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Article: Keep Your iPad Camera Protected: Camera Covers & Tech Tips

iPad camera protector

Keep Your iPad Camera Protected: Camera Covers & Tech Tips

It goes without saying that Apple products are expensive multimedia devices, making them costly to replace. iPads are no exception. Like all other technological products, the iPad Pro is vulnerable to damage and scratches. One feature that users should never disregard is the camera. 

Considering its stellar features, including a five-element lens and auto image stabilization, you must take proper steps to protect your camera. In this guide, we’ll cover some basic iPad Pro camera protection tips and help you preserve your product in the long run. 

Protecting an iPad Pro Camera 

As impressive as iPad Pro camera components are, it is easy to damage their exterior design. Let’s go over some proper steps that every user should take to avoid careless mistakes and ensure the functionality of their cameras.

Use a camera lens protector

Use a camera lens protector

Camera lens protectors are what they sound like: a protective gear designed to serve as additional protective layers. In some cases, they are referred to as “filters” since they are used in combination with your product. They are lightweight, ultra-clear, and provide resistance to scratches and cracks.

The best protectors will fit with your device and retain good shots. The SaharaCase Zero Damage HD lens protector will save you the trouble of spending money on camera repairments. Compatible with the iPad Pro 11 (2nd Generation), the Zero Damage HD protector safeguards against fingerprints and scratches while preserving image quality. They protect against oil smudges and are easy to install. If you’re looking to take advantage of the FaceTime upgrades that come with the iPad Air (5th Generation), a lens protector will serve you well. 

Avoid placing your product on hard surfaces 

Let’s face it: we all leave our iPads on hard surfaces. Whether we’re browsing through videos or taking notes with the Apple Pencil, placing our products on hard exteriors is a recurring habit. However, hard surfaces can make scratches or marks you may not notice. 

If this applies to you, don’t panic. Just get into the habit of placing a soft fabric or tissue paper underneath your product. A handkerchief will work fine too. The purpose here is to ensure your iPad is placed on a smooth layer on top of a hard surface.

Place your iPad inside a separate pocket

Some iPads, like the iPad Mini (6th Generation), can fit inside your pocket. While this is certainly a convenience for users, this can spell disaster if you place your device in the same pocket as other metallic objects. Items such as car keys, change, pocket knives, and even paper clips can damage the exterior layout of your iPad’s camera. Worst of all, this means no more high-quality photos of your beach vacation. 

Make sure to place your iPad in a separate pocket. Additionally, you can also use a pouch to separate any metal items from your device. Now you will think twice before acting carelessly with your iPad.

Use a carrying case for your iPad

Use a carrying case for your iPad

Like a camera lens protector, carrying cases act as an iPad camera cover device. They are designed to protect your iPad against severe damage caused by harmful objects or other hazards. These products are lightweight, simple, and convenient for everyday use. Additionally, they also deter thieves from attempting to steal your device. Some even come with touch-screen capabilities, which means you don’t have to remove your device from your case. Not to mention you’ll be preventing others from accessing your sensitive data.  

Look for high-quality iPad Pro cases designed to protect your camera against hazardous objects and harmful weather conditions. If you commute to work regularly, go outside daily, or rely heavily on your device, a carrying case is worth the investment.   

Use a lint-free cloth for your camera

The final step is arguably a simple one: using a lint-free cloth to clean your camera lens. With a few circular motions, you can wipe away fingerprints, hard marks, and any dust accumulated on your camera. We recommend using a lint-free cloth that doesn’t leave any fibers on your device’s camera. You should also use a cloth if your camera comes in contact with lotion, makeup products, dirt, or any other substance that can leave a stain.  

Finally, only use water to dampen your cloth. This is because household and abrasive cleaners can damage your iPad’s coating, leaving you with a bigger problem to fix. Ensure that your iPad is unplugged and not connected to any power source. 

Shop SaharaCase for iPad Camera Protection

That concludes our guide on iPad Pro camera protection tips. If you need help selecting a protective product, check out SaharaCase for options. As innovative entrepreneurs, we made it our commitment to provide long-lasting premium protection products for your devices.

So whether you’re shopping for screen protectors or cases, you can never go wrong with personalized, high-quality options.

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