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iPhone 6/6s Cases

iPhone 6/6s Cases

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Undeniable iPhone Protection the SaharaCase Way

As one of Apple’s best-selling phones ever, the iPhone 6 (and later the upgraded 6s) was a seminal device back in 2014 and remains more than a viable option today. Sporting large, crystal-clear Retina displays, capable processors, and well-designed cameras, these devices deserve protection that matches their own high-quality craftsmanship. Enter SaharaCase and our lineup of thoughtfully-designed iPhones cases. Our iPhone 6 cases and 6s cases will keep your iPhone ticking for years to come.

Our Classic Case is our flagship product for a reason. It’s the perfect blend of function, style, and protection, all rolled into a single premium iPhone 6 case and iPhone 6s case. Featuring air-cushioning ridges, dual-material construction, and a raised lip over the screen to prevent cracking, our Classic Case packs in the protection where it’s needed and gets out of the way where it’s not. Designed by veteran phone repair engineers, our cases remain thin and light while providing maximum shielding against scratches and drop damage.

Whether you go with our Classic Case or one of our other specialty lines, you can be confident that you’ll be getting a superior iPhone 6 case or iPhone 6s case. Our Clear line offers the same svelte protection while letting the fantastic design of the iPhone shine through. For the most extreme protection, check out the X-Case, featuring a detachable ‘X’ element for added durability. Don’t forget an iPhone 6 screen protector or iPhone 6 privacy screen protector to keep your iPhone looking shiny and new for years to come. No matter the situation, we’ve got your back. That’s the SaharaCase way.