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Article: Do Screen Protectors Work? Here’s What to Look For

Do Screen Protectors Work? Here’s What to Look For | Sahara Case LLC

Do Screen Protectors Work? Here’s What to Look For

Keeping your smartphone in pristine condition is extremely important for its longevity. Our daily routine and busy working lives mean that accidents can happen at any moment, and we all know the consequences of dropping a phone.

It may be that you are in a crowd, and your phone gets knocked about in your pocket or purse, or it could fall out or your hand and land directly onto the screen. It’s tough to know the answer to whether screen protectors work when you have never used one before, but once you buy one, it’ll last you years.

Unfortunately, even the strongest glass can crack, and scratches make it hard to read what’s on the screen. That’s why you might want to invest in a screen protector. However, you might ask yourself, do screen protectors work?

Here’s what you need to look for if you want the best protection for your phone.

Does My Phone Need a Screen Protector?

The modern smartphone will come with a toughened glass screen – perhaps the much-vaunted Gorilla glass – but even the strongest glass can be vulnerable to knocks, and will get damaged if dropped. Chips and scratches happen when you least expect, so it’s best to buy a screen protector if you want to avoid damage.

A shattered screen is also an often-reported problem, and you will need to have it professionally replaced. Sometimes this comes at a high cost if you want it done properly when not insured. However, if you invest in a good screen protector, you can prevent this from happening.

What should you look for when choosing a screen protector for your phone? Let’s have a closer look at how they work, and what you should keep in mind.

How Screen Protectors Work

There are a number of different types of screen protectors – essentially those that are plastic, and those that are glass – and it pays to do some research into each option before you buy.

Before we go into detail about how they function and what to look for, here’s one very important piece of advice: always buy one specific to your model of phone. There is no such thing as a generic, one-size-fits-all screen protector, so don’t be fooled.

Let’s Have a Closer Look at the Functions of Screen Protectors

Preventing Damage

The primary purpose of any screen protector is to prevent damage. However, it is worth knowing that some models do it better than others. For example, many new smartphones come with a flimsy screen protector that you apply to the front. This will not protect your screen from damage if knocked or dropped, it will simply prevent fingerprints on the actual glass.

You can get thicker plastic protectors that apply to the screen, and they are quite effective. You may also find some that have more than one layer. We can say with confidence, in most cases, the best option is to look for a glass screen protector. These are tougher, easier to fit – you can get them for full-screen fitting or they may fit the bezel – and although marginally more expensive, they will do the job.

Shock Protection

It’s not just dropping a phone that can damage a screen. If you are involved in a job that requires you to be active, perhaps in construction or other heavy industry, shock can also damage a phone. Many shattered screens have come as a surprise through a minor shock to the device. A plastic or tempered glass protector gives the screen added strength and will help keep it intact in arduous conditions.

Privacy Protection

Some screen protectors are also designed to offer protection from prying eyes. This special kind of screen protector works by using technology that puts a film over the plastic or glass to prevent anyone from looking at your phone from either side of you. Also, the film will help with the brightness of your phone's screen. This is perfect for those who are sensitive to bright lights.


So, do screen protectors work? The answer is simple, of course, they do. A screen protector can prolong the life of your phone in busy environments and save you from having to pay to get your screen replaced if damaged. In order to protect your entire phone and not just the screen, we recommend that you also buy a case if you want to get the best protection for your smartphone.

For the best screen protectors on the market check out SaharaCase’s inventory of affordable, high-quality protection. SaharaCase has screen protectors and cases that fit phones including iPhone, Samsung, LG and more.

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