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Article: What Model Is My Phone? 7 Ways to Find Out

What Model Is My Phone? 7 Ways to Find Out | Sahara Case LLC
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What Model Is My Phone? 7 Ways to Find Out

If you’ve just got a new phone, you might find that you need to find out the specific make and model.

In the event you’re shopping for a phone case, you’ll want the specific model you have so you get the right one. Even phones that look and function similarly do have subtle differences in dimensions, button placement, and camera lens location.

Or, perhaps you’re selling your phone and want to title the eBay or Craigslist listing correctly.

Samsung, Apple, and dozens of other phone makers market dozens of phones each year! That goes to say that we don’t blame you for getting confused about which one you’ve got in your hands.

Read on to find out a few different ways to find the model number for your phone so you proceed confidently.

7 Ways to Find Out Your Phone’s Model

For Android Devices

Check the Back

Sometimes the first step in finding out your phone model is as simple as flipping a rectangle. Which rectangle, you ask? Your phone, of course! Sometimes, phone models are printed right on the back of the device. Samsung, for example, always adds the specific Galaxy version—think S8 or S10.

Delve into Settings

If you’re still asking, “What model is my phone?” another way to find the answer lies within your phone itself. Go to ‘Settings’—through the app drawer or the little gear in the corner of the notification shade—then choose ‘About Phone.’ You should find your device’s name and specific model number there. If you’re still unsure if you’ve got the right one, give the model a number google and see if the results seem to match with what you’ve got. Simple enough.

Dig Out the Packaging

If you still have the original packaging for your phone, it will almost certainly list the exact model name and number of your device, if not on the box art itself, then on that little barcode-laden white sticker. Again, a quick web search will confirm the validity of the information you find there.

Check Your Purchase History

If you bought your device online, say at Amazon, or through a wireless provider’s website, check out your purchase history. The product page might list the model number, or at least direct you to a manufacturer page where you could do further digging.

Sizing Up Storage

One more Android tip: if you’re selling your phone or are just curious, you’ll want to know the storage capacity. Since many phones come with multiple storage size options, the best place to check this is on the phone itself. Navigate to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Storage.’ The number you’re looking for is the ‘Total Storage.’ Of course, your actual device storage will be less than that because of space, the operating system and preloaded apps occupy right out of the box.

For iPhone

Check the Back

Like Android, iPhones have a few different ways to figure out their exact model number. Perhaps the easiest way for iPhones to give up this information is their back. That’s right—the exact model number is listed at the bottom of an iPhone. Just find where it says ‘Model AXXXX,’ then search that in Google to find more information.

Settings Spelunking

Like Android, Apple lists device information on the phone’s operating system itself. To find out the iPhone’s storage capacity, navigate to ‘Settings’ next ‘General’ then ‘About’ and finally ‘Capacity.’ This will be handy information to have to define your iPhone fully. For instance, an iPhone 9s 64gb would be the complete name of that particular model.

What’s Next?

We hope you’re now armed with some new information about how to find out the exact model name and number of your device.

You’re armed with all sorts of strategies to confront that question, “What model is my phone?”

Once you do figure that part out, head on over to SaharaCase, find your device, and get to shopping! All that work you just did shouldn’t go to waste, and a beautiful, protective case and tempered glass screen protector is the perfect way to protect your investment.

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