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Article: How to Clean Tempered Glass Without Damage

How to Clean Tempered Glass Without Damage | Sahara Case LLC

How to Clean Tempered Glass Without Damage

 Although screen protectors maximize the life of your device, dings, scrapes, and impact damage, fingerprints are unavoidable.

Show your phone some love as we show you the proper way of how to clean a screen protector. After all, we should know. A premium, precision-cut piece of ZeroDamage Tempered Glass is a key part of our line of essential phone gear.

And, because tempered glass is so similar to your phone’s screen in terms of texture and finish, these tips could also apply to your bare phone screen if you’re riding without a protector. Read on to find out all the ins and outs of how to clean tempered glass.

How Not to Clean Tempered Glass

First, a few tips of absolutely what not to do. Taking these measures could result in permanently damaged tempered glass, or worse yet, your phone screen itself.

Avoid excessively harsh cleaners and chemicals like Windex or alcohol. These formulas could remove the oleophobic coating off your protector, making it much less pleasant to use.

Scrubbing with abrasive materials is a big no-no. Dishwasher brushes, paper towels, or tough sponges are to be avoided here. Dial it back—way back! These materials run the risk of scratching your protector and are not how to clean tempered glass.

4 Steps to Clean a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Step 1: Sometimes, less is more

Remember that tempered glass protectors that sport an oleophobic coating are resistant to smudging, and typically clean easily. Sometimes, even a simple, dry wipe-down with a microfiber cloth can give your phone a like-new shine. However, for especially stubborn marks, you’ve got to up your game—keep reading to learn more.

Step 2: The secret weapon

The secret weapon of how to clean tempered glass is dish soap. That’s right: ordinary, everyday dish soap. However, it’s a bit too strong by itself, so mix it with equal parts water to dilute it down to a less abrasive solution.

Step 3: Rub your woes away

With a microfiber cloth, carefully apply your soap-and-water mixture to the screen. Don’t douse your phone in liquid. A little goes a long way. The diluted dish soap will work its magic on any sticky smudges or spots by breaking down any grimy buildup. The oleophobic coating, however, will remain perfectly intact.

Step 4: Dry and Polish

With a dry cloth, go ahead and remove any leftover cleaner. You should find that the smudges have been replaced by a pristine finish. Now, that’s how to clean a screen protector!

If you find that some imperfections remain, rinse and repeat. Try leaving the soap mixture on the device for 10 or 20 seconds. Give the screen a final polish with the dry cloth to reveal a shiny display!

Don’t forget your tablet screen! Learn how to clean your tablet screen with Sahara Case.

Wrapping It Up

If you can’t remove a stubborn smudge or stain, even with these tips on how to clean a screen protector, it may be time for a brand new one!

Check out SaharaCase’s store for a wide range of ZeroDamage Tempered Glass screen protectors.

Complete with precision cutouts, smoothly beveled edges, and a premium oleophobic coating, ZeroDamage will serve you and your device well on your next adventure. Plus, they clean up pretty well, too!

Check out all of SaharaCase’s screen protectors and find the screen protector that is appropriate for your phone!

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