as protective as it is useful. Between an anti-drop handhold, carrying strap, and RAM mounting system mount, this just might be one of the best heavy duty iPad cases for those who demand a little more from their tablet protection.

2. The Fit Case from MoKo

heavy duty ipad cases

This two-piece case from MoKo wraps your iPad in total protection that includes a smartly-engineered comolded back cover and an anti-scratch screen protector. The design styling is reserved, making way for extra features like a kickstand and slim footprint to take center stage. We wish this case was slightly more impact-resistant, and a carrying handle would go a long way to prevent drops, leading into our top choice...

1. The Rugged Series iPad Pro 12.9 Case from SaharaCase

heavy duty ipad pro 12.9 case

If you’re looking for the ultimate case for protection in a perfectly balanced package, look no further than the Rugged Series iPad Pro 12.9 Case from SaharaCase. Our repair engineers-turned-designers have outdone themselves with this protective case, which fuses a unique hexagon motif with ultra-protecting materials and thoughtful features like a carrying handle and shoulder strap. Your iPad won’t be in danger any longer with this case, the best heavy duty iPad case out there.

Only the Best Protection

We hope this list has given you a starting place for finding the perfect heavy duty iPad case for your ultra-protective needs. Whether you’re heading seaward, mountainward, or even spaceward, there’s bound to be an extra-durable case for you at our shop, so stop by and have a look! Your iPad will thank you.

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