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Article: Ceramic Shield 102: Is a Screen Protector Necessary for iPhone 14?

Ceramic Shield 102: Is a Screen Protector Necessary for iPhone 14?

Ceramic Shield 102: Is a Screen Protector Necessary for iPhone 14?

Title: Does Your iPhone 14 Need a Screen Protectors? Is Apples "super duper" technology bullet proof? Understanding Ceramic Shield Technology and Screen Protector Types

 Are you wondering if your new iPhone 14 needs a screen protector? In this article, we’ll explore the Ceramic Shield technology in iPhone 14 and help you decide whether you need a screen protector or not. We’ll also discuss the different types of screen protectors available to help you choose the best one for your device.

What is Ceramic Shield Technology in iPhone 14?

Ceramic Shield is Apple’s latest screen technology that makes the iPhone 14’s screen tougher and stronger than ever before. It is made with ceramic nano-crystals that resist damage that would crack or break lesser screen types. The new ionizing technology creates a matrix of crystals that preserves the screen’s transparency. The rigid structure on a molecular level lessens the chances of cracks and shatters.

How Strong is Ceramic Shield Compared to Other Screen Types?

Ceramic Shield is four times tougher than other glasses, including Gorilla Glass. It should be able to withstand drops of over 6 feet with ease. The embedded ceramic nano-crystals make the Ceramic Shield more resilient than other types of screen protectors.

Do You Need a Screen Protector for Your iPhone 14?

Even though Ceramic Shield is an impressive piece of technology, every iPhone 14 owner should protect their device with a tough screen protector and phone case, too. Here’s why:

Reason #1

Ceramic Shield is Not Bulletproof

The iPhone 14 Ceramic Shield does not make your device bulletproof. If you drop your phone a lot, chances are your screen will eventually get damaged. A screen protector can protect your phone from minor scratches and cracks.

Reason #2

Ceramic Shield is Vulnerable to Cracks and Scratches

Even though Ceramic Shield is quite tough, it is still vulnerable to cracks. Ceramic Shields are also prone to scratches. A screen protector can help prevent scratches and cracks, keeping your phone looking new.

Reason #3

What Kinds of Screen Protectors Are There?

There are different types of screen protectors available, including TPU screen protectors, tempered glass screen protectors, and privacy screen protectors. Let’s take a closer look at each type.

TPU Screen Protectors

TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane – a softer, somewhat elastic material. TPU screen protectors are often referred to as film screen protectors. This sturdy material offers reliable protection that can withstand even the worst drops. It’s even used in the aerospace industry to protect components of fighter jets! Some of the pros and cons of TPU screen protectors are:


  • High transparency
  • Soft-touch & UV resistance
  • Abrasion and scratch-resistant


  • Not crystal clear
  • Can blur your display
  • Can have bubbles

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Tempered glass screen protectors are a sort of upgraded version of Gorilla Glass. Thermal treatments strengthen the glass by forming a layered structure that creates a resilient build 5x the strength of normal glass. Some of the pros and cons of tempered glass screen protectors are:


  • Offers extra comfort; the most pleasant screen type to touch
  • Simple to install without losing adherence
  • Anti-fingerprint technology with a clean appearance


  • Sometimes may have a lower screen responsiveness than other types
  • Not bulletproof against scratches
  • Has a tendency to crack

Privacy Screen Protectors

Privacy screen protectors offer privacy protection and keep your phone safe from peeping eyes. Privacy screens use tempered glass to offer powerful protection and a sheet of reflective material that limits your phone’s effective viewing angle. This makes the range you can see your own screen at very small.  

We get it. Your looking for the best screen protector for your iPhone 14 or Samsung Galaxy S23. Now what?  

Here are our top picks to keep your phone safe and scratch-free.

If you're prone to dropping your phone, the ZeroDamage Apple iPhone 14 Tempered Glass Screen Protector is a great choice. It absorbs shocks and prevents cracks, while the oleophobic coating keeps smudges at bay.


For more options, check out, which offers a variety of iPhone 14 screen protectors and phone cases. Shop now to keep your screen in pristine condition.

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