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ZeroDamage Phone Insurance:

Premium Protection, Big Savings

Your Phone's Guardian Angel for Just $5 a Month

Welcome to ZeroDamage Insurance, where you get exceptional protection with incredible savings. For only $5 per month, safeguarding your phone becomes worry-free and wallet-friendly.

Wondering About Our Secret Sauce to Low Rates?

It's Found in Our Complete Protection

We keep your insurance rates low when you install one of our premium cases and screen protectors on your device.

Here's How It Works:

You purchase and install one of our bundled premium cases and screen protectors for your device. This simple step slashes your rates by over 50%, and you get a fantastic case.

But Wait :) You Also Receive Exclusive Discounts:

As a member of our insurance program, you'll receive 50% off your future ZeroDamage Screen Protector(1) and Sahara case purchases(2) – a small investment now for substantial savings down the line.

What Does Your Plan Cover?

Everything except loss, theft, and intentional damage:

All Physical Damage: Cracked screens, liquid mishaps, and mysterious malfunctions are all under our wing.

Unlimited Incidents: No matter how often misfortune strikes, we're here to pick up the pieces with only a $35 deductible per incident.

Parts to Your Doorstep: Choose to repair your own device? We can quickly deliver the parts to your door.

Out-of-Warranty Support: We continue to stand by your side beyond the manufacturer's timeline.

Practical Protection for Big Savings:

You try to be responsible. You do not like to overpay. We keep your rates low by concentrating on accidental damage, the most common phone affliction, and we exclude coverage for theft, loss, and abuse from our coverage.

Join ZeroDamage Insurance and embrace the peace of mind that comes from knowing your device is protected.

Your device longevity is our priority, and with our trusted armor, we make sure that every day is a good day for your device.

  1. Limited to one screen protector per month at the 50% reduction rate and must be for the same model of phone you are insuring.
  2. Limited to one Sahara case every six months at the 50% reduction rate and must be for the same model of phone you are insuring.
  3. If you ever upgrade your phone, you can transfer your current insurance plan to the new model. You must purchase a case and a screen protector from Sahara for the new
  4. To activate your device protection insurance, please send us a picture of your device, powered on, with a Sahara case and screen protector installed.model you are insuring.

Need help?

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