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Article: 6 Best iPad Accessories to Give as a Gift

6 Best iPad Accessories to Give as a Gift | Sahara Case LLC
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6 Best iPad Accessories to Give as a Gift

Picking out the perfect gift for the iPad lover in your life can be a daunting task. Luckily, SaharaCase has a full line of iPad gear to ensure that your gift has that wow factor you’re looking for.

Best iPad Accessories Your Friends and Family Would Love

Gift #1: Universal Sleeve

Heads up—this is a foolproof gift for anyone with an iPad! If your giftee has an iPad (or any tablet, for that matter) that’s 8” to 10.5”, this premium case will hold it, safely and securely. Fashioned from padded, waterproof neoprene, the Univeral Sleeve is perfect for iPad travel companion. As an added bonus, since the case holds multiple tablet sizes, you can be sure your giftee will find a use for it somewhere in the tech collection.

Gift #2: Blue Marble Custom Design Folio Case

Sporting a stunning marble design, this premium folio-style case is sure to be a winner with anyone wanting to wrap their iPad in something eye-catching and luxe. Our Blue Marble Folio Case feature anti-yellowing and hard-wearing materials to last (or outlast) the iPad they contain. Designed by phone repair engineers, the folio packs in protection where it’s needed the most, and even manages to fit in a photo-improving lens hood.

Pro tip: If you can, be sure to note the size of your special someone’s iPad so you’re able to shop for the right case or accessory.

Gift #3: Classic Protection Kit (a wide range of colors)

If you know the size of your giftee’s iPad, you can’t go wrong in selecting our Classic Protection Kit. This is a valuable collection of items including a premium case and ZeroDamage Tempered Glass, sized for their tablet. The Protection Kit is the total package when it comes to maximizing the life of an iPad or other tablets. The Protection Kit isn’t only a safe gift, it’s a thoughtful, spot-on choice. With a wide range of classic and trendy colorways to choose from, you’re sure to find something they’ll love.

Gift #4: ZeroDamage iPad Screen Protector

Here’s a pick for those among us who don’t need (or want) a case or cover for their iPad, but still want to protect the screen. A screen protector minimizes footprint, while still lending protection to the most vulnerable component of a tablet (the screen). Our ZeroDamage Tempered Glass features precise cutouts and beveled edges, along with an oleophobic coating that mimics the silky-smooth Apple-engineered iPad screen. When you’re considering the best iPad accessories to give as a gift, ZeroDamage Tempered Glass ranks among the best.

Gift #5: ZeroDamage iPad Privacy Screen Protector

A wonderful variation on our standard ZeroDamage Glass, our Privacy Glass is an ideal gift for anyone wanting a bit more confidentiality in their iPad sessions. This might mean anyone who spends a lot of time in public, perhaps train travelers or library users. Our privacy glass features all the benefits of tempered glass, with the added benefits of restricting screen visibility to a straight-on perspective.

Gift #6: Crystal Protection Kit

The iPad is a beautiful design, its gentle slopes and gleaming finish suggest the robust computing power within. If the iPad owner in your life loves this design, don’t give them a case that covers up that industrial engineering. Our Crystal Protection Kit has all the great benefits of our Classic Kit (ZeroDamage Glass, lens hood, targeted protection, and more), but the SaharaCase itself comes in a crystal clear finish. It’s practically invisible, but the protective benefits will be ever-present on their tablet.

Case Closed on iPad Protection

We hope this list of the best iPad accessories to give as a gift gives you some inspiration for choosing a gift for that special iPad lover in your life. Check out our online store for a full range of products, and consider treating yourself too! After all that shopping for others, you deserve it!

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