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Article: Should You Get the iPhone 12 or Wait for iPhone 13?

iphone 12 or wait for 13

Should You Get the iPhone 12 or Wait for iPhone 13?

With the end of 2021 fast approaching you’re probably anticipating the new iPhone 13 release. In the past, Apple has released new products every fall and the iPhone 13 release is no exception.

The iPhone 13 release date has yet to be announced, but insiders believe it will follow the fall release trend. If you’re up for an upgrade, you may be wondering, “Should I get an iPhone 12 or wait for the iPhone 13?”

This question isn’t something to lose sleep over, but we’re going to discuss the benefits of waiting for an iPhone 13 vs. buying the iPhone 12. Read on to learn more about their differences to decide if an iPhone 13 is worth it.

Should I get an iPhone 12?

iphone 12 or wait for 13

The iPhone 12 was released in October 2020 along with the iPhone 12 Pro model. It was a highly anticipated release because it brought some normalcy to the difficult year of the pandemic.

Let’s go over some of the key features of the iPhone 12 models.

It seems that with each upgrade our smartphones get bigger and bigger. Case in point, the iPhone 12. It has the largest OLED display an iPhone has ever seen, with the biggest iPhone 12 Pro model measuring 6.7” in diameter.

But Apple didn’t just give us a bigger screen. They made sure we could enjoy that screen unfettered. The front of the iPhone 12 is protected by a Ceramic Shield that replaced the standard glass. In addition, The iPhone 12 series phones have industry-standard IP68 water and dust resistance to keep the device safe.

And, as you probably know, the iPhone 12 boasts the fastest smartphone chip (A14), 5G speed, and a LiDAR Scanner for a more realistic augmented reality experience. Even more, the iPhone 12 Pro models have impressive dual camera set ups with great low light performance and a 2x optical zoom capability.

It is also no surprise that the device can be charged wirelessly, as with earlier models. Additionally, Apple introduced the MagSafe line of accessories with the iPhone 12 series. The phones can still be charged with the lightning cable if you prefer that method to wireless charging.

Overall, the iPhone 12 is an epic device. We’re looking forward to seeing what Apple has in store next with the iPhone 13 release. Read on to learn if you should wait for the iPhone 13.

Why wait for the iPhone 13?

why wait for iphone 13

Should you wait for the iPhone 13? If you don’t mind waiting, the iPhone 13’s upgraded features may be worth it.

True to Apple’s close-lipped nature, we don’t have many details about the iPhone 13’s upgrades. But we have heard some speculation — here’s what we know so far.

Get ready, amateur photographers. The iPhone 13 is likely going to have a different rear camera design. The camera is expected to be tweaked and improved slightly. And some suggest the iPhone 13 Pros may get an upgraded ultra-wide lens and improved depth perception.

If you’re hoping for an even bigger screen (why?), the screen sizes will likely be the same as the iPhone 12 series. Although, it’s heavily rumored that the iPhone 13 screens will be smoother than previous iPhones with the debut of 120 Hz refresh rates.

A battery size upgrade is expected with this new iPhone 13 release. Although it’s unconfirmed, the battery is speculated to be a 3,095mAh cell compared to the iPhone 12’s 2,805mAh cell battery. Another speculation is that Apple will introduce its first 1TB iPhone, the largest storage amount ever for an iPhone.

Get this — Apple is also rumored to be introducing pink and orange shades for the iPhone 13 series. But, again, this is unconfirmed.

And the price tag? Experts say the iPhone 13 series prices will be comparable to the iPhone 12 series when it was released. But no specifics around price are public yet.

The iPhone 13 is sure to bring advancements in technology and may be worth waiting for, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide.

If You Want the iPhone 12, Get It

We aren’t here to dissuade you from getting the iPhone 12, as it is still an impressive device. If you decide to buy the iPhone 12, keep it looking fresh by outfitting it with a stylish new phone case.

SaharaCase offers a wide selection of protective and chic iPhone cases and accessories. From the iPhone 12 series to the iPhone 12 Pro, we’ve got you covered. Your iPhone 12 will be well-protected and personalized to your style.

SaharaCase constructs its cases from the highest-quality materials like vegan leather, triple hardened plastic, and silicone. The expert case makers have years of experience designing ergonomic phone cases that are durable and protective.

Check out some of the stunning cases for the iPhone 12 below:

Blue Marble iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro Case

why get iphone 13

This gorgeous design brings style and functionality together. The Blue Marble iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro Case is slim, lightweight, and formfitting while providing plenty of protection. The eye-catching design is sure to stand out in the crowd.

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Brown Leather iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro Case

iphone 12 or wait for 13

This faux leather phone case exudes luxury. It adds a lavish flair to your device’s appearance with beautiful stitching and warm shade. It includes a built-in kickstand for convenient landscape media viewing and provides reliable protection.

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Whether you get the iPhone 12 or wait for the iPhone 13, protect your device with SaharaCase.

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