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Article: Top 10 iPad Air 10.9 Cases for Protection

Top 10 iPad Air 10.9 Cases for Protection | Sahara Case LLC

Top 10 iPad Air 10.9 Cases for Protection

Apple’s 4th-gen iPad Air is a thin and light powerhouse of an iPad, arguably one the best they’ve ever produced. With standout features like a vivid 10.9-inch Retina display, Touch ID, and a range of trendy colors (we’re partial to sky blue), the 4th gen iPad Air is a remarkable device.

Being one of Apple’s flagship devices, there’s a massive marketplace of cases out there, ranging from true gems to unfortunate duds. Luckily, we’ve culled through the masses to find the top 10 best iPad Air 10.9 cases so you can find what’s best for you.

Do You Need a Case for the iPad Air 10.9?

We highly recommend outfitting your iPad Air 10.9 with a quality case to protect it against scratches, cracks, and general wear and tear. Tablets can be even more drop-prone than phones, believe it or not, because of their often unwieldy size and weight distribution. The iPad, in particular, is housed in a rather slippery, unibody shell. That stunning, nearly 11-inch Retina display needs protection, whether that’s an iPad screen protector or, at the very least, a raised lip on the case.

A case can also help keep the iPad in pristine condition for years, preventing the inevitable buildup of micro-scratches that can, over time, create a cloudy-looking surface. This can be especially handy if you ever sell your device after you’re finished with it.

As case makers ourselves, we look for certain things in a quality case:

  • Excellent protective quality. A case that looks good and a case that absorbs impact damage are often two different things. We look for cases that, first and foremost, are durable and designed to protect the 4th gen iPad Air.
  • Affordable price. The iPad Air is not exactly a budget tablet, nor is it the most expensive piece of gear out there. We looked for cases that pack a bang for the buck but match the iPad Air’s relative middle-tier pricing.
  • Good looks. The iPad Air is undoubtedly a beautifully engineered device, with smooth, sweeping lines and gleaming metallic finishes. If you’re going to cover all that up with a case, it should hold its own in the aesthetics department.

Read on to find our thoughts on the best iPad Air 10.9 cases.


Best iPad Air 10.9 Cases in 2021

SaharaCase writers select Top 10 products independently. If you buy through Amazon affiliate links, we may earn commissions.

1. SaharaCase Folio Case for iPad Air 10.9

SaharaCase Folio Case for iPad Air 10.9

The folio-style case is probably the most ubiquitous tablet case out there, and with good reason. The folding cover, which easily converts to a handy kickstand, is a great way to add more functionality to a protective case without any added moving parts.

SaharaCase stands out from a crowded market with a range of unique color options, along with triple-hardened construction and an Apple Pencil holder. This iPad Air 10.9 case also comes up with an elegant solution to the tablet “slipping” problem that can sometimes occur in the kickstand configuration. All in all, this is a case you can’t go wrong with.

Buy now at

2. ZtotopCase Kickstand Case

ZtotopCase Kickstand Case
This well-reviewed iPad Air 10.9 case is another kickstand variant, but with a different approach than the folio style. By using powerful magnets, a flip-out kickstand can be positioned in one of six angles, ranging from nearly flat to nearly vertical, so that you can get the perfect viewing position.

The screen cover itself flips backward to become the base for the kickstand, so not an inch is wasted on this well-designed case from ZtotopCase that doesn’t add excessive bulk to the iPad Air.

Buy now at 

3. Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Air

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Air
Although Apple’s more expensive ($300!) Magic Keyboard Case for the iPad made waves when it was introduced, we don’t deem it a great investment for most people. Although it’s undeniably a feat of engineering, the sheer cost doesn’t quite match up to its base functionality.

If you want an official Apple keyboard, a better option might be the Keyboard Folio, which is much more affordable, if not a little less flashy. Still, Apple’s exacting quality standards do shine through in the excellent keyboard and build quality.

Buy now at

4. Pad & Quill Oxford Leather Case for iPad Air 10.9

Pad & Quill Oxford Leather Case for iPad Air 10.9
We love a leather case. Although this Oxford Leather iPad Air 10.9 case from Pad & Quill is the pricier end, the full-grain bridle leather is just too pretty to ignore. The case is available in three rustic colors that would be at home on a cowboy’s chaps.

This case’s added features like an interior document pocket, Pencil pocket, and compatibility with the Magic Keyboard make it a rugged case that will age beautifully and keep your iPad Air in pristine condition.

Buy now at

5. SaharaCase Keyboard Folio Case

SaharaCase Keyboard Folio Case

For an even more affordable keyboard case option than anything from Apple, look no further than the SaharaCase Keyboard Folio Case. With tons of added functionality, including magnetic closure, an Apple Pencil holder, and premium soft-touch materials, SaharaCase’s version of the keyboard case is brimming with the thoughtful features and quality that have become their signatures. If you’re looking for a sub-$100 keyboard case, you’ll do no better than this ultra-protective, ultra-useable offering from SaharaCase.

6. BMOUO Kids Case for iPad Air 10.9

BMOUO Kids Case for iPad Air 10.9

Given that even the most stoic adults go doe-eyed for the iPad Air’s ultra-vibrant Retina display, kids go absolutely ga-ga for it. There are plenty of cases out there specifically designed to keep the iPad safe from its most dangerous predator. Still, this option from BMOUO stands out with its kid-friendly suitcase-style carrying handle that doubles as a low-angle kickstand. Constructed of heavy-duty EVA foam, this case feels appropriately chunky and durable for little hands. A built-in Apple Pencil holder seals the deal as an excellent bet for a kiddie case.

Buy now at Amazon.

7. HBorna Clear Case

HBorna Clear Case

Sometimes a simple, clear case is all you need. HBorna’s entry into the field ticks all the boxes with a soft-touch construction, precision cutouts, and wireless charging compatibility. It doesn’t do much outside support the Apple Pencil magnetic attachment, but if all you want is a naked iPad, plus a bit of added protection, this case is a very solid choice.

Buy now at Amazon.

8. i-Blason Cosmo Case for iPad Air 10.9

i-Blason Cosmo Case for iPad Air 10.9

Although this creation from i-Blason doesn’t do anything to reinvent the popular folio model, the eye-catching geometric design printed on it caught our eye. Available in both Ocean Blue and Marble Pink variants, the pattern does a lot to complement and enhance the iPad’s sleek lines. i-Blason does include a built-in screen protector that snaps onto the folio case, which is an appreciated feature.

Buy now at i-Blason.

9. UAG Metropolis Case for iPad Air 10.9

UAG Metropolis Case for iPad Air 10.9

This case is what the kids might call an “absolute unit.” It earns that moniker with thick, tactical-looking construction in pure black that looks like it would be at home in MI6’s Q-Branch.

This case looks like it’s not messing around, and it’s specs prove the point. Featherlight composite construction, flip-out kickstand, and raised bumpers round out its impressive set of features. If you’re looking for ultimate protection and aren’t overly worried about added bulk, this might be the iPad Air 10.9 case for you.

Buy now at Best Buy.

10. SaharaCase DualShock Protection Case

SaharaCase DualShock Protection Case

Here’s something we can all agree on: tablets are not phones. While the goal of many case makers (often including us) is producing the thinnest, lightest case possible while retaining protective benefits, a tablet doesn’t travel the same way a phone does. Given the iPad Air’s extreme thinness (it is called the Air, after all), we like the extra grip that the DualShock Protection Case gives us.

It feels solid and premium in the hand, while the interesting hexagon pattern on the back gives it a designer quality that other rugged cases lack. An unobtrusive (but wildly useable) hand strap, along with a removable shoulder strap (for attaching to the back of a car seat or onto a bag), make this is an incredibly flexible, multi-use case that’s just as suited to a media-filled afternoon with the kids as it is in an office meeting. That premium construction and versatility are why we’re naming the SaharaCase DualShock as one of the best cases out there for the iPad Air 10.9.

Buy now at SaharaCase.

Making the Case for iPad Air Protection

We hope this list has given you some ideas on how to best protect your own iPad Air 10.9. When you’re ready to take the plunge, head on over to SaharaCase for a wide range of slim and protective iPad Air 10.9 cases, designed by repair engineers with years of experience in the ins and outs of device protection. Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!

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