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Article: What to Do With an Old Phone Case and How Do You Recycle It

what to do with old phone cases

What to Do With an Old Phone Case and How Do You Recycle It

It’s inevitable that you will go through several phone cases for each phone model you have. Whether it’s because you like to change up the design frequently or because you need a replacement, you will likely have multiple cases.  

Many people wonder what to do with old phone cases and if they can be recycled. Should you just throw them away or are there other options? 

The truth is, there are many things you can do with old phone cases, you just have to get creative. We are going to share some things you can do when you are done with a phone case and explain how to recycle it.

What To Do With Old Phone Cases

You don’t want to waste a perfectly good phone case just because you’re tired of the design. Here are some great options for what to do with old phone cases that will prevent them from ending up in the landfill. 

Donate Gently-Used Phone Cases

One great thing to do with old phone cases is to donate them to a local thrift store. If the phone case is still in good condition but you no longer want to use it, odds are someone else will like it. This gives someone else the chance to get use out of the gently-used phone case.  

Sell Them Online

Another option for what to do with old phone cases is to sell them online. You can use Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace to find a new home for your phone case. If it is a high-quality case that is in good condition, you could make decent money. People are often on the lookout for quality phone cases at discounted prices so you just might be in luck. 

Give Them To a Friend

If you’d rather not bother selling it or dropping it off at a thrift store, reach out to your friends to see if they want it. They will surely appreciate the offer if the case still looks and feels high-quality. Gift it to a friend to make their day, especially if they have complimented you on the case before. This is much better than simply throwing the old case in the trash.

Repurpose Them 

You can also repurpose an old case in different ways. Put your creativity cap on for this option. Think about different ways to repurpose old phone cases, such as giving them to a child to decorate or use in an art project. Below are a couple of other examples of ways to repurpose a phone case. 

Soap Dish

A colorful phone case could be used as a fun soap dish in a child’s bathroom. Plastic or waterproof are preferred for this idea, but adjustments to most phone cases may be made to create a unique soap dish.

Luggage Tag

Another creative idea is to turn it into a luggage tag for identifying your bag while traveling. You can easily slip a ribbon through the camera hole and tie it to your suitcase. Then you can paste a business card or blank card and write your contact information. This way, your suitcase will be easy to pick out on the airport luggage carousel and have your contact info if it gets misplaced. 

Recycle Them

The last thing you can do with old phone cases is to recycle them. Phone cases are almost always made of some plastic and many old phone cases are recyclable. However, you can’t just toss it in the recycling bin at home or work. There is a special way to recycle old phone cases. 

How To Recycle Old Phone Cases

Go green and recycle your old phone cases when you’re done using them. If you are interested in recycling old phone cases, there is a special service provided by TerraCycle. 

The regular recycling plants don’t take phone cases because they are often made of a mixture of plastics, silicons, and sometimes metal. The TerraCycle recycling program is able to properly recycle phone cases.

TerraCycle PopSockets® Recycling Program

TerraCycle partnered with PopSockets® to create this phone case recycling program. The program allows consumers to recycle their PopSockets products and all other phone cases (no matter the brand) safely and easily.

It’s free to participate in the program. All you need to do is request a shipping label on TerraCycle, box up your old phone cases, and drop it in the mail. TerraCycle will take care of everything else! Pretty simple, right?

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do with old phone cases you no longer need. Whether you recycle them using TerraCycle or repurpose them is up to you. Just try not to throw them in the trash!

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