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Article: Top 10 iPad 10.2 Cases [2021]

Top 10 iPad 10.2 Cases [2021] | Sahara Case LLC

Top 10 iPad 10.2 Cases [2021]

Given its perfect not-to-big not-too-small size, powerhouse performance, and stellar price point, the iPad 10.2 is one of the most popular devices in Apple’s lineup. However, this iPad, as with most tablet-style devices, has a major weak-spot: vulnerability to scratches and cracks that can quickly ruin your experience.

Protecting your device with an iPad 10.2 case is the best way to preserve it for years to come, but how do you pick one? There are literally thousands of options out there.

Because we know a little about cases ourselves, we decided to cull through the foggy void of the market and find 10 fantastic options for you.

What’s Different About the iPad 10.2?

A12 Bionic chip. Apple Pencil support. Smart Keyboard support. 8MP back camera. These are all selling points Apple touts for the iPad 10.2. We at SaharaCase, however, deem the iPad 10.2’s very best feature is its sheer value. It’s an incredible tablet at any price point, but especially the almost shockingly low one that Apple offers it at.

We think a great iPad 10.2 case should match the iPad 10.2’s value, and also provide:

  • Excellent protective quality. A case that looks good and a case that actually absorbs impact damage are often two different things. We look for cases that, first and foremost, are durable and designed to protect the iPad 10.2
  • Affordable price. The iPad 10.2 is not a budget tablet, but it does skirt the lower end of the price range when it comes to tablets, especially for something in Apple’s pantheon.
  • Good looks. The iPad 10.2 is undoubtedly a beautifully engineered device, with smooth, sweeping lines and gleaming metallic finishes. If you’re going to cover all that up with a case, it should hold its own in the aesthetics department.

Without further ado, here are our picks for ten iPad 10.2 cases you won’t go wrong with.

Best iPad 10.2 Cases in 2021

SaharaCase writers select Top 10 products independently. If you buy through Amazon affiliate links, we may earn commissions.

1. SaharaCase Monkey Kid’s Case for iPad 10.2

There’s no shortage of kid-aimed iPad cases out there, but the Monkey Kid’s Case from SaharaCase stands out because it’s just so much fun (not to mention functional). Not only is the adorable monkey head very approachable for little ones, but it doubles as a suitcase-style handle for little fingers.

Speaking of little fingers, the floppy little arms and hands on the guy aren’t just for decoration - they interlock together, making it possible for the Monkey Kid’s Case to wrap around the back of the driver’s seat for long car rides.

The thick silicone construction is durable enough to shield the iPad from the most punishing falls, and the finish can be easily wiped clean if there are any sticky fingers afoot. Overall, we deem this one of the best kid cases (or heck, grown-up too!) cases out there.

Buy now at

2. Moderno Shockproof Impact Case for iPad 10.2

Many of the “ultra-protective” cases on the market use thick black plastic and extra technical-looking doodads to make a statement about their souped-up ruggedness. The Shockproof Impact case from Moderno doesn’t feel the need to look like something out of the next Mission: Impossible movie to offer enhanced levels of protection.

The Shockproof Impact is positively charming in appearance, with a dual-layer construction that has more of a minimalistic vibe. A clip-on screen frame also serves as extra protection in this fine choice for anyone looking for a hard-wearing yet attractive case (check out that purple-and-teal option!)

Buy now at

3. OtterBox Symmetry Clear Case for iPad 10.2

As perhaps the most well-known brand in device protection, it would be a mistake to ignore OtterBox when looking at iPad 10.2 case options. Although we often deem many of OtterBox’s offerings too spendy for what you get, their Symmetry Clear Series strikes a healthy balance of protection, design, and price. That’s not to say this case is cheap, as it is on the upper end of what we deem a decent budget for an iPad 10.2 case. However, if you want a simple case from a brand you know will work, this case would be a good option for you.

OtterBox has also attempted to solve the ever-present issue of scratching on clear cases, which can cloud the surface over time, by adding a micro-scale texture to the finish. A few extra features, like a removable spine for keyboard attachment and an Apple Pencil loop, make this a standout case in a sea of clear options.

Buy now at

4. Grifobes Heavy Duty Case for iPad 10.2

This well-reviewed case from Grifobes will have you craving a Marvel movie night with its Spider-Man looks. A few other hero options are available, including a certain big green meanie, but we’re partial to the red and blue look ourselves.

The design here is subtle enough to be appropriate for any age, although we think little super-fans would go ga-ga for this case. The slightly gimmicky appearance, however, doesn’t eschew truly functional benefits, with a relatively protective three-layer construction and built-in kickstand to keep you web-slinging through the day.

Buy now at

5. SaharaCase Protection Case for iPad 10.2

If the above web-slinger inspired case is a bit juvenile, the SaharaCase Protective Case is nothing but pure understated grown-up style, with the iPad 10.2 protection to match.

With a dual-layer construction back and full anti-scratch screen protector, the SaharaCase Protection Case fully envelopes your iPad 10.2 in military-grade SGS certified defense. Featuring tasteful detailing and a handy kickstand, this is a case that doesn’t shout but rather speaks eloquently in an indoor voice, but does it very, very well.

Buy now at

6. Fintie Folio Case for iPad 10.2

Folio-style cases are perhaps the most popular form-factor for tablet cases, and the market for iPad 10.2 cases seems to be no exception. There are plenty of similar options out there, but this design from Fintie is a refined, reliable choice for those wanting the extra functionality and protection that folio cases provide.

Fintie’s Folio Case elegantly transforms into a sturdy stand with three angles for easy hands-free viewing. High-quality materials, a panoply of colorways (check out that indigo denim!) and an exterior pocket make this a top choice for folio-seekers.

Buy now at

7. My Custom Case Old School Custom Case for iPad 10.2

Here’s something a little different for you: your own name (or whatever you want) on your own iPad 10.2 case. Among a slew of case printers, My Custom Case distinguishes itself with quality cases that don’t skimp on protection or features.

Canvas exterior, microfiber interior, a wake and sleep cover, and a multi-position stand make this an excellent case in its own right. Toss in the custom printing, of which there are numerous styles, and you’ve got a winner case that is unmistakably yours.

We fancy this retro-inspired look with swooping, baseball lettering-esque embellishments, but the site has tons of different options to suit your taste.

Buy now at

8. MoKo Slim Shell Case for iPad 10.2

For a wildly inexpensive option that will still serve its function, look no further than MoKo’s Slim Shell case. Constructed of soft TPU, this case will hold its own against drops and scratches but rings up at under $10. Not a bad deal, considering the huge range of color options, from vibrant solids to a handful of unique graphics.

A magnetic kickstand and iPad-cradling microfiber lining also go a long way to add extra value to this bargain of a case. If you often go naked (with your iPad, we mean), you should at least consider tossing this case into your cart, as it will help to preserve your iPad’s good looks for years to come. That should be reason enough for a case, but preserving top resale value is also a big bonus.

Buy now at

9. UAG Lucent Series Case for iPad Air 10.2

We’re big fans of UAG for their no-nonsense, endlessly stylish approach to device protection. Their Lucent Series is no exception, with a look that straddles the line between minimalist-chic and spycraft-modern.

Sporting a range of protective materials tied together with an attractive dot pattern, UAG’s Lucent Series Case has a hard “armor” shell with a soft impact-resistant core. Military drop-test standards, stylus storage, and an auto sleep/wake cover make this a fantastic (if a bit pricey) option for those that don’t want to compromise on a case.

Buy now at

10. SaharaCase Keyboard Case for iPad 10.2

An iPad, even the eminently usable iPad 10.2, doesn’t reach its full potential until it’s paired with a keyboard. Apple makes a fantastic option, but we think its steep price tag doesn’t pair well with the iPad 10.2’s relatively modest cost.

With our Keyboard case, we’ve managed to keep prices down while maintaining quality, with a sturdy chiclet-style keyboard that’s been custom-designed to fit with a folio case. The multi-position kickstand creates the perfect viewing angle, turning your iPad into a powerhouse tablet, perfect for long writing sessions (or online shopping marathons). Complete with a built-in camera hood for preserving photo vibrancy and military-grade testing for ensured drop protection, you can’t go wrong with the SaharaCase Keyboard case.

Buy now at

The Search Continues!

We truly hope this list has been helpful in your search for the perfect iPad 10.2 case. In addition to the options laid out above, check out our entire range of iPad 10.2 cases to find the one that’s just right for you. As always, thanks for reading, and happy hunting!

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