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Article: Do I Need a Screen Protector for my iPad?

Do I Need a Screen Protector for my iPad? | Sahara Case LLC

Do I Need a Screen Protector for my iPad?

The iPad is one of the most popular hand-held devices of all time.


This versatile machine offers the power of a desktop and the functionality of a handheld device.

With these great features, the question that begs to be answered is Do I need a screen protector for my iPad?

The problem is, an iPad is not a cheap item! Like phones, a few knocks and scrapes can ruin the overall aesthetic and function of iPad.

In this article, we make the case for iPad cases, and how you might find the right one for your needs.

Does My iPad Need a Screen Protector?

What are the chances of you bumping into something or someone when you are distracted and carrying your iPad in a bag? An iPad or tablet that hits a hard object stands a good chance of having a cracked or shattered screen.

Then there are the many opportunities for scratching the screen. You might put it in a bag with sharp objects – keys perhaps – or it could be scratched by accident when laid out on a table or desk.

There are so many different potential points of damage to an iPad. For this reason, the answer to do I need a screen protector for my iPad is a resounding yes! Below, we look at some of the features you need to consider if you are to get the best model for your particular device.

What Makes a Great Screen Protector for Your iPad or Tablet?

There are a number of factors you need to consider when you are choosing a screen protector for your iPad. Let’s talk about a few of the most important.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a must when you are choosing a screen protector for an iPad. A glass screen protector that is between 0.30 and 0.50mm thickness and industry-standard 9H hardness is ideal. In addition, it will protect your device without hindrance to the touch responsiveness. Likewise, we advise you to purchase a protector with beveled edges, as this will reduce the chances of chipping, which can lead to cracks.

The Right Size

Be very careful when choosing your iPad – or other tablets – screen protector. iPads both old and current come in a wide variety of screen sizes and configurations. Ensure that you are receiving the best deal and level of protection by purchasing a screen protector that fits your screen's dimensions. Additionally, ensure that the protector is designed to allow you access to the buttons and functions on your device.

Find the perfect fit for your iPad with screen protectors for all model at SaharaCase.

Fingerprint Protection

There are some confusing terms and descriptions that you may come across when you are looking at iPad screen protectors like oleophobic coating. You’ll see this a lot, and you should certainly buy a screen protector that offers such a coating. An oleophobic coating is designed to reduce the chances of smudging and fingerprints! Most iPad screen protectors will offer this feature, but be sure to check.

Privacy Protection

Our final suggestion is that you consider purchasing a screen protector that ensures privacy! By way of clever construction, privacy screen protectors allow only those who are looking directly at the screen – square on, or within a few degrees either way – to read or see what is on the screen. Therefore, anyone stood either side of you who might want to sneak a look at what you are viewing will not be able to see! We reckon it’s worth the few extra dollars!


The question we asked was: do I need a screen protector for my iPad? The answer is that if you want to protect your device from inevitable knocks and shocks that may otherwise damage the screen, yes, you do.

These are not expensive items, and they will prolong the life of your iPad. Choose one that also has privacy glass and you are getting the best of both worlds, and at SaharaCase we have examples for all iPads, plus a wide variety of popular tablets and smartphones, so check us out now for the best choice at the right prices.

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