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Article: iPad Case vs. Cover: What's the Difference?

iPad Case vs. Cover: What's the Difference? | Sahara Case LLC
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iPad Case vs. Cover: What's the Difference?

Enclosing your iPad in a quality case or cover is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your device remains protected.

Tablets are tested daily, being knocked around in bags, handed from person to person, and probably incurring an occasional drop or spill. However, not all iPad protection is created equally.

That’s why we’re going to outline some of the differences between cases and covers. Just what defines those two terms. And, more importantly, which is best for you? Read on to find out.

5 Key Differences Between an iPad Case vs. Cover

Before you continue, a quick clarification. If you’re shopping, you might see the words “case” and “cover” used interchangeably. Here, we’re talking about a case as anything that wraps around the sides and back of the iPad. A cover adds some screen protection—usually some variation on a folding flap—to the front.

1. Drop Protection

iPads are great for when you need a bit of extra screen real estate. However, they are also more prone to drop damage. This could mean an unsightly scuff on a corner, or worse, an expensive crack right down the middle of the screen.

Either a case or a cover would be helpful in this situation. However, the extra protection afforded by a screen-shielding flap gives an iPad cover the advantage in this category. It could mean the difference between a crack-free and marred screen.

The winner: Cover

2. Screen Protection

Although when we think of iPad damage, we usually think of heavy impact damage, the fact is that damage can just as easily occur when a tablet is knocked around. After all, items like keys and coins can cause lasting damage to even the most durable screen protector.

Making sure the screen is covered before you tuck that iPad away for travel is the best way to ensure it stays spotless.

The winner: Cover

3. Bulk

All cases and covers will add some level of heft to your iPad. However, we at SaharaCase don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. The bare iPad is infamously slippery, so adding a grippy handhold is quite welcome. A rubbery finish is often best.

Further, that extra material goes a long way to absorb shock from a fall, especially around the corners. The folding flap that many covers come with doesn’t add that much weight or volume to the tablet. As we’ll explore in the next category, that flap often comes with another benefit too.

The winner: Case

4. Flexibility

As long as you’re outfitting your iPad with a case or cover, you may as well pack in a few extra useful features. For instance, SaharaCase covers come outfitted with a photo-enhancing lens hood for the rear camera. The main benefit of a cover, however, comes in its folding screen flap.

Many cover makers design this flap to transform into a tablet stand, making it possible to support the iPad upright on a table safely. Especially helpful for watching a movie or giving a presentation, it’s one of those features that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it once you’ve got it.

The winner: Cover

5. Longevity

If you’re like us, you’re going to want your purchase to last as long as your iPad does. Therefore, the quality of materials, craftsmanship, and design that goes into the design is very important.

Here’s another category where it’s largely a tossup between iPad cases and covers. However, we all know that more moving parts often means a higher likelihood of malfunction. The folding screen flap on a cover might be its weakest point, and we’ve seen a few competitor covers fail at the hinge where the flap meets the case.

The winner: Case

iPad Case and Cover: Which is Better?

Case: 2 points. Cover: 3 points.

To us, it seems the obvious choice when considering the key differences between an iPad case vs. cover.

If you’re looking for the highest level of protection for your iPad without sacrificing bulk or style, go with a cover. The extra shielding offered by the screen cover is a welcome addition, as it protects the most vulnerable part of any tablet.

We at SaharaCase cater to case and cover lovers alike. Head on over to check out all our slim, rugged, and stylish offerings to outfit your iPad in style.

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