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Article: Sleek Clear AirPods Cases: Minimalist AirPods Cases


Sleek Clear AirPods Cases: Minimalist AirPods Cases

The simple things in life are usually best. Luckily, the Apple design team seems to understand that when it comes to their product designs. And your favorite pair of AirPods are no different.

So instead of slapping a big, bulky protector on that spoils your AirPods’ natural good looks, keep things simple with our six favorite clear AirPods cases.

6 Best Clear AirPods Cases

If keeping your AirPods looking sleek and simple is your thing, we’ve assembled the perfect list for you. Check out these minimal cases in a variety of styles that will keep your AirPods safe and looking great!

1. Aurora White Clear AirPods Case (3rd Generation)

clear AirPods case

  • Pristine, clean look for your 3rd Gen AirPods
  • Built for a perfectly snug fit
  • Water-resistant TPU build

Like the clear look but want something a bit more discrete? Check out these aurora white clear AirPods. They preserve your AirPods clean aesthetic with a faint, smokey look and protect them from drops and water damage. 

The polyurethane cover fits snugly on any 3rd Gen AirPods thanks to accurate build quality. A soft TPU texture feels great in the hand and prevents drops when handling the case too.  

Attach the included carabiner clip to a jacket, bag, or jeans for easy access any time, anywhere.


2. Green Clear Case for AirPods Max

clear AirPods case

  • Robust protection for your AirPods Max
  • Sleek design with little added bulk
  • Transparent green tint gives a unique aesthetic

Big headphones need love too! In fact, small scratches and wear show up on bigger devices more quickly. So, protect your AirPods Max with these sleek and minimal green clear AirPods Max cases

The ergonomic design slips over your headphones and keeps access to all buttons open with carefully constructed cutouts. A thin, form-fitting build adds very little bulk to your AirPods and makes them look even better.

The unique, clear green TPU adds a little spice to apple’s clean style while keeping everything simple and minimal. 


3. Sparkle Clear Case for Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

clear AirPods case

  • Sparkling transparent TPU case
  • Carabiner clip for easy attachment
  • Water-resistant build

This clear AirPods case from SaharaCase is perfect to add just a hint of razzle-dazzle to your life. The sparkling effect is subtle enough to not draw too much attention but still looks fancier than the average AirPods case. 

Its TPU construction means a soft feel and water resistance. No need to worry about sudden drops or a bit of rain! 

Access your AirPods with ease thanks to the built-in carabiner clip. It attaches effortlessly to your jeans, purse, or nose ring. (Though we’re not sure why you’d go with that last one…)


Pro Tip: Our clear sparkle cases come in 3 colors! Check out our Blue/Green and Pink options too.

4. Transparent Color Silicone AirPods Case

clear AirPods case

  • High-quality, protective silicone material
  • Three color options to match your aesthetic
  • 3D design for a fashionable, modern look

Add a splash of color to your brand new AirPods with these stunning transparent cases. Choose between three colors — gray, tea, and green — to match your aesthetic perfectly. 

There’s no need to worry about the safety of your AirPods with these ultra-protective cases. Dustproof, shockproof, and scratch-resistant, your AirPods will withstand the test of time and look glamorous while doing it. 


5. Smiley AirPods 3 Case (1st / 2nd / 3rd Gen / Pro)

clear AirPods case

  • Thin coated TPU case
  • Cute smiley design
  • Handmade in two colors

Feeling a little down? Brighten your day with these handmade, mood-lifting smiley AirPods cases!

Each is thoughtfully handmade to bring a smile to you or a friend in need. They come in two colors: white for a clean look close to Apple’s aesthetic, and a richer hue of brown. 

The thin, soft texture feels great to the touch and prevents accidental slips. And an included belt loop attaches easily just about anywhere. Keep on smiling with these friendly cases!


6. Custom Flowers Personalized Clear Case for AirPods (1st / 2nd / 3rd Gen / Pro) 

clear AirPods case

  • Personalized, clear flower case for AirPods
  • Minimal, mature aesthetic
  • Makes a great gift

Organic and natural can be minimal too. And these customizable flower AirPods cases prove it.

They strike the perfect balance between minimal and elegant. You can add a name to your case making them a great gift for someone with a more mature sense of style. 

Each case is made to order using high-quality eco-ink and TPU plastics. They fit snug and keep your AirPods accessible no matter where you put them. A ball-chain clasp adds an old-school flair to these and lets them hang just about anywhere.


Shop AirPods Cases at SaharaCase

Didn't find what you’re looking for? No worries — we’ve got you covered! Check out our full lineup of AirPods cases at SaharaCase. From cute to rugged to everything in-between, we’ve got just the right case to fit your style. And don’t forget to pick up a protective and stylish phone case while you’re at it!

Need a little motivation to press ‘Buy’? Use the coupon code SLEEKAIR15 to take 15% off at checkout!

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