The Hidden Power of Your Chromebook: 6 Surprising Capabilities You Never Knew Existed!

If you are using Chromebooks in your classroom, you may already know some basics like browsing the web or storing files on the cloud. However, there are some hidden features of your Chromebook that you may not be aware of. Here is a quick list of six things you can do with your Chromebook in the classroom that you might find useful:

Run Apps Offline
Did you know that you can run apps offline on your Chromebook? You simply need to go to the Chrome Web store and search for Offline Apps. You can find apps like Google Docs and Gmail that you can use even when you're not connected to the internet. Your progress will sync as soon as you reconnect to the internet.

Run Android Apps
Running Android apps on your Chromebook has never been easier. Just download the app from the Google Play Store. Please note that only Google compatible apps will show up in the Play Store if you are on a Chromebook.

Listen to iTunes
You can import your iTunes library into Google Play Music which works through your internet connection. Once you have converted your iTunes Library, you can find your music through the Google Play app on your Chromebook.

Even though there is no built-in app for Skype on your Chromebook, you can still access your account. Simply sign in to and enjoy conference calls and video chat meetings.

Edit Photos and Videos
Your Chromebook comes with a built-in image editor that will help you with most basic photo edits. But, if you need more features, you can find plenty of free image editors in the app store. To make things easier, you can also use a Saharacase device case that rotates and stands, making it comfortable and convenient to edit pictures and videos anywhere.

Access Linux Apps
Chromebooks now have the ability to access Linux apps. This feature allows you to run various Linux applications on your Chromebook, including programming tools and multimedia apps. You can enable this feature in your Chromebook settings and install Linux apps from the command line or from the Debian package installer. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for students and teachers in fields like computer science, engineering, and graphic design.

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