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Article: How to Activate Split Screening on Your iPad

how to split screen on ipad

How to Activate Split Screening on Your iPad

Productivity is at the top of everyone’s mind during the day. So how can you work smarter and not harder on an iPad? With a split-screen, of course.

With this handy advanced feature that Apple introduced, you can have two tasks going simultaneously. In this guide, we will share how to split-screen on iPads, how to close split-screen, and provide some tools you can use to protect your device.

What Is Split-Screening?

With iPadOS, you can multi-task effectively using the Split View feature to view two open apps at once. Split screening can be very useful when researching information while sending emails, making lists, or even writing presentations.

Split View helps you to save time because you won’t have to switch back and forth between multiple apps anymore. Instead, you can keep them both open on your iPad screen at the same time.

Split View is enabled for iPad Pros, iPads (5th generation and newer), iPad Airs (2nd generation and newer), and iPad Minis (4th generation and newer). Read on to learn how to split-screen on iPads.

How To Do Split-Screen on iPads

So how do you use this neat Split View feature? It must be complicated, right? Well, it’s actually pretty simple to split screen on iPads!
Follow along with these instructions to open the split-screen. And before you begin, pro tip, it’s easier to hold your iPad in landscape mode for split-screening.


  1. First, open one of the apps you want to view.
  2. Then, swipe up from the bottom to open the Dock.
  3. From the Dock, press and hold the second app you want to open. Then drag the app to either the right or left side of the screen.
  4. Adjust your split-screen view by dragging on the divider to resize the open apps.

See how simple that was? Now that you know how to do split-screen on iPads, you can do two things at once! Increase your efficiency and productivity with this iPad hack and you’ll never go back.

So, what happens when you are done with your task? How do you close Split View? Read on to learn how to remove split-screen on iPads.

How To Close Split-Screen on iPads

To close split-screen view on an iPad is even easier than opening Split View. If you are done multitasking, you can close one of the apps by dragging the divider over that app. You will basically minimize the view until the app closes completely.

Then you will be back to one app filling the screen of your iPad. You can either exit that app or choose a different app to open using the same process outlined in the “How To Do Split-Screen on iPads” section.

Why Use Split-Screen?

Why do iPad users love split-screen so much? Well, Split View helps multitaskers thrive by saving them time and energy. For example, have you ever been typing an email to someone at work and keep having to minimize the app and open Safari to grab information?

Those days are in the past. You no longer have to deal with the hassle of toggling between open apps. Since you know how to do split-screen on iPads, just use Split-View to have both apps open.

Now you’ve learned about Split View, let’s talk about protecting your iPad.

Protect Your iPad With SaharaCase

Let’s face it. iPads can be pretty pricey. Although they are worth the investment, it’s important to protect your investment the best you can.

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Our iPad cases come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and makes. There are folio iPad cases, heavy-duty, dual-shock cases, keyboard cases, clear cases, and more. Suited to anyone’s style and preferences, SaharaCase has it all.

Screen protectors are essential to keeping your iPad in good condition. Avoid scratches and cracks with a tempered glass screen protector.

We even have special privacy screen protectors that prevent people around you from viewing your screen. No matter if you are at an airport, the office, or even at home, your screen will be private.

Check out a couple of our favorite screen protectors below!

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You know how to do split-screen on iPads and understand the importance of taking protective measures to keep your iPad safe. So, head over to SaharaCase and outfit your productivity partner properly!

Don’t forget to USE CODE: SPLIT15 to save 15% on your screen protector purchase!

Check out the rest of our offerings in our shop. From iPad holders to AirPods cases, we’ve got you covered.

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