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Article: Does an iPhone 13 Need a Screen Protector? Ceramic Shield 101

does iphone 13 need screen protector

Does an iPhone 13 Need a Screen Protector? Ceramic Shield 101

Ceramic Shield is one impressive piece of the iPhone 13’s build. This new standard of screen raises the bar when it comes to strength and quality. But, are you wondering if your new iPhone 13 still needs a screen protector? 

In this article, you’ll learn all about the iPhone 13 Ceramic Shield, its benefits vs. other screen types, and get some help deciding whether to buy a screen protector or not. 

What is a Ceramic Shield for iPhone 13?

A Ceramic Shield is Apple’s answer to Gorilla Glass (though both are made by Corning). The Ceramic Shield is 4x tougher than other glasses. Made with ceramic nano-crystals, it is extra resilient and said to withstand drops of over 6 feet with ease. Let's have a look at the benefits of the iPhone 13’s Ceramic Shield vs. other kinds of screens. 

  • Embedded ceramic nano-crystals resist damage that would crack or break lesser screen types
  • New ionizing technology creates a matrix of crystals small enough to preserve the screen’s transparency even with a tougher material
  • A rigid structure on a molecular level lessens the chances of cracks and shatters

Does the iPhone 13 Need a Screen Protector? 

So, you’re asking yourself, “Do I need a screen protector for my iPhone 13?” You’re not sure if the iPhone 13’s Ceramic Shield is as strong as they claim. 

Well, the short of it is you’ll absolutely want a screen protector. Even though the ceramic shield is an impressive piece of tech, every iPhone 13 owner should protect their device with a tough screen protector and phone case, too. 

Check out a few reasons why you’ll want a screen protector:

  • The iPhone 13 Ceramic Shield doesn’t make your device bulletproof. If you drop your phone a lot, chances are your screen will eventually get damaged. 
  • Even though a Ceramic Shield is quite tough, it’s vulnerable to cracks. Ceramic Shields are also prone to scratches that can ruin your phone’s looks. 

What Kinds of Screen Protectors Are There?

There’s a wide range of screen protectors out there making it tricky to decide which way to go. To make it easier, here are a few kinds of screen protectors you’ll see. Check out the list and get up to speed on each one’s pros and cons. By the list’s end, you’ll have no problem finding what’s right for you!

TPU Screen Protectors

TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane –– a softer, somewhat elastic material. The TPU screen protector is often referred to as a film screen protector. This sturdy material offers reliable protection that can withstand even the worst drops. It’s even used in the aerospace industry to protect components of fighter jets! But before you choose this screen protector, check out some pros and cons. 


  • High transparency 
  • Soft-touch & UV resistance
  • Abrasion and scratch-resistant 


  • A little expensive 
  • Not crystal clear 
  • Can blur your display 

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Another common screen protector type is tempered glass. This type is a sort of upgraded version of Gorilla Glass. Thermal treatments strengthen the glass by forming a layered structure (not unlike forging metal) that creates a resilient build 5x the strength of normal glass. 


  • Offers extra comfort; the most pleasant screen type to touch 
  • Simple to install without losing adherence
  • Anti-fingerprint technology with a clean appearance 


  • Lower screen responsiveness than other types
  • Slightly less effective against scratches 
  • Has a tendency to shatter if ever broken

Privacy Screen Protectors

The privacy screen protector offers privacy protection and keeps your phone safe from peeping eyes. Privacy screens use tempered glass to offer powerful protection and a sheet of reflective material that limits your phone’s effective viewing angle. This makes the range you can see your own screen at very small, but people on either side of you will find it nearly impossible to see what you’re doing.


  • Stop others from peeking at your screen
  • Limits unwanted light coming from the screen 
  • Keeps your display safe from drops or accidental bumps 


  • Can affect the brightness and visibility of the screen 
  • Offers reduced viewing angle that can limit the phone usage 
  • The clarity of the screen view is limited to a large extent 

Which Screen Protector is Best for iPhone 13? 

Ready to invest in a screen protector for your iPhone 13? Check out our favorites below to make sure you’re protected. 

ZeroDamage Apple iPhone 13 Pro 6.1” Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you constantly drop your phone, this tempered glass screen protector will help you to avoid scratches. It’s great at absorbing shocks and preventing cracks too. The oleophobic coating will prevent smudges from obscuring the screen. 

Ailun Glass Screen Protector Compatible for iPhone 13/13 Pro

This iPhone 13 screen protector is laser-cut for a precise fit that won’t bleed over onto your iPhone’s bezel. Its tempered glass construction makes this a sturdy choice resistance to cracks, smudging, and scratches.

Amplify Glass Blue Light Screen Protector

This blue light screen protector will protect your phone screen from scrapes and drops. Plus, it keeps harmful blue light from damaging your eyes. Protect your phone and yourself with this solid pick.

Find Your Perfect Screen Protector at SaharaCase

Now that you know more about the iPhone 13 Ceramic Shield and that you should still use a screen protector, it’s time to find the right one for you. SaharaCase offers different options for iPhone 13 screen protectors and a plethora of phone cases as well.

Keep your screen pristine and free of cracks or scratches. Shop SaharaCase today!

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