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Article: Matte vs. Glossy Phone Case: Which is Better?

Matte vs. Glossy Phone Case: Which is Better? | Sahara Case LLC
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Matte vs. Glossy Phone Case: Which is Better?

Shiny... or not shiny? It’s a question that’s often left up to taste, but there are actually pros and cons to each case type.

Whether you’re painting the walls or shopping for a new phone case, it pays to know the difference.

Let us walk you through some of the differences when you’re thinking about outfitting that fresh phone with a case.

5 Key Differences Between a Matte vs. Glossy Phone Case

Before we get into the differences between a matte vs. glossy phone case, let’s define what those terms are.

A matte finish, in simple terms, is not shiny. It has a dull surface that largely diffuses rather than reflects light. A matte finish also tends to be rougher to the touch than a glossy finish.

Gloss refers to a finish that, you guessed it, reflects light.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the differences between the two.

  1. Longevity

When it comes to maximizing the life of your phone case, you may want to consider resistance to the inevitable wear and tear that comes with everyday use.

Small nicks and scratches are more easily hidden on a matte case, especially if the surface is rougher. On a glossy case, a scratch has nowhere to hide, as it more noticeably breaks up the even, reflective surface.

The winner: Matte

  1. Style

Style is largely a personal factor, but we have to give glossy finish points for, overall, a more eye-catching quality. Maybe it’s due to the way a glossy finish catches the light, or the smooth, pleasing texture.

Of course, that’s not to say a matte finish can’t be without style. A matte finish often allows for a more understated tone, which might fit in better with one’s preferences.

The winner: Gloss

  1. Fingerprint resistance

There’s a clear winner here. Anyone who’s owned a glossy case or device will agree: those things are fingerprint magnets! Like with scratches or nicks, glossy finishes attract fingerprints and smudges like flies to honey.

Because of the way glossy cases reflect light, oily smears and prints are unpleasantly highlighted. In contrast, matte finishes tend to hide these marks exceptionally well.

The (clear) winner: Matte

  1. Strength

There’s not enough of a difference here to make a difference in terms of a case’s resistance to drop damage. However, there may very well be a difference in a case’s likelihood to be dropped.

Glossy cases are infamously slippery, especially over time, as they collect more and more skin oils. A matte finish repels these marks and tends to be easier to grip because of its often rougher texture.

So, while there’s not much of a technical difference between matte and glossy when it comes to impact-resistance, there could be a difference in the (to coin a new term) ‘ease of droppability.’

The winner: Matte (on a technicality)

  1. Wow-factor

Again, this could be a matter of personal preference. It could also depend on the specific case in question. However, it tends to be easier for manufacturers to produce more vibrant, saturated gloss cases than matte ones.

A well-constructed and dyed glossy case can truly be a thing of beauty, with a luster and vibrancy that’s just plain hard to match on a matte case.

The winner: Glossy

Matte vs. Glossy Phone Case: Let’s Tally Up the Points

Glossy: 2 points. Matte: 3 points.

And our preferred phone case finish winner: It’s matte by a nose!

Although the matte vs. glossy debate will surely persist, we at SaharaCase have to give the edge to a matte finish, purely for its practical benefits, including fingerprint resistance and durability.

We’ve created stylish, sleek, and modern matte cases that sport a sophisticated edge. Ensuring there’s a phone case in our line for everyone, we’ve even been able to ratchet up the color vibrancy of our matte cases into a family of bright tones and subdued shades alike.

You glossy-lovers out there don’t have to worry either. Our full line of Protection Kits caters to a wide range of tastes and devices. Check them all out!

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