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Article: 5 Easy Ways to Take Off a Phone Case

5 Easy Ways to Take Off a Phone Case | Sahara Case LLC
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5 Easy Ways to Take Off a Phone Case

Most of us keep a phone case on our device to keep it safe from scratches, dings, and general wear and tear. Sometimes, however, that case has got to come off.

Whether you’re selling the device or swapping that old case out for a shiny new one, sometimes you run into an unforeseen speed bump when you’re trying to pry your phone free.

To avoid damage, take a look at the tips we’ve compiled below to ensure the process goes smoothly. So, let’s take a look at how to take off a phone case.

How to Remove Different Kinds of Phone Cases Safely

Removing a Hard Case

Removing a hard case is as simple as applying it. Sometimes, however, the plastic or other material can settle or warp, tightening it further around the device. If you find yourself unable to remove a hard case, try gently prying with your fingers, careful not to damage your device.

If need be, use a soft tool (such as the squeegee that comes in SaharaCase Protection Kits) to get down underneath the edges of the case for further leverage. Also, remember that some case types are designed in two or more pieces that are meant to be snapped on and off.

Removing a Wallet Phone Case

Like certain hard cases, wallet cases can conceal secrets that sometimes make a seemingly simple task quite difficult. Before removing a wallet case, ensure no secondary straps or other fasteners affixing the case to your phone.

You never want to force a case off a device, as it may introduce scratches or otherwise hurt your device. Keep your cool and go slowly if something seems to be going wrong.

Removing a Bumper Case

If you’ve never seen one, picture a bumper case as your typical plastic case, minus the back. It’s essentially a frame that goes around the edges of your device. While we don’t recommend them in terms of protective benefits, bumper cases are preferred by some for their small footprint and understated design.

Removing them is typically an easy affair, although if you’re googling, “how to remove phone case,” presumably, you’re encountering problems. Try gently bending up one end of the case to free it, and it should pop right off. As always, take care not to force anything, as you don’t want to damage the phone (although damaging the case is more likely here).

Removing a Silicon Case

Getting a silicon case off a phone may be the easiest task of the bunch when you’re thinking about how to take off a phone case. Since silicon is quite flexible (as opposed to a rigid plastic case), it’s usually a breeze to fold back over itself to break its grip on your phone. In fact, silicon cases can be so flexible that you might find them slipping off when you don’t want them to!

Removing a Skin

Now, this is where things can get interesting. Differing from cases, skins are adhesive covers that actually stick onto your phone. Needless to say, sometimes peeling those stickers back off can introduce some aggravation into your day.

Peel slowly and gently. You may even want to use a small tool, like a pair of tweezers, to carefully lift one corner to get started. Once removed, some skins may still leave a residue on your phone. Rubbing alcohol is a good choice here; however, take care because a little goes a long way. Another detractor of skins: once removed, reusability is unlikely.

How to Remove Phone Case: Case Closed

Whether you’re running into trouble freeing your phone of a plastic case, bumper, or even a skin, we’ve got the answers of how to take off a phone case.

If this last experience with a bad, hard-to-remove phone case has left a bad taste in your mouth, visit us at SaharaCase.

Because our cases are thoughtfully designed by phone repair engineers, we’ve left nothing to chance. Like a good pair of pants, our cases are easy to get on, stay put when you need them to.

Check out all of SaharaCase's phone cases and find the perfect case for your phone!

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