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Article: Top 10 Best iPad Air Cases

Top 10 Best iPad Air Cases | Sahara Case LLC

Top 10 Best iPad Air Cases

The iPad Air has made a glorious return to Apple’s stellar tablet lineup, filling a niche between the budget-minded iPad and pro-level iPad Pro. The iPad Air is just the right amount of tablet for many people, including families, artists, and anyone needing a tablet that sports all of Apple’s best features at a price that can’t be beat.

That tablet, however, needs protection fiercely. That big, inviting glass screen is also invitingly fragile, almost begging for some shielding against the elements. Knocking around in a bag, purse, or the back of a car can be taxing for a tablet, so you’ll want to wrap it up in a quality case.

How, then, do you pick one from the tens of thousands of choices available online? Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and picked out a handful of the best iPad Air cases.

Before we get into it, here are a few things we look for in any tablet case:

  • Excellent protective quality. A case that looks good and a case that absorbs impact damage are often two different things. We look for cases that, first and foremost, are durable and designed to protect the iPad Air.
  • Affordable price. The iPad Air is not exactly a budget tablet, nor is it the most expensive piece of gear. We looked for cases that pack a bang for the buck but match the iPad Air’s relative middle-tier pricing.
  • Good looks. The iPad Air is undoubtedly a beautifully engineered device, with smooth, sweeping lines and gleaming metallic finishes. If you’re going to cover all that up with a case, it should hold its own in the aesthetics department.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the top ten best iPad Air cases.

#10. SaharaCase Crystal Case for iPad Air

SaharaCase Crystal Case for iPad Air

SaharaCase’s Crystal Case Protection Kit offers everything you need and more to keep your iPad Air secure. Cradled in an air-cushioned, dual-material case, your iPad Air will still shine through, because SaharaCase’s Crystal Case is just that—crystal clear. Included with every Protection Kit from SaharaCase is a premium tempered glass screen protector for total device protection.

Check out the Crystal Case at SaharaCase.

#9 Apple Smart Cover for iPad Air

Apple Smart Cover for iPad Air

A folding tablet cover has a great benefit. In addition to protecting the vulnerable screen when folded flat, it also configures into a handy stand for tabletop viewing. Apple’s Smart Cover is well-designed from a single sheet of polyurethane in a range of great colors (we’re partial to the surf blue). The material is durable and wipes clean, which is a plus, but the fact that the cover leaves the back of the device completely unprotected leaves something to be desired.

Purchase the smart folding tablet cover

#8 Spigen Thin Fit Case for iPad Air

Spigen Thin Fit Case for iPad Air

For those who don’t want to saddle their tablet with protection at all (not a wise choice), this is one of the best iPad air cases. Spigen has crafted a truly minimal case that packs in a fair amount of protection. The soft-touch material is pleasing and will remain durable for years, and the case is barely-there. Although we’d recommend a case with more protective features, this fits the “better than nothing” bill to a tee and does so very well.

Learn more about Spigen’s ultra-thin iPad air case.

#7 Moko Leather Case for iPad Air

Moko Leather Case for iPad Air

For a stately, chic look, Moko makes a lovely leather case. Although it’s not real leather, the case certainly looks the part, available in classic black, brown, and trendy rose gold. The padded PU leather offers some protection, although those looking for the most rugged shielding should look elsewhere. To cap it off, Moko has outfitted this case with a set of sleeves and pockets to store all your other supplies. There’s even a dedicated pocket for the essential pencil stylus.

Buy this PU leather case by Moko.

#6 Reveal Cork Wood Case for iPad Air

Reveal Cork Wood Case for iPad Air

Any case that can do something to stand out in a sea of monotony is a good thing in our book. Reveal’s cork-based case is certainly unique, and functional to boot. The slightly springy cork construction should hold up well against shock and impact, although long-term durability may pose a problem, as cork can easily chip. Still, this is a great option for anyone looking for a more natural material to wrap their iPad Air.

Check out this cork wood iPad Air case by Reveal.

#5 SaharaCase Rose Gold Crystal Case for iPad Air

This chic case from SaharaCase has the same fantastic features as their standard clear case, but with a subtle framing of translucent, shimmering rose gold around the edges. It’s just enough to lend a little extra flair to the iPad. Those looking for a little extra glitz and glamor for their favorite tablet need not look any further. Priced just right, too.

Shop the fashionable rose gold iPad Air case by SaharaCase.

#4 STM Dux Shell Duo Case

STM Dux Shell Duo Case

If you’re looking for superior protection, look no further than the STM Dux Shell Duo case. This rugged case is built from ultra-protective polycarbonate and outfitted with TPU brackets—a match made in heaven, in our opinion. The case also has built-in storage for your Apple pencil. The case is built to protect; with that said, the case may be bulky and cumbersome for some users.

Buy the duo shell case at

#3 Speck Balance Folio Case for iPad Air

Speck Balance Folio Case for iPad Air

Speck’s take on a multi-purpose case falls a little higher on our list of the best iPad Air cases. They’ve crafted a design that’s based more from the back of the device, clamping securely over each of the iPad’s four corners. It sports a cover that snaps securely over the screen for transport and morphs into a stand for use. In our opinion, the soft inner lining, auto-wake feature, and range of spiffy colors make this a top pick for a stand case for the iPad Air.

Buy the folio case at

#2 Otterbox uniVERSE Case for iPad Air

Otterbox uniVERSE Case for iPad Air

This is admittedly a niche pick for the best iPad Air case out there, but everything the uniVERSE Case from Otterbox does, it does so well. By itself, the case is somewhat chunky, but eminently protective, with a rigid backing and rubber edge bumpers. Where this case shines, though, is in its accessories. With a few clicks and snaps, the uniVERSE can become a suction mount, pro-level camera system, wallet, keyboard, or modern register. For anyone who wears many hats on a given day, from photographer to writer to shopkeeper, the uniVERSE might be an invaluable tool.

Learn more about the uniVERSE’s features at

#1 SaharaCase Folio Case for iPad Air


SaharaCase’s execution of the classic Folio Case is top-notch and expertly crafted in every facet. Designed and perfected by phone repair engineers, the Folio Case features targeted protection on the edges and corners where impact most often occurs. Premium anti-scratch and anti-yellowing materials make up the secure backing and folding cover, which converts seamlessly into an iPad stand. Precision cut-outs and a built-in camera hood for vibrant snapshots round out a perfectly executed iPad Air case.

Shop SaharaCase’s complete line of iPad Air cases, now.

Round ‘Em Up!

Well, folks, that’s our rundown of some of our very favorite iPad Air cases. A fantastic tablet deserves a case to match, so once you’re done shopping around, stop by our shop to find a wide range of cases for the iPad, iPhone, and beyond. Don’t go bare on your next adventure, let SaharaCase outfit you with total device protection.

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