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Article: Top 10 Best iPhone 12 Cases [2021]

Top 10 Best iPhone 12 Cases [2021] | Sahara Case LLC

Top 10 Best iPhone 12 Cases [2021]

Packing one of the best cameras in a phone ever, a lightning-fast processor, and everything that the latest version of iOS has to offer, the iPhone 12 may very well be the greatest phone that Apple has ever created.

If you’ve got one, you’ll definitely want to protect all that hardware and software goodness with an iPhone 12 case that matches the phone’s good looks. We’ve trekked through the case wilds to find ten fantastic options that would be a great fit for your own iPhone 12.

Read on to find which one will suit you best.

What’s Different About the iPhone 12 Case?

On the surface, the iPhone 12 certainly looks the part of an iPhone. With dimensions, specs, and a design consistent with the past few iPhones, you might think (or hope) that your old iPhone 11 or even older case might fit the 12. However, the iPhone 12’s flatter face and slightly altered measurements mean you’ll have to pick up a new iPhone 12 case. But look on the bright side! An excuse to pick out a great new case that you love.

But, where to begin? There are thousands of cases on the market, and the gangbusters-selling iPhone 12 is no exception. We’ve culled through the options to find ten fantastic cases with a range of prices, materials, and features so that you can pick your favorite.

Here are a few things we were looking for in our iPhone 12 case hunt:

Durability: This is the number one factor. If a case doesn’t stand up to drop or impact, no amount of good looks or added features will redeem it.

Price: A case shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and diminishing returns is definitely a real thing. Although the cases we’ve picked come in at a range of prices, none of them are at the very top of the price food chain when it comes to what’s out there. We simply don’t think the extra premium is worth any of the extra features or protective benefits.

Extra features: Anything a case can do to wow us is a big plus. Whether that’s a nifty trick, interesting material, or just plain good looks, a dash of clever innovation is worth big points.

Best iPhone 12 Cases in 2021

SaharaCase Hard Shell Series iPhone 12 Case

iphone 12 cases

There’s really no way around it: the iPhone 12 is a stunningly beautiful device. Crafted from superior-quality aluminum and glass, Apple’s flagship sparkles and glitters in the light. As many do, there’s no need to cover it up with a case if you like that look. SaharaCase’s Hard Shell series does exactly what its name implies: provides a shell for your iPhone 12. 

The triple-hardened material prevents drop and scratch damage, while the raised bevels cradle the vulnerable lens array and screen. If you want to retain the original look of your iPhone 12 while lending it protective features to spare, there’s no better option than the Hard Shell Series from SaharaCase.

Buy the SaharaCase Hard Shell Series iPhone 12 Case now!

MCUCA Liquid Silicone iPhone 12 Case

iPhone 12 Max Case

This minimalistic design from MCUCA is an understated, practical design for anyone wanting extra protection for their iPhone 12. The silky-smooth silicone is grippy and resists fingerprints, while its slightly rubbery feel will absorb shock like a champ.

While silicone cases aren’t always our favorites (they can sometimes be dust and hair magnets), this one sweetens the deal. It includes a phone-cradling microfiber inner lining, all for a ridiculously low price you won’t feel guilty about switching out now and then for variety’s sake.

Buy the MCUCA iPhone 12 case now!

Razer Arctech Pro iPhone 12 Case

iphone 12 cases

The unique design of this offering from Razer won’t be to everyone’s taste, but we think its singular feature set will be attractive to some. The Razer Arctech is drop-certified and has an anti-bacterial coating, and we all know (or can at least intuit) how positively filthy most phones are.

The Arctech also packs in Razer’s Thermaphene™ Cooling technology, which dissipates heat caused by processor-intense use, like gaming or video editing. This is a niche choice, but there’s not much better out there for the right user. A relatively reasonable price tag seals the deal.

Buy the Razer Arctech Pro iPhone 12 Case now!

Pela Case Honey (Bee Edition) iPhone 12 Case

iphone 12 cases

Pela Case has made a name for themselves in the crowded case world with their 100% compostable, eco-friendly phone cases that are just as good-looking as green. Their Honey case for iPhone 12 is made from “flax shive and a plant-based biopolymer,” which we gather is what gives it its biodegradable properties.

Pela cases are soft, flexible, and grippy but won’t gather dust and grime the same way a silicone case will. Eco-friendly as it is, the thing that first drew us to the Honey (Bee Edition) was the fantastically whimsical embossing on the appropriately golden-hued case, made to look like a hexagon beehive pattern, complete with a few buzzing workers. This is a case you can feel good about toting: good for the earth, good for you.

Buy the Pela Case Honey (Bee Edition) iPhone 12 Case now!

SaharaCase Leather Wallet Series iPhone 12 Case

iphone 12 cases

The SaharaCase Leather Wallet case looks like something Indiana Jones might carry if he carried Apple’s latest mobile tech advancement. You’ll feel like an adventurer yourself, prepared for anything, with this beautifully-stitched faux leather case complete with slots and pockets galore for storing cards and cash.

The protective screen cover doubles, rather ingeniously, as a tabletop stand. The case also comes with a matching loop for hanging from a belt loop or bag. A great price for a multi-talented case makes this pick a no-brainer, archaeologist, or not.

Buy the SaharaCase Leather Wallet Series iPhone 12 Case now!

Cutebe Floral Clear iPhone 12 Case

iphone 12 cases

The stylized, almost geometric, floral design on this slim-fit clear case from Cutebe certainly evokes its maker’s name. It won’t be for everyone, but for those who want to spice up the iPhone 12’s design with a fun pattern will love many of the offerings from Cutebe.

The case itself offers a fair amount of protection with raised lips around the screen and lenses. Those who want extreme drop protection should look elsewhere, but this soft case should do well in everyday use.

Buy the Cutebe Floral Clear iPhone 12 Case now!

Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 12 Case

iphone 12 cases

There are plenty of phone cases out there designed to be ultra-durable and ultra-rugged. We’re of the mind that some of these cases overdo the sometimes-cheesy “tactical” look in the interest of hammering the rough-and-tumble features home.

This case from Spigen eschews those design cues for something more low-key, but without sacrificing any of the heavy-duty protection that gives it its name. The secret? Impact foam encased beneath durable outer layers. This is Spigen’s answer to all those rubbery, ultra-thick cases. Its svelte lines and understated colorways (we’re partial to the navy blue) make this a great option for anyone wanting extra protection in a small package.

Buy the Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 12 Case now!

Otterbox Otter+Pop Symmetry Series Case

iphone 12 cases

A case that combines a PopSockets® PopGrip™ seems like a match made in heaven, and this Symmetry Series case from Otterbox fits the bill. Otterbox is one of the most longstanding names in cases, and this product lives up to that legacy with durable construction and Otterbox’s DROP+ certification.

Our favorite thing about this case is the swappable PopTop mount, which allows you to interchange the innovative grip/kickstand with a different design, or even a vent mount or multi-surface mount. Otterbox is a sure bet, if not a little pricey, and this Symmetry case would serve you fantastically well, extending the life of your iPhone 12 far into the future.

Buy the Otterbox Otter+Pop Symmetry Series Case now!

Bullstrap Classic Leather iPhone 12 Case

iphone 12 cases

There are many leather cases out there, but the craftsmanship and details provided by Bullstrap really set their iPhone 12 cases apart. The look, feel, and even aroma of supple calfskin leather cannot be overstated.

The thick leather does provide some drop resistance, although not as much as other materials might. However, the beautiful leather, which will uniquely age and patina over time, is a sight to behold and feels excellent in the hand.

Buy the Bullstrap Classic Leather iPhone 12 Case now!

SaharaCase Air Shield Boost Series iPhone 12 Case

iphone 12 cases

This pick from SaharaCase combines the very best attributes of clean minimalism and functional practicality for a winner of a case that will appeal to even the most discerning iPhone 12 owners. Available in both crystal-clear and a darker, smoky clear finish, the Air Shield Boost case also sports a durable metal kickstand that makes Youtube sessions a breeze any time.

With a shock-absorbing, anti-yellowing soft silicone construction and air-cushioning ridges, the Air Shield Boost prevents scratches and cracks with quiet ease, while raised bevels around the screen and camera array provide ever-present protection of the delicate iPhone 12 glass. This just may be the “everyone” iPhone 12 case you’ve been waiting for.

Buy the SaharaCase Air Shield Boost Series iPhone 12 Case now!

Protect that iPhone 12!

Even with the iPhone 12’s new Ceramic Shield, a specialty glass coating on the screen that purportedly helps to prevent shattering, you’ll want a good-quality tempered glass screen protector to shield the screen from those pesky scratches that seem to show up on phones after a bit of use.

Check out our store for our ZeroDamage Glass offerings for the iPhone 12 and a huge range of other items, including a plethora of iPhone 12 cases. Finally, we hope this roundup of iPhone 12 cases has helped you narrow down your choices to find the perfect case. Happy hunting!

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