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Article: Top 10 Apple iPad Pro 11 Cases [2021]

Top 10 Apple iPad Pro 11 Cases [2021] | Sahara Case LLC

Top 10 Apple iPad Pro 11 Cases [2021]

Middle-size tablets that fall somewhere between a phone screen size and a laptop screen size are often underperforming budget affairs. Not so with the iPad Pro 11—a relatively small tablet with major horsepower. Between a highly breakable screen, exposed camera bump, and beautiful, if not scratch-prone, aluminum body, an iPad Pro 11 case is an absolute necessity. We’ve chosen our top 10 favorite cases so you can be sure you’re getting good value, handy features, and above all, stellar protection.

What’s Different About the iPad Pro 11?

Sporting a vibrant Retina 11-inch display, the iPad Pro is a creator’s dream tablet, with enough processing power to handle intensive graphics and media apps without issue. The edge-to-edge display also features advanced Apple features like True Tone and ProMotion for accurate creative work. The advanced camera array, featuring an ultra-wide lens, wide lens, and a LiDAR scanner for stellar photo and VR experiences. Paired with the Apple Pencil, the iPad Pro 11 becomes a veritable mobile studio.

The iPad Pro 11 packs a ton of capability into a very small package, one that’s certainly worth protecting. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right one?

As case makers ourselves, we look for certain things in a quality iPad Pro 11 case:

  • Excellent protective quality. A case that looks good and a case that actually absorbs impact damage are often two different things. We look for cases that, first and foremost, are durable and designed to protect the iPad Pro 11.
  • Affordable price. The iPad Pro 11 is not a budget tablet, but we think a protective case should not cost an arm and a leg. That said, if you’re plunking down the big bucks for an iPad in the Pro line, a quality case should certainly not be an afterthought.
  • Good looks. The iPad Pro 11 is undoubtedly a beautifully engineered device, with clean lines and lustrous finishes. If you’re going to cover all that up with a case, it should hold its own in the aesthetics department.
  • Designed for the iPad Pro 11: The iPad Pro 11 has a handy protective strip along the edge for holding the Apple Pencil. The iPad Pro 11’s camera bump is also relatively pronounced. We look for cases that are thoughtfully designed for each specific device, so we want a case with support for the magnetic strip and has plenty of protection for that camera bump.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the top 10 iPad Pro 11 cases:

Best iPad Pro 11 Cases in 2021

1. SaharaCase Thumbs-Up ShockProof Case for iPad Pro 11

Let’s kick things off with this wholly unique piece from SaharaCase. Designed for kids (or anyone young at heart), this fire-engine-red case is a bright, chunky affair perfect for little hands. The premium rubber construction has air-cushioning corners and added protection around the screen and camera.

In addition to an easy-carry suitcase-style handle, the flip-out stands look like little thumbs-up hands. We’ve got to give our own thumbs-up to this ultra-protective case of our own making, which has been specially designed just for the iPad Pro 11.

Buy now at

2. Speck Balance Folio Case for iPad Pro 11

Speck is a well-respected name in the device protection industry, and their Folio iPad Pro 11 case does a lot to bolster their brand. An ultra-clean design is attractive and minimalist, but the case packs in several features that make it a standout in the crowded folio genre. Using a lesser-used folding technique where the case sits in front of the screen, rather than behind, the soft interior becomes a comfortable wrist-rest. Handy!

Speck also has an innovative solution to camera protection, with a magnetic flip-down cover that fully hides the lens array when not in use. The drop-tested case also has a convenient spot for the Apple Pencil. Available in a few sleek shades, we really like the soft-hued Plumberry Purple exterior.

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3. Fintie Rotating Stand Case for iPad Pro 11

This fashionable framing of the folio form-factor from Fintie (say that three times fast) is just innovative enough to stand out in a great sea of iPad Pro 11 cases. In addition to the ability to stand up in both landscape and portrait modes, this case offers two angles for each orientation, offering plenty of flexibility for drawing, typing, movie-watching, or video calls.

It also sports a built-in holder for the Apple Pencil, along with auto sleep/wake, which we’re coming close to considering an essential feature. We also love the vast variety of colors and prints available. Van Gough’s Starry Night would be an inspired choice for artists using all of the iPad Pro 11’s fantastic content creation features.

Buy now at

4. UAG Scout Series Case for iPad Pro 11

Refined design, understated appeal, and durable protection are what you net when you choose this all-black, all-business option from one of our favorite case makers, UAG. One note: this case requires the use of Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio (not the Magic Keyboard), but we wanted to include an option here for those with the keyboard but want to boost its protective benefits, of which it doesn’t have many.

UAG’s Scout Series fits the bill with a military drop-tested case that works seamlessly with the Smart Keyboard’s hinge. The case also has stylus storage and is tested for medical environments, pointing to ultra-durability. The minimalist aesthetic fits well with Apple’s own design language, so we deem this an excellent choice for anyone who already has the Smart Keyboard Folio (again, it’s required).

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5. SaharaCase Keyboard Folio Case for iPad Pro 11

Although we can’t deny their sharp engineering, Apple’s keyboard offerings are downright expensive, and we often find it difficult to justify the cost. If you’re after a durable keyboard solution for an iPad Pro 11 case, look no further than SaharaCase’s Keyboard Folio option.

Ringing in at well under other keyboard cases, our backlit keyboard has been designed for pleasant typing, even during long writing sessions. A multi-position stand-up case protects against scratches and drops and includes support for the Apple Pencil holder. Along with other essential features like wake-and-sleep functionality, our Keyboard Folio case offers so much value that we don’t think there’s ever a reason to go with anyone else’s offering.

Buy now at

6. OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 Case for iPad Pro 11

OtterBox is perhaps the most well-known legacy brand in cases, and as such, we sometimes feel their premium pricing overreaches their value. However, this Symmetry Series case offers plenty of protection and features for what we feel is a fair price.

Sporting a partially clear design, this OtterBox also has a microfiber liner that gently cradles your tablet in luxurious, protective softness. OtterBox claims their case remains stable in both typing and viewing modes, which some cheaper cases have issues with. If you’re looking for a convenient case to set and forget, this just might be the one for you.

Buy now at

7. Andar “The Mav” Leather Case for iPad Pro 11

Another folio-style choice, this option from premium brand Andar distinguishes itself in its material: rich, full-grain, oil-waxed leather. Truly a sight to behold, this material is well-suited to those refined folks who gravitate toward the capable iPad Pro 11. The quality leather will patina over time, contributing to a totally unique look for your iPad.

In addition, Andar has packed the case full of features, from the microfiber lining to the magnetic cover. While we don’t recommend leather to those looking for the highest levels of rugged protection, as it’s liable to scuff or tear if it takes a bad fall, it’s just too good of a look to ignore for those in the right audience.

Buy now at

8. ESR Rebound Soft Shell Clear Case for iPad Pro 11

We always recommend one or two simple, clear cases in our roundups for those who aren’t interested in all the bells and whistles of a folio, kickstand, or other case variety. The reason? A clear case adds little to the look or shape of a tablet but does an incredible amount in the protection department.

We’ve all seen iPads that have sustained years of micro-scratches over the years, adding up to a screen or back that looks foggy or hazy. A clear case prevents that from happening, especially the back. If you think you’ll be interested in reselling your iPad Pro 11 down the road, a clear case like this one from ESR is an invaluable investment, keeping your iPad pristine and fresh. Reviews don’t report any slipping or bubbling that can sometimes occur with clear cases, either.

Buy now at

9. Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPad Pro 11

Spigen is another one of our favorite case makers due to their commitment to quality and interesting, unique designs. Their Tough Armor iPad Pro 11 case is no exception. A dual-layer construction similar to our own design alongside an appropriately rugged-looking exterior makes for a great case option for anyone wanting superior protection yet flexibility in going from the home to the office to the field. A spot to store the Apple Pencil and several stand configurations round out this outstanding case.

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10. SaharaCase Folio Series Case for iPad Pro 11

Although the Folio-style case is perhaps the most ubiquitous iPad Pro 11 cases out there, our own version is just too well-built to ignore. We’ve spent years of testing and design to perfect every facet of the Folio case, from the ultra-slim profile to the materials selected (triple-hardened TPU front, silicone back) that have been engineered to reduce stretching and yellowing. The convertible front cover transforms into a multi-position stand that’s reassuringly sturdy, even under the tap-tap pressure of the Apple Pencil.

What’s more, our designers have included several interesting and unique front cover colors, patterns, and graphics. We’re particularly partial to the Composition Book cover, which will take you right back to high school. Take note—this is our favorite iPad Pro 11 case, appropriate for just about anyone wanting ultra-durable, unobtrusive, and just plain fun protection for their special iPad.

Buy now at

Get to Shopping!

We hope this list has given you some inspiration in your own search for the perfect iPad Pro 11 case. Whether it’s a folio case, kickstand case, in plastic, rubber, or something entirely unique, there truly is something out there for everyone. Head over to our store for the best of all those options, where you’ll find ultra-durable, ultra-slim cases for everything from the iPad Pro 11 to the Apple Watch and a multitude of other products. Happy hunting!

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